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“Verb to turn over and over the child will roll on the floor roll verb verb to tumble in gymnastics to do a somersault roll verb to wrap something round itself to form into a spherical or cylindrical body by causing to turn over and over to roll a sheet of paper to roll clay or putty into a ball roll verb to bind or involve by winding as in a bandage in wrap. Often with up to roll up the map for shipping roll verb to be wound or formed into a cylinder or ball the cloth rolls unevenly. The snow rolls well roll verb to press or level with a roller to spread or form with a roll roller or rollers to roll a field to roll paste to roll steel. Rails roll verb to spread itself under a roller or rolling pin.


The pastry rolls well roll verb to beat with rapid continuous strokes. As a drum to sound. A roll upon roll verb to turn over in one s mind to revolve roll verb to beat up to attack and cause physical damage to roll verb to have a rolling aspect. The hills rolled on roll verb to move like waves or billows with alternate swell and depression roll verb to make a loud or heavy rumbling noise.


The thunder rolled and the lightning flashed roll verb to utter with an alveolar trill. Many languages roll their arse roll verb to create a customized version of something roll noun the act or result of rolling or state of being rolled the role of a ball look at the role of the waves. A roll of parchment roll noun a forward or backward role in gymnastics going head over heels a tumble roll noun that which rolls a roller rolle noun a kind of shortened raised biscuit or bread often rolled or doubled upon itself. See also bread roll roll noun.


A heavy reverberatory sound here the role of cannon here the role of thunder roll noun the uniform beating of a drum with strokes so rapid as scarcely to be distinguished by the year roll noun a measure of parchments containing five dozen roll noun the rotation angle about the longitudinal axis calculate the role of that aircraft roll noun the act of or total resulting from rolling one or more dice make your roll whoever gets the highest roll moves first rolle noun a winning streak of continuing luck especially at gambling. He is on a roll tonight. Roll noun. A training match for a fighting dog reference you please support us with your subscription.


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