Ring Alarm followup – Your Questions Answered!

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“Now for answers to some of the top questions that i ve gotten on the the review. So far one will the keypad work on battery. Yes. It will as can see it s unplugged that s got a little battery inside after about a week.

It still shows is basically a full battery. So i don t know if that means it will last a month two months three months. But it seems like it ll last certainly a month on the battery back up and or on the battery. That s built in so you don t need to necessarily have it plugged in all the time.

There was a question around this little gray area as far as i can tell that s kind of a motion sensor that helps it know when it ll light up you see i m just kind of wave at it and it lights up so when you walk in in front of it it ll light up so even in the dark. And it may give you a combination motion and light sensor..

But it s at least a motion sensor. There was a another question about the settings for you know seeing maybe the settings on the door sensors or the other sensors. And like do you have to use the african use the website yes. There s a website.

It has all the same settings. All the same information about serial numbers and that kind of thing. So you can always get that information through the website. If you re not at home or you don t have your phone.

There was a question about turning the chimes on and off. Yes you can turn the chimes off for the door and you can change them on if you can hear that that is the i switched it over to harp and so i see here is the base station..

And it has several options including just turning it off so you don t necessarily have to have a chime for your doors. But you can also have different ones for each door so if you put these on different doors or windows. You can know you know is this one. You know.

Which door is that that s opening based on the sound. They ve got the sound of the ring that that usually have like the default sound for when you i get a motion alert on your ring. These like wind chime sound. And then there s harp and then there s a dingdong sound and then the little chirp that it was in the other video.

There was a question about how long are the cables for the keypad and the base station. They re both right around six and a half feet..

They re probably supposed to be six feet or so maybe a little bit longer so they re right there and then by far. The most common question is what does the alarm sound like and so these little buttons are panic buttons. So i m going to set the alarm off quickly and so sound will come out of here and out of the base station. Let s see how this goes.

And so when it disarms. It actually says disarmed and i got a notification on my phone that it was going off. And that is without any sort of monitoring so it took it a few seconds. But as you can see it makes a very loud very scary sound.

I don t know if that that alarm can be changed maybe i wouldn t surprise. Me if they offer a few different ones at some point maybe not out of the box..

But it s sufficient it definitely sounds like an alarm going off and people won t know if you ve necessarily got that monitored or not but they will know that they have been detected so and it will monitor even if you don t pay for the monitoring services. It ll still send an alert to your phone or all the phones that you have tied to the account. So i think it s a pretty good system and i think that it s a pretty good option. Especially if you re looking for something you can just kind of set up and do yourself so thanks for all the views on the original review.

I hope this answers your questions. If you ve got more questions go ahead and ask them down in the comments and i will get them as best. I can ” ..


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