Ripper s Reviews: Nyko Wii Remote

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“Before i start this review. I think it s necessary for me to tell you you guys a little story. See my tv broke not too. Long ago and i to get a new one so i went ahead and bought a new one with some extra money.

I had and the biggest reason. I wanted a new tv was i could go back to planks for my console games which i hadn t played in over a month. Most importantly. I really wanted to play my way again so i could play smash bros now in the process of doing so when i bought my tv.

I was back home and along with that i brought my wii. So my family and my could play it together unfortunately upon returning home instead i got my tv. I realized i forgot my wii mode at home which was a while away and i did not feel like going back right away to get it so what does a brother do he has to go and buy a new wii mode. Just for the sake of playing the way again.

And that my friends is how we aren t where we are today so today i m gonna review this the wiimote i ended up buying was this the nyko rear remote i bought it at gamestop for about 20 is cheaper than a regular used wemo and i figured since i m only gonna use this until i get my old wiimote back figured i d buy the cheapest one my co also has one that includes the wii motionplus which i even get this well i usually didn t need a wii motionplus because none of their games. I have use it now as you can look and see this looks pretty much like an ordinary wii. Mote really major differences is well aside from the plastic design here on the y they have grooves here the buttons themselves are all square as opposed to circular and it will except for these but the plus and minus buttons are actually clear and the power button up here is black so if this is boring for some reason. It s black as opposed to red.


Now what can i say about this wheeler mode. You get a look at it. With two perspectives. One it s ability for motion control.

And it s sexual buttons itself as well as the structure aside from what i said about the buttons on the grooves this wii. Remotes me. They re pills and very very white plastic. It feels just a little bit lighter than a regular wii remote.

And oh yeah. I forgot to mention the b button on the back actually have some grip on it which is pretty cool not really necessary. But when is anything relate to video games necessary and it s not just to talk about the looks and such we have to actually test out the wii remote and see how it functions. We re gonna test.

It out on actual motion based games and well some of my virtual console games just to test the actual buttons yes. Dennis. That s. Where the really sports.


Mon. Easy. Yes. Yes.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

Yes. No. No. This.

Game. Is. A piece of side from how unprofessional. I am at wii sports.


The motion controls. I can say work perfectly fine. There s nothing wrong i can t see how it s possible the less of we motion controls anyways now that we ve gotten taste of the motion and aspect of it we ought to try the actual buttons on an actual game looks like everything seems to be working. Okay.

God do you know how hard it is to play ninja gaiden with one hand okay. I m trying to hold up and use an item. But this is dumb. I m holding up and it keeps moving it what is this madness busan.

What are you doing to me. So yeah the buttons themselves work perfectly fine. Just the biggest issue being the pad right here that seems to be a major issue for me with any third party. Controller d pad.

Seems to very be very iffy on certain directions also worth mentioning is that the waiver moment itself. When i bought it jane with two double a batteries. Which was empty and came with a blue not a white a blue were living dangerously. Now a blue wii remote strapped so you know when you re playing with your waiting your wii remote stays at your hand all time and along with that it came with one of those cool sleep things also blue the magic.


But of course. This isn t on my wheel all because i ve grown up knowing that all activities in life are better without protection. So to be fair. This is pretty much one of the cheaper.

We remotes out there so it s not i ve never had an expected to be perfect. Nonetheless it gets the job done motion controls work fine and other than the d pad. It s not really a bad wheel remote. If you re looking for something.

Cheap. And you just need a wii remote like i did then i would definitely pick this up if it s especially if it s temporary like me. ” ..


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