Reddit Enhancements, Tools, Extensions and Websites for Marketing 2019

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“What s up girls and guys today. We re talking about my favorite tools websites websites and extensions for reddit marketing and if you re not a marketer stick around because you will love to play around with some of these some great analytics tools. Some great extensions just all around will make you more knowledgeable about reddit make your reddit experience. Better and you can dive deeper into some data than you ve ever even known alright let s begin i m kurt i m do online marketing for a living and today we re just going to be going on reddit.

This is another video in that reddit series that continues do so yeah you feel free to checking out anywhere else on my links below alright first off what i want to talk about is of course numero uno. We re not even gonna wait let it enhancement sweet now if you don t know what the reddit enhancement suite is it is the best tool for online marketing let me just tell you there s no comparison. I mean well that s what online marketing for reddit and browsing. I mostly use firefox.

But uh yeah. If you want if it s on chrome. It s on everything. It s literally i mean just look at it it s on all of it.

But reddit enhancement suite. What it does it s like literally everything you can switch in and out accounts. Really quick you can like save more stuff tag things. There s just it adds.

So many tools to your arsenal. Just like things. That reddit has added over the years has actually been on this application first especially. If you re like a mod or something like this helps out a lot.

But yeah you can save a lot more stuff and plant. It has important these days. But it s still cool with the new layout of reddit a lot of people just use that but i d still say check out red re s. It s the famous the one the only you know it s on every browser.

It definitely helps with ready. There s no i don t even know how to browse rather on desktop without any more all right next and none of these are in particular order. Either. I would say is any photo enlarger that you just hover and have your photo boom go up with so majus on firefox or of course.

The famous hover zoom. On google chrome whatever your whatever browser on just get one that just you can do a little hover zoom. It s great really just not to click just just makes things easier in life and trust. Me already getting this more analytical stuff in one second next up.

We got reddit check. What is reddit check it ll check if you have if your curtain url is already submitted to read it if it is you can go like comment on there now this isn t like he mostly i ate would use this tool. If i m like trying to see has someone already submitted this cool thing i found online like in the past hour to a subreddit. But it also just helps you see who else is like you can be like researching some stuff you know it s like is someone pushing this product.

You know if there s a url if you see an ad somewhere else online. You you can quickly do some checks online. Yeah so i have this installed on chrome..


But that s a cool one next really great one snoops new so that s i ll put all these urls by the way down below in the doodly doo snoops. New. You can literally look up any like there for me any this is mostly used for random redditors look at the numbers check it out i don t know how you would know from just this. But it s just kind of fun check out your own profiles.

Too. It s just a fun little one snoops new apparently they re adding in some subreddit stuff. But we got better ones in there and coming up next. We got so this is the first one for our analytic stuff next up i ll talk about reddit insight we downloaded the reddit but we found little surprise you can track posts single users you can do this one s dumb the view interaction oh they re gonna dump they re cool they re fun to play around with but really if you want track like what users doing or you want to track real time post tracking.

That is probably a good cool. Things the word clouds view interaction. I don t really use ever. I think i ve just played around view interaction.

I don t really get word word kraut clouds. I guess. It s for you to help think about the best like titles you know to give stuff. But really if you want to see like you know you just come in here and you type in tracked post.

It s free. But uh and same with trek user you can do all that cool. Reddit insight definitely a good one. If you want to like track.

All that but uh top five sub reddits makeup. Forty point five percent of all turma who would have known all right next up we got rabbit list. It is the list of everything so right now. I m on safe work you can also switch it just to not safer work.

And that s all that and you do all used to be a lot more not safe for work. But they changed a lot of how they work. But it s kind of cool. We look at growth 24 hours look at this obviously.

This is everyone 123 means getting back their christmas kids. I bought my family the home for christmas. I bought my girlfriend and my mom. My sisters from 23andme kits and myself.

But uh so i understand why that one s going up because everyone s receiving their info and stuff like that. But it s kind of cool to see so like if you didn t get any 23andme crits. You would be like ah wonder why that s going up. But like it s kind of just cool to see because that s the 24 hour growth.

All that stuff yeah. It is just a cool one to look at get some know knowing. What s going on and ready on the grander scale..


Because really you get stuck in your sub. Reddits. And you don t see new things. And this is a cool one to just see that reddit list next up.

We got social listening for reddit. You can track. So. This is a different one this one has a free version and a paid version.

So the free version is free forever. But you can only think track two things at a time if yeah we can get alerts stats exclusions you do a lot the free version is pretty cool you can run to tracking campaigns and saved. A hundreds for it s pretty cool test it around just like even if it s like two things you want to look at it s cool. If you ever really got into red at marketing definitely something you might want to pay for i don t pay for it currently i keep her in the past and i just didn t use it that much i really know what to use it for i could get all the data for free smeltzer.

Still cool to do some stuff with next up. We got caramel leaderboard. So the leaderboard for reddit you can see all the people so gala boob. The infamous the if you guys want i ll post the link in the comments.

Too there s a great interview series by they re called point. They did with gala boob. Who s a three parter cool series up was that in the links to crazy that dude literally reddit is his job his life. He s a moderator and like a ton of subs.

He gets paid to be unread. It s a creepy. I bought him you know my best advice. If you see a super editor like that on on marketing phase.

I mean you wish to be like that right that s the dream right no he ll expend all day. I m read it but i just blocked like these guys the top people these top spam posters cuz. It s just it s too much. But yeah you can see some cool stuff.

And you know if you go next normally this website works. But that s leaderboard for reddit all right next. We got later for reddit now we re getting to the schedulers. So what s great about schedulers.

You know you probably seen these on you know facebook instagram. You know google you you can like schedule. You know. When you post things twitter.

Is like you know hootsuite buffer. Things like that for other stuff. This is a good one it s called later for reddit allows you to schedule posts and you like find the best time..


You know there are a lot of testing so many people have done all these research studies on best times and stuff. I ll give you a website that shows the best times to in a second. But honestly best time is kind i don t wanna say it s a myth because there s real data behind best times. But it changes so often it s hard to just know when that is but this is a great one it s not all free you loaded the pricing plans you get five times per month.

But it s only 30 months 30 a month for 30 times per month. That s not really much as much as you need you need to get in touch to them it cost a lot. But it s a cool one if you need it even if just to do a few you know make multiple accounts. Let me tell you because you re gonna be making multiple accounts right if you re a marketer you know i m just gonna have one account.

This is another one that s even more free there s no limit to anything crowing. It s not as good as the last one. But crona is a great free alternative all right next one the github repository of reddit data tools now if you re like a big dude. This is what you want to get into the repository does so much has so much data.

It s kind of crazy. It s hard to use it s fun look at those raw data man you torrent it all if you want to look at anything go check it out look at how much data you can get it s just kind of cool to mess around with i don t do him. He posts. He has a subreddit to that he talks about it i think other people help them with it it s cool definitely something to play around with look at all the data have fun alright then cool sub right.

I just wanted to bring up while we re talking about all this analytics and tools subreddit stats you just make a post about subreddit you can request like different data and stuff. But yeah. You do this is how you do it you submit a name than a view. So it ll look something like this and within like an hour or whatever they ll return you some data.

I think they scrub it like every 15 minutes and respond with some subreddits nats. But it s cool like so like our detroit. I did a scrub for a while ago and got likes from the top user data and stuff like that because it s interesting especially on smaller subs. It s really helpful to like see who the actual active people are versus.

Who the mods are stuff like that it s just good to know who you should probably interact with become friendly with kind of you know who are the heads of the community. There s really a thing of a subreddit like community right all right. That s a cool one next karma decay check to see if someone s stolen one of your images. Yeah i mean that sucks.

But it s good to know you know it s reverse image search for reddit. Honestly i like it better these days than google s reverse image search ever since google changed the reverse image search like a few months ago. I can t really use it correctly. But convert caves all right and then of course last.

But not least post inspect. If you really want to know the times. The post is is great this updates. Too so i think they updated.

But they don t stay ever. And you can schedule a post with them too right yeah. I m limited schedule post per day api for schedule post..


All three features. So yeah. If you want to check these guys out post inspect pretty pretty good and i just love this little easy to look at timing. It s like boom.

Oh our javascript in my own. There being such a subreddit. If you want like videos dude. I think my internet went down.

I don t know what s going on maybe you read it went down let s just blame reddit. But either way. That s all my add ons extensions. Websites and stuff that i would.

Recommend. If you re looking to get some more reddit stuff. Oh yeah. Tell me what are you guys s favorites.

I miss any what are you guys s favorites subreddits favorites favorite tools you know do you guys personally use oh and of course. I did actually forget one last. But not least of course. There is the reddit ads info.

Yeah so i read the ads. If you want to go to the dashboard this one is for all you guys you re gonna go to the metrics. You can see everything here. If your login your account have stuff running oh not even that great honestly.

But you can put the reddit pixel onto your website and stuff like that and track a lot of things so that s about it i always want to mention their own stuff. Because you can get a lot of data from this might not be the most accurate to be honest. But either way reddit adds their in house stuff that is getting better every month. They do small updates every month.

And it s getting better it s getting closer to a real pay per click metrics and analytics source will be there with by like 2022. I promise guys all right well that s it for today. I hope you guys. Yeah.

Leave me. A comment. Let me give me a like if you like this please subscribe. I m gonna keep posted more reddit videos continuously for the rest of the this month and into february ” .


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