Refurbished 4th generation iPod Touch unboxing

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“Right everybody. This is the unboxing of ipod touch. 32 gigabyte. It s too long long at the retina display and efore processor.

So as always this is a refurbished. If you ve seen a lot of my videos you know that i always try to buy my products refurbished. Whenever possible they came from fedex..


It shipped over from china and then they got to my house in hawaii on thursday. So i ordered it on sunday night and they finally got in here thursday afternoon. So i m not bad considering it came from like across the ocean. So as you can see it comes in two very nondescript blank box shipping label on the back and here s a simple piece of tape that we re gonna rip across and as you can see very plain ipod packaging.

This is nothing like the clear acrylic packaging you would get when you re buying an ipod through the store. So those come to you and the certified refurbished box you can read right there so it is a refurbished product product codes on the bottom serial. Numbers and whatnot..


So let s get into this and what we can see is there s your ipod stuck in plastic very simple packaging nothing fancy here just your ipod stuck in the plastic wrap so once again this is the retina display model. I ll put this off to the side and inside this plastic bag here you have the abilities comes with usb cable. There dippin dot connector standard apple earbuds. So this is before the earpods came out.

And here. Are your fingertips your instruction. Manuals startup..


Guide. And at the back apple. Stickers. So you always get your apple.

Stickers and we ll just take it off as it s sealing right here emboss in it and the good thing about refurbished items is they replace the battery. So you get a fresh battery with every refurbished product and in addition to that the outer shell casing should be exactly the same so they also give you they replace the back cover. As well..


So this is a new back cover and as you can see right there. It s a little bit reflective. But this is a 32 gigabyte model as i said take off the plastic wrap. And there you go very shiny.

Very reflective chrome chrome like surface aluminum back and let s see if we can turn this thing on let s see if it has any juice and there you have it so that s the refurbished ipod touch. ” ..

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