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“Riding for the o brien. Family. Is just there s really nothing else like it. It.

Because there s really not too many companies or businesses or really anything. Where really see the dedication and just emotional attachment and basically giving their lives to this sport and to to the industry to better it i mean whether it s product or just you know bettering wakeboarding in it as a whole wakeboarding waterskiing water sports. You know i mean it s just complete devotion to what they believe in and it s just that really amazing just to be a part of that and feel it being a rider owner for aronnax is you know the dream come true getting to work with my best friends all in everyone i mean. It s what we ve always wished to do and i mean being able to come to raider also is amazing.


I mean what other team has such an awesome place to come work on products and just riding hanging out or film. I mean we got like the coolest place at our disposal. One of the craziest things in actually writing for the rennicks team right now and being up here with the crew that we have is hanging out and riding and partying just generally chilling out with the guys that i genuinely looked up to it posters on my wall like the guys idolized when i came over season ah danny rock chat. These are the all the guys that i completely idolized as and i grew up as a grommet and to be able to be in the position.

I m in right now to ride and push the enemy will be pushing them along and have them influence my own riding it s just it s unreal. I mean i ve learned so much from paul about the industry and like he s taught me a lot about like wig boards and like pretty much just on how everything works. And it seems like now that i m a part of a part owner and ronan s it seems like the the amount of business stuff that we do and the conversations that we have is so it s a it s a lot of work being more involved with a company like this. And that s one of the best.


Things about coming up to radar. Hi. I m jason staying with ronix wakeboards. We re up in the green metal building.

Where we do all of our prototyping r. D. Stuff. For all.


The boards and surfboards. And everything. When danny first approached. Me for building the pool for defy the lot the 20 foot wide by 121 or something.

I think is what it was we came up with the design of the whole thing by faxing pictures back and forth of pdfs of just drawings and pictures and stuff like that and went from there and then we decided where we wanted to put it in the general area then i decided what we had to do for as far as lumber orders and all that kind of stuff. And it took about a month and a half to build it it was crazy you know we love build and all this stuff around here because we just it s so much fun when the riders get here and we get to build more stuff on to what i built for him for the last two months and then when they get here they have ideas and we get to build even more stuff and then it just turns into this big fun crazy cool kind of like a little wake park thing or something and it s so cool to watch the guys ride it so awesome ride of aronnax. I love these guys i mean they re like you know cutting edge. They always want to be on the forefront with new technology new setups and just pushing the sport constantly.


It s not like the money. We pull in is is going to you know the top guy. And he s buying a yacht. It s going back in the sport back into progression and back to the riders to you know to push the sport further and that s something i m proud to be to represent that crazy come up here to radar cuz.

It you know it really shows. This is a one big family you know i love riding for unex and i love the whole company. Everyone involved the whole team just love what it s about i think we got a we got a pretty good thing going right now and the whole team s this trip blew me away this is like the first time we ve gotten like all the crew together just to push it and you know i think this was the ” ..


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