Ripple XRP: People Will Get So Rich – Fake Money VS Real Money

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“They are once again crypto world. I hope you re all having an amazing date date and enjoying your life welcome to yet another episode with rob art in today video. We re gonna take a look at yet another video where an amazing very intelligent person and number one best selling author named robert kiyosaki. We wrote a very famous book called rich dad poor dad at salt 41.

Million copies worldwide talks about something which i find very interesting and as basically how people hoard and save and stack up cash. Which is basically worthless so let s get into that interview together an interesting market now is that 29 k. You know you ve got bricks. It s about to take place january 31st you know 2020 they re kind of going through that to see what s gonna happen there you got the iran us conflict right you got the trade war with china.

You know that s taking place. And there s some war going on right now with japan. But they re kind of getting the deal going right you got venice. Oh no still having some issues with mother don t got itoh with their oil you got us with politics.

It s a very divisive time with mainstream media and trump and impeachment and all this just all this stuff. That s going on a lot of people see that as a scary time a market crashes around the corner. What am i going to do i m going to lose everything i m going to go through this how does somebody like you from your lens. How do you view today s economy.

And what s taking place well first of all the reason. I wrote rich dad poor dad was because i knew this time was coming and we have as a world. I ve never been here before and so is it a spooky time damn yet is a is probably the most dangerous time ever ever ever ever. There s nothing to compare it to because there s never been a world economy before for example you know hundred years ago.

There was a stock market crash in england didn t affect anybody. But now the us market goes down the world goes down. So plus with social media and all this we re doing now and so we ve never been here before and you know i i m excited about it because i make more money and crash that i do when they go up so. But for the average person they ll get wiped out i m afraid that the worst.

I hope i m wrong but i think we re heading for global depression global depression yeah what does it look like depression i mean people are depressed the economy stays down. It s hard to come back up and now the good news is is that for those who are prepared for it like you and like this you ll do better see not everybody dies in a plane crawl. Some plane crashes but mm hmm. But the last crash in 2008.

You know i was on wolf blitzer s program six months before lehman brothers went down and i said lehman was going down yeah and nobody listened but i went down and so i ve been expecting this market to go down for quite a while and i m concerned about my fellow my fellow human beings..

But as you know most americans are clueless you know they don t know what s going on. But you know you travel the world. I just i just i just got back from africa and china and japan and new zealand people are scared. You know australia has had a recession in 30 years as in recession.

But americans are fat dumb and happy having a good time which is good but i m concerned that s all i can say i be i d be afraid if i had kids you know you d be afraid about having kids too if i had kids now it you know i think that s an adult you can go hungry. But you don t want us your kids go hungry and that s what s gonna happen do you think s gonna get that bad yeah let me ask you this what is the biggest factor. That s going to cause that well the. Reason i wrote rich dad poor dad is the us.

Dollar. You know that s my book over there fake which came out last year fake money fake teachers fake assets and the us dollars fake never they never in the history of the world has any fake money ever survived and we re doing the same thing. We just keep printing. This money and when i wrote rich dad poor dad 20.

Almost 25 years ago. People s i don t know i was talking about you know i said. I said savers would be losers now today. This quantitative easing.

Which is contra fitting money and then you have zero interest rates and people are still saving money are you nuts they just print. It i think five hundred billion dollars in september of this year. Because the repo market is going down and the average guy goes well what s the repo market that he ll know so that s why it s fake money fake teachers fake assets are our education system. It has been my rant for ever.

Why don t we teach people about money. Why is it we all use money. But we don t teach people about it so that s why i m concerned and very happy guys you heard it right from his mouth. And as you know i ve been i ve mentioned several times on this channel before excuse me that there are roughly 180 currencies in 195 countries that are all useless basically that are all backed by anything the gold standard was removed for a reason.

And the reason. Why that gold standard was removed. He is to make sure that every single bank not banknote that was printed by the federal reserve did not have to be backed by something which is very difficult to find and therefore back the dollar. What so the room of the gold standard.

So they can start printing dollars as much as they want so basically..

It s just really is at this point nothing. But toilet paper which we have agreed to give value to we can literally take toilet paper and turn that into a domestic currency for one or two so just to put into perspective also robert kiyosaki was talking about let s read this tweet that i took a snapshot of like years ago. I believe two years ago. Maybe even more i m not sure so this it was tweeted by one name jeron and the beer and it says.

The british pound is the longest running fiat currency original value twelve ounces of. Silver it s not worth less than one 200 or 05. Of its original value in other. Words the successful long standing currency in existence has lost.

995 of its value. And he says by bitcoin well and basically by crypto we share r1. Because your fancy now to put that into perspective once again think about since the existence. How much for example bitcoin xrp has gone up and how much the british pound has gone down the most successful and long standing currency of all the fiat currencies this takes us once again to the slow snippet information.

I ve shared several times that the us dollar since 1913 has lost 96 of its. Value so british pound has lost 99. 995. Of this value the us dollar has lost 96 its value and fiat currencies will keep losing their value and their purchasing power why because there s a so called quantitative easing just like barbecues i could talk about in this video.

And why what s something that it just keeps multiplying multiplying multiplying. Be worth you know be appreciate in value of course. It s worth because the more you dilute something and the more units you add to it the more difficult. It is to create demand and you know raise the value of that whatever.

It is that you re talking about which is exactly why x. Rp is amazing do you think. There s a burn rate. The more.

It is used less. There is of it and you cannot have a print more than 100 billion x rp. It just can t be done and same goes for bitcoin. But if we have to compare.

Charpy and other alts..

The bitcoin pretty special xr. P because xr. P is a number one digital. Asset it s 1000.

Times faster and cheaper to bitcoin in it and that key takes three to four seconds to settle the virtual zero cost at the fraction of a penny. It s working regulators. It s transparent so when you compare a bitcoin with the top 10 alt coins. We get the following information.

The top 10 old coins by market cap went up. Twelve thousand three hundred seventy eight percent on average okay compared to bitcoins 2162 percent gain from the last happening from the last having in 2016. Now we know that that new the next having is coming. It s really really close.

I produce somewhere like roughly thirty days away a lot of people put a lot of trust in that i hope these people are there right fingers crossed. I can t wait to see whether or not they re right that will result positively on the price of bitcoin and altcoins. But anyway. That s the point the point is what that you know what the price doesn t matter like i said this many times.

You know the price doesn t matter. It s not about printed on a bit. Cornea is bigger than price and extract piece you know not that big in price. What matters is roi return on your investment.

What matters is the percentage of your gains. So you know of course. I d much rather invest in xrp and old coins and get. Twelve thousand three hundred seventy eight percent on my investment then invested in bitcoin get two thousand one hundred sixty two percent.

Although i m invested in both i still understand logically and factually. The extra p is a better digital asset now basically the point that we re trying to get across here right is there people actually hoarding cash and fiat currencies that keep deteriorating in value. And it keep going down. And why would you hoard it right there other things in this world that definitely have more value you know what i mean that can that that people like robert kiyosaki.

Believe things i called god s money he calls it like so we re pressure miles on gold will pump even in fact we have robert kiyosaki..

Here tweeting the bomb in twitter. Just recently. He says. Why is dollar dying.

Doesn t it fed printed four point five trillion to save the rich 2020. Fed will have to print six to eight trillion dollars. Maybe more to save the us economy. There s only nine point five trillion in gold in the whole world.

Buy real gold silver and bitcoin not people. Utf gold or silver phds at fed are idiots so even he ventures to say go buy bit. But i m pretty sure when the real when robert kiyosaki. Talks about is that it just mean bitcoin.

It s just unfortunately. Generic term for a lot of people in terms of crypto. He also means krypton old coins and i retreated saying the following and xrp scarcity. Every person in the world.

Can t even own thirteen xrp settles. One thousand times faster and cheaper than bitcoin ira. Why return on your investment matter now matters not the price so percent in jeans mattress not the price. There you have it guys hope you enjoyed it if it did please kindly subscribe to the channel put a like leave a comment down below to let me know what you re thinking hit that little bill to turn on notifications to know when i m going to lie for teaching.

You today. I ll see you guys in the next episode. Thank you for tuning in subscribe to stay tuned bye. ” .


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