RAGE: Walkthrough – Part 7 – Mayor Clayton (Gameplay & Commentary) [Xbox 360/PS3/PC

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“Right we re back and we re gonna shun out using some male rage office office of the mayor. I ve never seen that movie. I m doomsday. I guess students day is those cars look like the cars off like twisted metal death race and shit like that why don t feel like i m puck start taking all these different javanese people uten 1020 of them all over then sheriff s office that way we don t need to sheriff.

We need the mayor. I m just exploring right now so i m not gonna do strictly all the main stuff just yet oh check this out i haven t seen anyone wearing an art suit for a long time dangerous thing you re doing there be careful authority spots. You and you ll be hauled away in a flash. You best keep as little profile as it can around here don t let people know you re from the past rewards are large for turning one of you in.

But lucky for you i hate the authority more than i need the money cold kong. I kept staring at that the whole time all right let me do it like a full circle. I guess. This is the back to the front.

Oh i can t take out the weapons. I want to just kind of see if i could terrorize the city at all but office of the mayor welcome to wellspring oh. Sir. That s no town this side of what passes for civilization and a few good safe miles from any authority.

Outposts nicest. People you ll ever find live right here. Friendly folk. Not your wasteland bandits.

Come. Good. Honest people well enough with all that so. I hear you have a message from our friend.

Dan let s have it then having some trouble with bandits in the settlement again dangerous life out there deadly..

Even well i can get all this stuff. He needs. It s gonna take some time though not sure how long he must really respect you to give you this important job. So for now.

I ll trust you too you could stay here at wellspring while i ll get his supplies. But not dressed like that you ll bring the authorities sniffing around. And i sure don t need that so you ll need to lose the ark suit for something a bit more modern go see the vendor in town get some new clothes. I don t care.

What you do with that suit as long as no one sees you in it. Again. Glad we understand did. Y all.

See the man have another little chat hang on where s it at i ll see there it is very promotional vault tec that is awesome when i nod to fall out masters open second chance what s the name of the place. Let s see outfitters well masters nope. I m just gonna browse around the sheriff s office is up here. Oh you can just come on in here.

Oh. God i don t want to be in here. I just let s get bad news written all over it come back they fined me to kill me look for the signs it s not that news outfitters look for outfitters oasis racing. I don t think i can do that nellis i only take racing certificates for any upgrades or parts.

And you got to win those on the racetrack. Nothing else so. If you want to deal with me you d best see jackie weeks first he s always on the lookout for new racers. All right i gotta find this outfitters place first speedway so we re in the wrong area it s all about exploring whenever i get a new game.

That s the first thing..

I do is just get used to here we go surroundings. I should have known that how she was saying something about how i was arrest the man from the past walks through my door goes to shoot here. But let s first talk about that suit. You re wearing.

I can take it off your hands for a fair trade and get you something a little less noticeable each of the suits possesses. Unique characteristics. It s up to you to decide what works best for you oh wow. Receive a discount on all cash purchases musical parts.

Not included. Why do i think. The second one is gonna be the pocket protector not included oh man. I m torn right now all the stuff that hurts.

I say go for it. Oh god decisions. I m gonna go for it very good indeed. Remember i buy and sell all manner of goods.

Here. I have all the best supplies let me see okay i got two hundred eighty three dollars. So i guess you re doing business pretty good well now i look good now. I gotta go talk to the mayor.

Again and see if i m blending in enough what the hell gosh so much like fallout. 3. It s insane missing person missing person return of the ghost hideout all i gotta go back there you got to be kidding. Me.

I m gonna go talk to the mayor and hopefully..

That s all i need to do that s much better now you look like any other good hard working citizen. You see you can t just leave your vehicles parked outside my town we re civilized here we have rules and since it looks like you re gonna be here a while you re gonna need a place to park your stuff go see mick across the way in the garage you can help you got that after you talk to mick go. See sheriff black part of dance plaza vic and then nick s garage you sue. This rick maike garage.

Well you ve come to the right place. So here s the deal fairest in the wasteland you let me do all the repairs on your vehicles. And guess what that covers the rent for the space what a deal and i see you got one of them shortwave radios. Mighty handy here mighty handy indeed so if you get into a jam and need a tow.

What just get on the radio and get me a blast. How s that for service that door there will get you into your garage. Or just drive up to them. We re time to talk.

Oh snap. I like this thing. Oh wow. And lastly welcome to town all right let me go talk to the sheriff and then i think that i gotta go back and talk to him here trying to get used to the town a little bit.

I feel like i m gonna be here a while like you said. I ll get it to share for last time. Here. Yes.

Let me guess you re the stranger that clayton says is taking some stuff to dan s place. I m afraid it isn t gonna happen quite so easily no way i m sending all these supplies with you and an unarmed buggy well dump the damn stuff on the road. But you got a do here see rusty by the track entrance. So you can get you all set up with some guns you got it get some firepower.

And you can come back and take the supply..

Ah okay. So now. I got a go race. Everything s building off of every.

Other part of the town. I like it it s over. Here. Hey.

My friend. Oh greeting stranger. Where s the where s the guy at welcome. Friend.

Name s carl. But seems like everyone calls me slim funny up all right the deal is if you want to race. You talk to me i just take a look at all the beds. We have here find something you like and assuming you meet the requirements then you re in all prizes aren t racing certificates you good to get new vehicle upgrades and rest easy but everyone needs those interested in winning some races certificates oh wow let s do it cars what s mini guns let s see the time trial first shall we yeah i d say wow it s gonna be nuts time try gonna be 205 for you guys just yet oh play the cornea cardfight.

What s good okay. They don t spawn again bottom right. There. Besides the first keep having to pause the game over some bullshit.

If somebody calls me or don t start barking. And i have to i think i got worried about it actually you know wow it kind of close. But it was more than but apartment was doing not my forte here we go. ” .


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