Red Bread Redemption 2

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“Dear. I don t have it boom. Ha. Made you look.

I m trying to to find and capture images of our great predators. Before our greatest predators. Wow. Your looks like shit welcome to zen man place cowboy simulator.

I am the fastest gun in the west join my horse fabio and i as we adventure through the land looking for bread and booty mainly the bread. I ve been riding for what feels like an hour just trying to get to the mission fuck it i m cutting through the forest fabio. Where are you taking me fabio. I can t see anything ah damn it fabio fucking just the worst cowboy ever come true take me home wait fabio.

Wait take me fabio fuck well howdy. Sir how you doing this fine day. Don t mind me just trying to survive my own horse. This is a robbery hands in the air whoo shit.

He has his own gun. I was just kidding. It s just a prank fuck you re just the worst outlaw ever baby you a song you make me wanna roll my windows down. What i don t know many countries on earth okay good.

Lord fabio. Just looks like he s an absolute pain. What s wrong boy were you watching clean prints gaming videos again i told you it s not good for you how are you barbara. I would like a an undercut that s what all the fuck boys are wearing these days they re called women jesus.

Hello. Everyone welcome to dani vids today. I am a bounty hunter..


Now where s my horse fabio fuck. There is fabio get in here this fucking horse. I swear to god coming into this game after having played assassin s creed odyssey. Just made me realize how garbage assassin s creed is to the place haha.

We re just gonna cross the log. Nice and easy. Now fabio. There you go.

Who s a good boy such a good ah ah just the worst fucking cowboy. Way is this her yeah. It is my fucking bounties right here. No i ll get you what oh i m supposed to keep her alive just the worst bounty hunt.

So i can t kill her i ll just get out my lasso and oh wait what are you doing out out why are you attacking me with a knife. Who do you think you are my prom date. Ma. am you might want to hold your breath.

All right. Ma. am. Hope.

You had some swimming lessons. This shouldn t take long come on fabio pick up the pace. There you go good job. Ma.

am you sold with us. There you go good job. You okay back there come on say something don t be such a drag get it wait what whoa what just happened oh she died..


Why would she die. What where did i go wrong cry number. Two this time. I m putting her on my horse.

Things should go smoother. This time. And she s drowning yeah. I didn t plan this i m just the worst bounty.

The games trying to make me use the road. But i know a shortcut through the mountains just got to climb this nice and easy fabio fabio ah. Lady shut up shut up i just want a quiet ride oh my that s it playing the quiet game after such a long hard journey. I should indulge myself with one of life s greatest pleasures mm look at that bread give me that bagel.

It s turning out to be such a great day. Let s get another one. Oh you can never have enough to take the last bagel. Wow.

That s some spooky bread right. There you better have some fresh bread for me tomorrow you son of a bitch or you ll be sorry for my next mission. I m gonna go to my old prom dates house and cry at her porch hello arthur hello bitch. I need your help it s my little brother jamie well jamie s joined the cello nians that strange religious order.

It s pronounced christians will you help me now. I m sorry hey. I like jamie. But you and me after all this happened gonna have to find someone else to run your hair.

Okay. Arthur i miss you i m glad i did that i needed closure. Okay i m calm..


I m calm let s just go damn it fabio couldn t even break their house down fuck your sheeps marry the melee combat and this game is so satisfying new day new bread take the last bag. I ll take it all whoa it just came back where d you get your magic bread huh hey there partner would you like to go for a ride mm hmm what s going this my is my cowboy accent. Hope you guys like it damn it someone witnessed my murder. We cannot have any witnesses hey you didn t see anything and now you will never see anything no witnesses.

Oh. I just i just created two more witnesses. Okay. I ll take her out first no witnesses.

Oh. It s created a third witness and just like that there s another witness like it s a slippery slope. Get your ass back. Oh damn.

It bobby i ll just get out of here. Before there s a thousand witnesses ooh. Now it s a sneaky mission. Oh.

Don t worry about me. I ve played assassin s creed. We did it night time has fallen and i m hungry all right. I guess i ll have some free food even though there s no bread in it mmm that is actually really good yummy whoa.

What an outlaw he just threw his plate on the ground. Didn t give a fuck yeah. It s a party. Let s have a drink just one okay maybe one more one more never hurt anybody okay.

This is actually really really good just one more way. I never hurt anybody woman whoa how did this father end up in my hands. I guess i ll drink it this is actually the secret boss fight against alcoholism..


Hey flavio. He does have a drink buddy here have a beer have a beer fabio fabio drink lucky i love you where are you taking me wow don t drink and drive. What how am i sober already. I had so many bottles.

Arthur is a fucking animal get those windows down and cruise a very important mission ahead of me so you already know what s up my mission is to infiltrate this place and steal an oil cart. But there s a lot of guards everywhere a difficult task. But not for the sandman wait. What why are they shooting at the way.

I m just fucking walking here. I m just wait wait i shouldn t eat him some bread all right that s it i m gonna wipe all these guys out i have taken my position and now to murder them all. Oh. I forgot my rifle.

Oh ok be right back. I gotta go get it from my horse. Just the worst fucking outlaw here we go man versus mini. Guess what man s gonna win.

There s more of them than i thought boys it s getting dicey. Real dicey. Oh god they re everywhere. Oh yeah got to eat some bread.

No not like this. Ah. You know what the bread wasn t potent enough. I keep forgetting that i have played assassin s creed and that i must use stealth right here.

We go just hop the fans go right for the cart come on there you go right yes. I m doing ” ..

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