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“Back to cops collectibles. Hope you guys are having a fantastic day in today s s video. We re gonna be looking at rare 20 bills that you should always on the lookout for so you want to search through your wallet you want to search through circulation. You can go to the bank at a stack of twenties search through them.

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If you guys are in the cryptocurrency. You guys can invest in that with noble gold investments as well so make sure you guys click the link that will totally guide you through the process and help you answer any questions of how you guys can invest into gold and silver. So it just happened to it check out these rare money. Now you should always be on the lookout for alright so first up is a 1996 a federal reserve note.

20 bill and you can see there on the back of the bill nothing really to worry about but there on the front of the bill on the top of the picture. You can see that a lot of ink is missing. And that is an insufficient ink error. So if you do come across something like this you definitely want to hold onto it now this bill sold for over 1300 now it is in excellent condition so if you do come across these errors and your bills all creased up and not in the greatest condition it probably is not gonna sell for that price.

But the better condition with the error. The more it s gonna sell for next up is another 20 bill of course. It is in 1996. 20.


Now this has the full back to face offsets. So we could see that taking place. We see the design of the reverse of the bill coming through there on the front of the bill. So very noticeable.

If you came across something like this in your pocket. It would obviously be very simple to find something like this now this 20 bill here is sold for over five hundred and sixty dollars moving right along now this is why you always check both sides of your bills. This is another 1996 20 bill and it s got the inverted back error. So you can see that error taking place on the bill.

Again the front of the bill looks perfectly fine. So if you guys never turn over your bills. You might miss something like this now this bill here sold for over 1400 next up is a similar type of bill. This is the inverted over print as well now if you look at the top of the twenty dollar bill.

You can see the bottom of another one coming through..

There. And you can see the back of the bill. There. How much space you have at the top of the back of the bill.

Obviously not supposed to be like that it s supposed to be completely even now this bill sold for over 1600. If we take it back to the old school days. This is a 1981 federal reserve note and this banknote here has an offset printing error so we can see the reverse of the design coming through on the front of the bill now if we zoom in there. You will also see that this bill is a star note.

There is a star at the end of the serial number so you always want to hang on the star notes in my opinion. I do personally i got tons of other videos that i will put at the end of this video you can click on the playlist. And you can go through all my money videos. Paper money videos where you know which serial numbers to look for and different types of errors to look for as well now this twenty dollar bill here sold for over nine hundred and sixty dollars next up is a another more modern 20 bill.

This is a 2006 federal reserve notes and this has a fold over error so clearly you can see that during the production of this there was some type of folding error that took place..

And that this is the result of that now this 20 dollar. Bill here sold for over 1300. Alright. Guys don t forget that some mash that like button subscribe below and check out the videos to the left of me.

If you want to watch some more corn collectible videos until tomorrow. I ll see you on the comments section. Below. This is caps collectibles in this is where i disappeared.

” ..

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