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“Of sugars welcome back into the channel three engine new a lot we use let let you guys we are going to be checking out the brand in the hospital by of course. None. Other dannika ye stacy herself by the way my little one is in the background literally screaming at the tippy top of his lungs him and big brother are playing and i think i think it i think it shows you can hear you know so anyways long story short um. I don t really know to expect.

I was kind of taken aback when i saw that she posted this mod. But basically in a nutshell. What this is not allows your sims to do is visit the hospital. When they are feeling a little under the weather so this requires get to work um.

It does say that you need to have your game settings on autonomy full so that your sims can do whatever. It is that sims do without your control. This is obviously compatible with the latest patch and was updated. I think yesterday on the 25th well a couple days ago depending on when you re watching this anyways.

The description. Says are your sims not feeling well. Did your child catch a cold come visit the hospital and get checked out by our amazing. Nurses and doctors.

We have a play area for children so feel free to bring your little ones as visitors. Please know i m aware that active lots can be buggy. So i did my best to try to make it simple and work as smoothly as a possible this mod is for sims age child to elder and the hospital fees are as followed medication at 25 simoleons cost one hundred dollars. Which is actually quite a frickin vet hospital fees per family once in 125 two sims 153 sims 175.

So it looks like you get that good good all the family freaking and discount. When you come and bring your whole freaking crew. So there is that in case. You guys are on a little bit of a budget.

It says that three is the max amount of patients that can be seen at how does it work why not plan the situation on your phone or calendar to pick the sims that you want to visit the hospital. Visitors are optional. It was an option added to bring along toddlers or other household members that you don t want to stay in the home lot. The hospital has a small play area and if you have the sims ii save file.

She built an entire play room. So this is kind of what it looks like when you go ahead and setup. The event. Because that s essentially what it is and number three read the pop ups.

They will guide you on what you are supposed to do please be patient each pop up might happen at different times. Random for each them to make it more realistic after your sim has been diagnosed. You will have to find your pharmacist and get your medication take your medication. And and the event.

Cool love that please read i tested this mod. 8. Out of 10 times. It ran smoothly for me and only two times.

I ran into bugs which was a simple fix i posted below how to fix that normally i wouldn t read these. But just because i bet you i am the 2 out of 10 times. That this is gonna happen to we re gonna read together how to fix an invoice. I recommend that you don t manually tell your sims to do any actions when they are told their room is ready.

But anything you do before then is fine okay when you receive the pop up. That your room is ready and cancel any interactions that your sim is currently doing especially if you told them to do it so that they can autonomously go to the exam med if your sin hasn t been seen by a nurse slash doctor and has been meaning for a long time you can cancel their exam. A bed sitting interaction all of them and if it doesn t get you seen use the ask for diagnosis interaction. This is normally an issue with children.

Which is perfect cuz. We re actually going to be using the sim from my current household. So you hopefully won t have any of these issues at hand. So we are here with the beautiful aneesa again she is my sim from my current household.

I haven t really had very much time to play with her at all like i said..

I ve been a busy. I didn t know what you thinking a true surgeon. We ve heard that excuse before but seriously though i m telling you i have been having dreams about this woman and not those kind of dreams alone. But anyways long story freakin short.

We need to make her sick. Because right now. She is feeling a chipper maybe if possibly she ends up stepping in her dog s poo. Poos then she might like catch some ecoli.

What i can do is i can kind of cheat. The system a little bit and i can go in to the slice of life. I think i can go into you body care and i can give her the stumpy flu. I m pretty positive that s literally all that i can do so another thing fyi.

If you didn t want to have it so that your sim realistically goes to the hospital. When they re feeling sick you can easily use the slice of life options and visit. The hospital for 100. This way.

You can also get your symptom medicine vaccines. This is just a more again realistic way of dealing with illness in the game. Now. I don t know if this actually helps in a game illness like aside from any of the mod illnesses.

But um you know i mean i guess you could play and find out. But for now. We re gonna make her sick. So as you guys can see she has a fever whoo.

It is hot. Oh. My god so yeah. I don t know what she ended up catching.

She is not feeling good and i m gonna have her just kind of you know walk it off for a quick little second. I m gonna have her go throw away the poo that s sitting over here on and we re gonna go and fill lulu s ball. She might be hungry you know i mean anis is a very stubborn person she would never mit in a million years that she s actually coming down with something and we didn t feel crappy enough. We have our ex husband.

Wanting it to go grab some dinner at the oldest salt house. Oh how romantic. I m curious to know if they ll ever actually get back together so you know what we re gonna try to like yeah i guess do a little home remedy right we re gonna grab a nice a pungent spinach juice this should definitely you know kick kick the germs to the curb. But i have a feeling you guys this isn t going this isn t going to cut it not at frick.

It also now anissa is feeling super tired the very last thing that she wants to do is put up a lulu s poo and obviously go to the hospital. But this doesn t seem to be getting any better whatsoever. So we re gonna have a nice ago and to cave maybe. She s pregnant let s take a pregnancy test.

Oh. My god what if she actually was and it just popped up on screen and i had no idea because like literally she hasn t been doing anything so i don t know why she would be pregnant. But we re just we re ruling out any possibilities as to why we have feeling so feverish and i don t know if something maybe. It s heard like splashed her in the cheeks.

But she kind of jumped. There now pregnancy isn t the answer you know it just might be that she is sick so i mean i m gonna cheat her energy levels. Obviously. It s to be expected that they d be relatively low.

Especially. If she isn t feeling too good. But the way that you get in contact with the hospital is you plan a social event. And there are so many different different mods now not like i implement.

The hospital and all that kind of fun stuff so..

This one is just a little more simpler. I did do a review on quite possibly one of the most intense mods. I have ever played where i was literally at the edge of my seat. I was screaming and my sim ended up going to the hospital and that instance says well if you guys want to check that video out i highly suggest you do it s just it was crazy.

It was crazy baby okay. So we re gonna go and click on a visit hospital again to three and rates one hundreds of millions. I think you re gonna want the gold event chat credit obviously i don t think you re gonna get any type of reward for you know making sure that you re healthy challenge it rewards. Though let s just just read it for issues and giggles are you not feeling well are you having symptoms did you catch a cold come visit the hospital and get checked out by your amazing doctors.

We have a play area for children so feel free to bring your little ones and again just reiterating all the costs and fees because if you have insurance well unfortunately that ish ai. N t gonna do any damn good so aneesa or anissa. Whatever she is obviously going it to me as a patient. Now it looks like you can only have inf family.

Visitors tag along. Now this would be cool in the future. If possibly. It was even an option to be able to be like hey call up an old friend to drive you to the hospital or hey dad.

I m feeling really sick do you mind borrowing mom s minivan and you know whatever the situation might be i think broadening this a little bit would be really cool too. But honestly. It s not that big of a deal. I really think that anissa would rather just be by herself on this one.

So. The cool thing about this is that it recognizes the hospital instantly. And i do have thankfully aquila s little sims ii safe installed and the hospital looks so perfect in this view. We re gonna go and choose the only hospitals that we possibly have and it s called the medical clinic.

Which is super cute so yeah. If you do have kayla s little sims be safe which i highly suggest for so many reasons. It really like makes your game so much more live. I think um.

If you do have it then you ll get this hospital. Otherwise. If you don t you ll get the other hospital and so i feel like every freaking time. I come into this game.

David lowe is like he said he s the doctor he s cute though welcome to our hospital anissa please patiently wait in the waiting area while we get you checked in take care of your sims s needs or meet new sims during this time now. This timer doesn t actually have a time that ends. The first thing in these is thinking of doing is just kind of browsing the bookcase which is perfect. I mean how many times have you guys gone to the hospital and been waiting forever.

I want to tell you something i had a freaking appendicitis as we all know in march or something i can t even remember maybe. It was me at somewhere oh no it was definitely march. I remember or maybe april god i don t know it was one of those days bad times um. Yeah.

I had appendicitis and i m not even kidding. Like i thought. I was dying like i hadn t died. I really thought i was dying and i was waiting there in a wheelchair for like three freaking hours and i m like i said i had appendicitis acute appendicitis.

My issue could have blowed up literally any second so iii freaking i feel this pain. But since we are here we re gonna go and take the cues advice we re just gonna introduce ourselves to ilana ln. And she has a little visitor tab over her over her nameplate. Which i think is kind of cute too so is there anything else that we needed to do i know that a niece was feeling a little hungry earlier her appetite seems to have returned.

So we re gonna go and pick up um let s just grab one of these soda filled it to conceive. Oh. My god she s really wanted a baby for a super duper long time if you guys ever watched my current household. Then you just you just you know all about her you know you you ready though stories and trials and tribulations.

We just wanted to let you know that we got you checked..

It andy. So we are so sorry to hear about your condition. Please wait in the waiting area until. We have a room ready for you prepare to cancel sins interactions.

I love that it actually tells you that you should just kind of like prepare like brace yourself and gula. I did that notion oh man. I was about to give myself some serious brownie points. I was about to say i did that on the frickin perfect time because i thought she was ready oh there s the pharmacist now i don t know where my soda went.

But like i m kind of upset that i didn t get to finish that i m really trying it to be patient. Which i hate when something tells me you patient because then i get even more impatient which i know they re like that that s my own prerogative. But i m wondering when exactly that butt is going to be ready oh cool okay. So it s actually going to tell you like when when it says prepare to cancel interactions like you do not have to be me.

And take it so freaking literally. Because you will get a nother interaction or notification. I m sorry. When your room or your bed is ready.

Hey anissa. We finally have a room ready for you please wait patiently for a doctor or nurse to come see you cancel your sims interactions they will go on their own. If the nurse takes too long then you can ask a doctor or a nurse suffering diagnosis. Why are arms like this she looked like that she looks like a scarecrow.

I don t know why she s walking this way. But i mean um. I was walking this way not too long ago. I had a best my yo and that was because my butt cheeks were clenched and i was so worried what in the world.

I m pretty positive. And this isn t supposed to happen you re not the only one okay i m a little nervous that i m gonna screw something up here. But i m pretty sure she should have gotten into like a hospital gown or something. But she didn t she she decided to change into our acting career outfit.

Which is hilarious. She was a void cutter in in like her last set. So that s where she got that from i can t even remember what she was wearing. I m hoping that it s this one and okay cool so she s looking a little more normal.

I granted you do not want to do anything right you don t want to touch anything because they said not to like you know have any i don t know like have any influence over your sims after they get assigned to bad. So you might be here a few minutes. This is a nurse. Which is cool.

We ve also got out our geordie anna. Who is literally a fricative platinum papa and the rest of the rooms are empty. So so far you guys i really appreciate and absolutely love how the stages progress. I feel like it s so realistic.

I love that there s prompt so you know what to expect. And i don t know i think. This is a really cool way for like storytelling and stuff like that to play out a scenario such as this one now hopefully. There could be things in the future which i don t know what you could add if but like maybe your kid gets like a broken arm or something.

I think that d be sweet. And then you have to come here and get a cast like it s not too much are we are we going way too far out of them maybe that s just me. But i think this nurse. Tammy t.

Here is going to hopefully examine her hey aneesa the doctors prescribed you some medicine. Please go see the pharmacist to pay for your medication you can spam the option to buy medication for other family members. So i think if you didn t want to like go crazy and bring everyone here. But yet your family members were sick you can go and purchase a lot of medication.

But i don t know i don t that doesn t apply to me there are so many freaking sins here..

It s kind of crazy. So. The pharmacist is in as a playroom and we need to go over and ask for a treatment. Remember it s 25 civilians and thankfully aneesa has that exact amount and so.

If you guys are wondering what her symptoms were just basically like stumpy stumpy flail recovers in three days severe cough headache. All that jazz you know like the traditional flu symptoms this walk. Though is killing me i don t know why she s like walking like she s trying to air out of their armpits or freaking take flight. I don t know what s going on.

But hopefully it stops here in the freaking second so i think uh melinda okay listen linda she s gonna hit linda dude. I love that linda dude dude. A dog dude. A dog and that i don t know she give me medication.

Oh yeah. She s actually handing a nice other than that so you take your medication before you leave. If you re not feeling better come see us make sure that you keep a proper hygiene. Hope you have an amazing date and you so please take care now you can end the event.

But i want her to take her medication. So there it is take a medicine and she is literally still walking it like a weirdo. But that s okay that is that s i m good with that and voila so apparently getting your treatment and taking your medication. It seals.

The deal cool all right so if we were to end. It looks like wait hold on didn t issa feel better or does she still have the cases of stumpy flu. It didn t cure her for whatever reason. But you guys are able to like see what happened and because of the medication itself it appears here madam.

She is feeling a little dazed. And i think that is just because like the cough syrup and stuff anyways you guys. Any suggest. A ride home.

And she is feeling it so much better. But of course. It is the flu and and isn t cured with a little bit of cough medicine. So she is probably going to turn in for the night.

So that she can rest up and feel like she is in tip top shape in the manana. I absolutely think this mod is precious. I love the fact that hawaii is trying things like this i didn t even know we re like possible to create a whole event that would allow your sins to be seen by a doctor. I think that s really brilliant.

I personally am not a huge fan of like sickness and in periods and all that jazz in the sims. I just feel like their lives are far too complicated to add those things on top of it. But i do like the occasional illness. I do like the occasional my sim is feeling a little under the weather.

I like that and to be able to kind of complement that don t struggle. I hate it when they struggle too much what are you talking about. Oh. My god that s creepy.

Yeah. I think it s a really cool option. And just a little more realism to your game for when your sims do get sick. You have the option to be a little more hands on and actually act out the illness.

I m curious to know if there s anything that you would like to add to this mod and you can let me know in the comments down below. Where the sun does not shine and with that said you guys. I will see you all next time bye to give up things i just wanna give you all right baby. ” .


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