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“And welcome to my review of the lg 49. Uh7 50 v. It s a a 4k tv. Which means it has four times as many pixels it s not hd.

But it s ultra hd. And it has an hdr display as you might ve guessed from the title 49 stands for 49 inches. We found this tv to be pretty much the perfect size for our family sitting room. It s not too big.

But it s equally not so small that you can t enjoy the fantastic display on it and let s talk about that display. If you ve got an old tv as in fact we have before we got this it s a seven year old television. You re really going to notice the difference. The technology has improved massively in the last few years and the resolution on this is clear bright and colorful its delight to watch.

So. Let s take a look at the back of the tv and have a look at some of the connections here we got an optical digital audio out this is your lan connection if you want to connect to the internet via a cable..

Then we have a selection here of av in connections at the bottom. It s an audio out above here just then underneath this big dongle. Which are sticking out. We have the second of two usb connections and the other one is over here this big dongle turns out we don t actually need it s sticking in one of our hdmi slot.

And it s our amazon dongle. But we no longer need it nor explain a little bit more about why in a minute over here we have our antenna cable. Which is connected to our roof aerial and this one is if you want to connect to satellite. So take a look broadly about those usb and hdmi connections.

As i say we have two usb so usb number twos here usb. One is there and then as far as hdmi. We have hdmi one two and three as you d expect from a tv of this specification. It s also free sat and free view.

Enabled. So..

If you access your tv content. Via satellite connection you can access the free channels. Fire. Free set.

If you get it fired a rooftop aerial. You can access them via free view. It s so a smart tv. And you don t need a dongle or any extra equipment to access the content.

All you need to do is go into the settings. Locate your home network. Put in the password. And then you ve got access to a whole host of acts and internet content at the touch of a button as far as apps go on this tv.

We ve got now tv youtube netflix iplayer and amazon prime. If you previously access to have some prime for a box or a dongle you no longer need that you can just access them via the app lg tvs are also known for having one of the best interfaces in the television market and i found it incredibly simple and easy to use so it s easy to access and navigate around the many options..

Lg also has as you can see on the screen behind me their own content. So you can access films and games and pay extra for some of these facilities. If you have a smartphone or tablet. You can also download for free.

The lg tv plus app. It s a really smart little app. Which allows you to view photos or videos. Which you have on your phone or tablet wirelessly and almost instantaneously on your tv.

What are very cool features of the lg tv is the magic remote it works a little bit like a wii remote so as you move your hand around it just accordingly with a pointer on the screen. So instead of having to scroll around the screen. The pointer takes you directly to the content being a rather clever tv. This lg.

Also has whole host of features which you ll probably never get around to using. But i thought i d mentioned three of them for you firstly you can set up the tv..

So that the sound is optimized either to the tv program that you re watching or to the room which you re watching it in you can also change the display. So that the colors reduce eyestrain and there s a very cool little feature called the tv program advisor. Which notices which programs you are watching regularly and advises you when they re on tv. One final thing to talk about is the design of the lg tv.

It s an ultra thin tv. It s also a really nice design on the front of it the screen goes virtually to the edge. Here. There s just a little bit in the screen round the edge.

Which is black and then you ve got the metal. Which borders it all the way around and i think that gives it a really nice contemporary and very smart finish to it so thank you for watching this review and a really big thank you to a o comm for providing the tv to review in the first place and a big thank you as well to their brilliant delivery team i hope watching this review has helped you to decide what you re going to do. ” ..


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