Resident Evil 2 Controls Walkthrough

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” re always on the lookout for a variety nof games and genres to help people people play in this video. We re going to be looking at nresident evil. 2 evil. 2.

Is a survival horror remake that s now navailable on the ps4 xbox one and pc in today s video. We re going to be looking nat. The console version however all the settings seen in this video can also be nfound on the pc. The game has three difficulty settings.

Assisted standard and hardcore assisted mode is the only difficulty that allows assist aim automatically restoring a certain amount of health and weaker enemies. There are several control types you can choose with the main difference being what nbuttons do the sprint..

The ammo switch and the quick turn all other buttons remain nthe same in each control type in control type. A sprint is l3 for ps4 or ls for xbox. One. Quick.

Turn is left stick down and circle. Or left stick down and b. Nfor xbox. The ammo switch is r1 for ps4 or for xbox the rb button in control type b the circle button nacts as a sprint button or for xbox the b button the quick turn is a left stick down and l3 or for xbox left stick down and ls.

The ammo switch button. Is nthe same as control type a in control type c..

The sprint button is r1. Or rb. For xbox and the ammo switch button is l3 or ls for xbox. The quick turn is the nsame as control type a so that would be left stick down and circle or for xbox left stick down and b.

You can choose whether to have the run button as either toggle or hold. When you stop running you ll have to press a button again to make your character sprint again. The game adopts. A first person control scheme.

Meaning the left stick controls the character and the right stick controls the camera and ndirection you move in r3 for ps4 or rs for xbox resets. The camera x on ps4 or a on xbox allows you to interact with objects and doors holding down..

L2 or left trigger aims your weapon and r2 fires. It or right trigger for xbox square on ps4 or x on xbox reloads your weapon. There s an option to auto reload your weapon nwhen your ammo clip runs out d pad. Changes your weapons and holding down r1 or rb for xbox nand using the d pad uses your sub weapons.

The touchpad brings up your map for the xbox this would be the view button. Triangle or y on xbox brings up the inventory screen after bringing up your inventory. Screen or your map. L1 and r1 scroll.

Through different menus for xbox. This would be the left bumper or the nright bumper l2 and r2 also scroll through your documents menu..

This would be the left trigger. And right trigger for xbox you can increase or decrease nyour field of vision. So you can choose whether to see more of your surroundings or see things. Closer you can change.

The colour of your aiming reticle to help you see where you re aiming better. Certain weapons also have laser dots. Nwhich can also have their colour changed. Thank you for watching and if you have any questions.

” ..

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