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“And welcome to another planet destiny exotic weapon review. Every person that has played this this game. Knows this gun at least you know where it came from we all its first form when we started out in the game in a similar fashion. The quest for this gun harkens back to that very first mission in an overwhelming wave of nostalgia it ends right where we first began our journey.

But enough about memories this gun has a ton of perks so grab a drink sit down and prepare for a very long review for scopes. We have the classic scope optimized for range and stability. Next is the modernized scope. It grants additional zoom and target acquisition in my opinion.

The only scope you should really use on this is the modernized scope. Despite the visible increase on the stat bar from the classic scope. The modernized scope. Actually works at a higher range due to how the scope.

Zoom. Works. In the game. The additional target acquisition.

While not huge is enough to warrant its use over the classic scope. If you are trying to get the best out of the gun next up we have automatic sets firing behavior to fully automatic burst fire semi auto. Okay time to dispel. Some rumors setting the gun to burst or semi auto does not change the weapon to a pulse or scout rifle.

The only thing you are doing is changing the firing mode of an auto rifle. So there will not be any damage increases to be found unless you go for semi auto. While on 450 rpm. Then you will see one more damage in pvp on precision hits for right now.

I suggest only using the automatic firing mode and using your finger to control the rate of fire since that doesn t require going into a menu to gimp the gun as a side note..

I do not think that the selective fire feature is bugged nor. Do i think bungie needs to change it in any way. The gun is an auto rival and selecting other fire modes should keep the gun as an auto rifle. The only benefit you gain is slightly better recoil management.

But once you practice with the gun in automatic mode. You ll find that you don t need those features. Anyway they re there for flavor and fantasy moving on to the stat mod perks we have hammer forged rifle barrel and brace frame if you re using the gun in 450 rpm i suggest keeping it on hammer forged as a rifle barrel hurts the reload a little bit too much also brace frame while a huge boost the stability also reduces the magazine size to 20. If you re using it in 900 rpm mode.

I suggest keeping it on braced frame. If you ve ever used the doctrine of passing you know that you need all the stability. You can get with high rate of fire autos. If you re worried about extending the range out some in that mode.

That s why you have the modernized scope. Equipped. The next stat. Mod column has extended mag.

Which grants a larger magazine counterbalance and range finder. I really like this column. Because it offers a lot more customization than normal weapons have to offer personally you should use whatever you want in this column. Counterbalance makes the weapons recoil really easy to control for all fire modes.

That s great if you re trying to get consistent damage range finder extends. The range out just enough that it makes a noticeable difference in pvp extended magazine. Really helps the slower rate of fire mode. Since it has a lower mag size.

But if you can control the recoil of the higher rate of fire mode..

Without counterbalance. Then you ll have a massive magazine to use as well for me. I prefer using extended magazine on slower rate of fire mode. Since that does have a low base mag size for the higher rate of fire mode.

I swap between counterbalance and range finder depending on what i was doing. That s the kind of beauty of this gun. If you need to customize it to an encounter you can the final two perks are the rate of fire nodes. We have for 50 rpm modes.

Which grant some bonus range. The 900 rpm mode. Grant bonus stability as a general rule of thumb. I found it best to use the 450 mode in pve and the 900 mode in pvp.

Almost forgot here on the left side of the gun you get. 2 agility from the lightweight perk. When this gun is held just in case. You didn t have enough perks on this gun already alright that s a lot to take in for one gun.

But now we need to get in and examine how it actually performs for pve. I found the most success using the 450 rpm mode. Despite the lower magazine size each round packed more of a punch. So i was able to take out more enemies in each magazine compared to the 900 rpm mode.

Since the recoil while using hammer forge was easy enough to control. I went with extended magazine as well to add a little bit more potential damage to each magazine of course this gun does have some problems in pve. The first major one is its base reload speed since the gun doesn t hold huge amount of ammo. You will be reloading a lot most shielded enemies will take a full magazine.

And you are probably only going to get through about three or four tier..

One mobs before you have to reload. If you want to use this in pve i suggest grabbing some auto rifle reload gloves to help make your reloads a little bit quicker the other thing i don t really like about this gun in pve is that it doesn t really offer anything it s taking up your exotic weapons on and providing zero combat utility look at monte carlo for example it s an exotic auto rifle that will help out your melee recharge types hard light has no fall off damage and will over penetrate targets necrochasm even if it isn t in year three has fire fly damage kvass. Saab has the ability to adapt its stats to a certain situation. But that doesn t necessarily give you any utility that helps you or your group in pve.

It s a multi tool. That s a jack of all trades. But a master of none you can absolutely still use this gun in pve. It kills stuff just fine and doesn t really inhibit you from doing so but in my opinion whatever exotic weapon.

That you are using should provide more utility than just killing stuff at the same rate. A legendary wood moving over to pvp this gun is actually pretty lethal. I found the greatest success using it in 900 rpm full auto and brace frame. The thing that took me by surprise is how controllable the recoil is in a fight.

So much so. In fact that i ended up taking off counterbalance and going with range finder. I kept finding that little extra bit of range helped me take out multiple people that were on the tail end of medium range in some cases. I would toss back on counter balance or even extended magazine just dependent on what map.

I was on and how my opponents were playing if i was against a lot of shotgun rushers. I could put on a rangefinder and make my shots more lethal while they were rushing in from a distance extended mag was great for large 66. Where i could kill multiple targets and counterbalance was a good option for the unknown. I have to say though don t use the 450 rpm mode.

It kills far too slow especially against competent opponents add in the substantial range penalties. That auto rifles have and you re looking at a gun. That is the poster child for why slow rate of fire auto rifles don t work in pvp just like my big gripe in pve for pvp. The cabasa doesn t do anything particularly well to warrant exotic slot.

While in pve..

You want utility in pvp. You want a gun that kills something with as little effort as possible i know that s a bit of an oversimplification. But it s true exotics like last word thorn and mighta have been staple exotics in pvp. Because of their lethality and multiple encounter types kvass table.

Just doesn t meet those standards. Not because of the perks on the gun. But because of its weapon type auto rifles as a whole lack that burst damage that other semi auto guns have you have to have a constant stream of bullets going on someone as opposed to being able to dip in and out of cover between shots and fights. Where you can funnel damage into someone it ll often be a close trade so in summary.

The kostov is a decent weapon. When you aren t looking to take things too seriously. It s a great throwback to year one. But sadly it does not retain the lethality of a year one auto rifle hopefully in the future we get some very small changes to it like reload speed buff or a very small change to the recoil direction set.

So it isn t so reliant on the higher stability and counterbalance modes. It seems fitting that a new version of the first gun. We all use is the last video and weapon. I will be reviewing for planet destiny.

I want to thank all of you who took the time out of your day to watch these videos. I ll be continuing my weapon reviews and some other destiny content on my personal channel for now. Thank you all for watching. This has been patrick casey with planet destiny.

And thank you for letting me be your guide to the destiny universe you music. ” ..

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