Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Get The Schofield Revolver for Free! (Good Revolver Early Game)

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“What s up everybody jumping here and today i am on some red dead redemption. Redemption. I recently got this game. I m absolutely loving it i wanted to make video to show you guys how to get the scope filled revolver for free and i even think that you might be able to get this super early in the game.

The moment you get to valentine you might be able to get this gun right away. But i m not exactly sure and i really can t test it right now. So you guys can try it out and see if it works and if it does that would be epic. Because the cat ll revolver socks.

It just is not good and the scope filled revolver is much much better. It s a way superior weapon. So if you can get that right away. When you get the valentine that would be epic now when you first get to valentine.

If you actually take the time to explore you might notice something shady is going on at the doctor s office. This is what i did i actually did take the time to explore and i immediately noticed that there was a locked back door and if you actually knock on that door some shady dudes gonna come to the door and tell you that it s private and you need to go away. There is a window. I remember looking into a window.

And i could see inside and it looked like some shady dealings was going on in there. And also the local law enforcement will come to this door and knock on it it looks like they are accepting bribes. So something is definitely going on in there..


And if you re in the doctor s office. And you try to go to the backroom. The doctor will start to freak out and tell you that you need to get out of there. So there is definitely something going on now a little bit later in the game.

Your companions will tell you that something shady is going on in there. And that you should try to rob. It now here s the problem and this is the thing i m not sure about i don t know if you have to wait for your companions to say something to you before you get the option to actually rob it or not i would think that if you investigate it and you ve seen. What was going on you might get the option to rob.

It and if you did that would mean that you can get this weapon early in the game. The moment that you get to valentine. Which would be really cool because i m pretty sure the scope field revolver is actually locked even if you try to buy it from the gunsmith and it actually will cost you 75 dollars to buy so don t wait now i recommend if you re gonna try this try having your horse somewhere nearby. So that you can get to it right away.

The problem is is that the sheriff s office is right there so no matter. What you do you re going to get a bounty is going to happen so you re gonna have to try to escape with a low bounty. If possible and that s kind of a problem because if you get cornered in this room. You might have to fight your way out and that would mean that you would get a huge bounty and you really don t want that because i don t know would it be worth.

It if that was the case now i ve already done this once and i guess you can repeat. It because i tried it and i was able to do it again so that s kind of interesting if you are able to do a wheeled you could actually get two of these and do build this weapon. So that s kind of a cool thing that they let you do it twice and also there s gonna be some money in here that you can loot and there s a couple other things you can loop..


But i really don t recommend looting anything put the money and the weapon so let s go ahead and do this so i m gonna go ahead and put on my disguise. And then i m gonna go and rob. The doctor did i not put my disguise on apparently. I did not listen come on in there we go we got it on an alpha treat all we have to do is just go up to the doctor and a name or weapon adam and like i said.

I m not sure if you have to wait for your companions to say something to you are do you get this option. The moment that you realize something shady is going on. But you get the option to rob the back room. Sir please you don t want to get involved with them hey open up.

It s me i brought some food and whiskey for you fellers yeah. It s only the duck. Don t try anything funny put it on the table. You can see we re in the middle of some business.

Here all righty these guys they sound like o driscoll. So they re up to no good for sure now. When you re in here make sure to kill everybody. Including the woman because the woman will actually pull a weapon on you and try to kill you so you don t want that and unfortunately you have to kill her.

But the money s right here on the table. So just go ahead and collect all the money and that it s gonna be 50. So i will definitely take that and like i said you can actually do this twice..


Apparently because this is my second time doing it and here is another one of the guns. So i get a second one now for dual wielding. That s really cool all right. Now.

Let s get out of here. There is like a chest. You can loot and the body you can leave there s a drawer as well. But i don t recommend it because we need to get out of here quick.

So you can t really run out this room. And you can be surrounded by the law enforcement. So you don t want that if you don t want to have to fight your way out of here. And if you look like my bounty right now is me below.

It s a dollar 50. So i just got to get out of here run. I d rather pay the one dollar and fifty cents to the post office for the bounty. Then pay 75 for the revolver and you miss out on getting 50 bucks.

So i definitely want the money too so yeah. That s a really cool little heist that you can pull off like i said you can actually do it multiple times. I guess i don t really understand why you can do it multiple times..


But whatever that s cool i ll take it give me a second revolver for dual wielding. And i get some more money out of it as well. Now that i m out of the sight of the law maybe i can just chill here and hopefully they will stop chasing me. But that s pretty much it now guys i would definitely say to try this early on in the game.

Like the moment you get to valentine invest to get the doctor s office. Look around see if you can figure out that something is going on back. There. And maybe you ll get the dialogue option to actually rob.

It because if you did then you can actually get this way. Better. Revolver and you can replace your crappy cattle revolver right away. And you get some free money too.

And it s really easy to get away as you can see so i definitely would recommend trying it out leave a comment if it works early in the game. Because i really want to know that i can t test it because i m a little bit further now so that s unfortunate. But i wish i could test it because i would love to be able to say that you could do this early on because i wish i would have took advantage of this the moment i got the valentine alrighty guys that s gonna pretty much do it for the video. But i really hope that you have enjoyed it and that this has helped if it has will you please like the video for me be sure to subscribe for future videos.

And i really do hope that everyone has a ” ..

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