Rick and Morty DVD Collection

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” s evil marty guys. This is psychonaut and i m finally getting around to doing doing a rick amore dvd collection video because i bought this season. 3 steelbook and wanted to get it in the video. So i figured i could do this.

But there s only three seasons. So it would be a pretty short video so i m gonna show you some other recommendation that i have weaponize rook was my very first pop. I got him at a store. I don t know they sell dvds and shit.

It s called bull moose weaponized morty and mr. Meeseeks. I actually found at target lawyer morty and scary terry. They were two different trips.

But they were both found at walmart corn belly s daniel and pickle rick. They came in at the same time corn belly s danielle. I ordered off ebay and pickle rick i ordered from hot topic alien morty and alien wrecked. I actually found them pretty cheap on the hot topic website before people are selling the set on ebay for like 50 bucks.

But i found these on the hot topic website for 15 bucks apiece. So i bought them facehugger rick. He s a gamestop exclusive. I actually had to order him from a whole nother game stuff and tnr morty.

I actually pre ordered him i bought him off ebay and then eventually i ended up getting the sentient are morty case. Which is a lot more expensive. He s my most expensive pop at the moment. I paid 24 for him was it break rick.

He wasn t a pre order. But i got him off ebay as well and then my old friend from quid vindicator..

He sent me morty and toxic morty. Which is really cool. I don t have toxic rick. Yet actually pops were target exclusives and they sold out really fast.

And people were like trying to sell him for a fuck ton of money so i m glad i at least have toxic morty. It says he glows in the dark. But that s actually fucking bullshit. I ve tested it myself.

But yeah let s just get into the dvds start off with season 1. I guess. There s actually a unboxing video of season one and season two on my channel 11 episodes two discs. If you notice my sleeve is the same thing because this is i have a hoodie that s literally this exact design.

It just doesn t say season 1 on it there is the case. I m pretty sure these were deemed fake. But it did come with the good morty comic book luyt which we re not obviously going to go through. I don t even think i ve read this to be honest.

Actually like this cuz. The disks are on each side they look pretty fake too. But they do work and they are uncensored so that s all i care about season 2 bought them together. So they came in at the same time ten episodes two discs.

So here s season two the front has rick in the intergalactic prison. And then on the back just a random prison made i guess and this one came with the plum besson errs manual. And it does have an english version. Which i ve never really exactly looked at.

Oh. Yeah is just a little look inside of it and then the original version..

It has it use i m pretty sure we re deemed fake as well. But first this cuz. Columbus and these are also uncensored and work so i don t care. They re fake or not and then there s a sex robot in season one and then season three this was definitely deemed fake.

This is a bootleg i bought off ebay before the original season 3 came out doesn t even say how many episodes. I m pretty sure. There was only 10 maybe. 11.

And then this is the case. So you definitely know it s bullshit and on the discs. You know they look pretty good. I don t know what the official discs look like on the standard version.

But this one has people rick and only some of the episodes are uncensored so that sucks. But that s when i bought this steelbook off ebay paid 36 for it i didn t even get it brand new because brand new was even fucking more 10 episodes. So there it is without the thing on the back the exact same image. But the inside is the coolest part.

So there is the disc first of all and this one came with a morty adventure card. Which is really cool. I wanted that to go with the other stuff and then i m not entirely sure what this is it s just a picture of pickle rick in the back. Just says.

Get pickle. Rick calm. You heard it here first folks and then here is the disc. I m gonna pull away from this because the back is the coolest part portal and it does work.

And it has all the bonus features and there is the inside. Which is the main reason why i wanted it it s the vindicator over here..

When you put this this down toxic and toxic morty and then rick and morty and then what the fuck is that oh. It s the i i don t remember i don t even know what it was fucking called but it was in the episode that had toxic wreckin toxic morty. Yeah this is a really cool gonna put the stuff away and i m gonna show you the other rick morty shit so something really cool that i found at target. It was only 13 bucks.

So i bought it it s evil rick and evil morty and it s the scene in season. One where you go rick and even more to assassinate the reckon kidnapped morty and here s the box for it it was 98 pieces and then on the back. They have these other sets. I was thinking about actually maybe getting them because they don t take up a lot of space.

And they d be really cool to have harlan builds calm it is apparently an official adult swim license product. Though and there is one other set that s not on the back of this box of summer and snuffles next. We have this little ricky morty mystery. Mini unity.

My friend bought one box. And he was disappointed that he didn t get a character he liked so he said i could have it then there s the total recall card game this is actually really fun game back roll book and just cards and shit then last. I have some ricky morty stickers that i bought online. I got a pack of 50 of them for like a dollar.

I actually bought two packs. I put most of them on my pc. So i m saving the whole pc and ship for the room tour. Which is coming soon the front of the pack is really fucking weird.

But there s a lot of really cool stickers in this pack alright let s get into it okay it starts off weird. But this pokemon one rick s band season to record morty ancient rick some shit back to the future crossover ivey falls crossover meeseeks jar of the smiths is pickles. This is one of my favorite ones. Rick and morty.

The lego crossover szechuan sauce um. This is a season three one what so where squirrels he s watching us..

I actually have no idea what the fuck. This is if this is actually anything let me know because i honestly have no fucking idea pickle rick playing it music and trippy rick. One dragon ball z. Cross over another trippy rick pocket morty s another szechuan sauce this really cool ghost marty from pocket morty s brett catchphrase.

One piece crossover this one evil rick. An evil morty little jewish crossover gets witchy well meeseeks. I guess some sort of road trip across america a 20 17. Party in the park this go morty from pocket morty s alligator from ball fondlers .

I don t think they ever said his name them sons cross over one true morty. This is a really cool pocket morty s one shadowy. Rick petko. Rick aachen marty is rick and morty cartoon squanchy a me rick unity.

I think this is a supreme crossover tech thing. Some sort of pickle rick presidential type sticker tiny rick with the guitar. Nasa parody. This one is really weird because as morty and then it s rick.

Another. Super imparity and rick jack and mortman. Which is bojack horseman alright. That s pretty much it guys drop a like if you enjoyed this video subscribe.

If you re new and room tour video was coming soon. ” ..

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