Pure Hold em Gameplay and review Xbox One

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” s up guys. Seamus. Levin and welcome to pure holder on the corolla xbox one one and a huge thank you to shawn at developers vu studios and amy ever rip stone limited for allowing me to have a little go on this game. Today okay.

So what do we have it s poker game. It s texas hold em poker with quite a few options a nice balance of offline and online. Mostly online. Which will see you playing eight of you in total the nice one with the open tables is that you can drop in and out.

Whenever you want you have a certain amount of credits to your name. As you can see in the top right of my screen in this clip. I have nine hundred ninety there are tables that require a certain amount of credits for you to get into so the most basic of tables is free. But you can t really win much then it s i do believe it s 100 and then it s a thousand and then it goes right the way up to a million to get in on the tables.

You can play as long as you want and then you just drop out there is tournament mode. Which of course is a knockout and you get a reward based on how highly you place. And we have private tables. Where you can set up a game for up to eight of your friends.


Just for you guys to play only there s my poker. Which we were just looking at then this is where your options line or your customization. So you can pick your own decks your own chips your own cloth colors your own patterns on the cloth. There s offline mode.

Which i m playing right now. This is where you play at just the ai and i have to say that i is pretty darn good it doesn t fall for roughs all the time you can t just go in with big all in bets at the same time. It s not too ruthless that you will get punished instantly. There is enough future at least you have a good play there s a rankings mode as well available where you can only see yours i couldn t find a way to search for friends or compared with my friends.

Which is my only complaint with vats and in the extras section. We have the tutorials. Which is pretty pretty good actually. It explains certainly the the basics of poker poker isn t something you can easily explain.

I m not going to bother too much telling you the rules you know the kind. It s a high card pair. Three of a kind two pairs flush that sort of thing straits and they ll do different things. There s many different hands and of course.


The old bluffing and it also in the tutorial. Tell you about how we play speeds and about the small and the large bids as well so you know it s kind of it s all covered and then at any time. What s quite nice if you press y. Which i will show you just at the end of this clip.

If you press y. You can play the high low game. Where literally you just choose it starts off with a card. And you have to say whether you think the next card will be higher or lower get this correctly or certainly get through enough rounds of that and you earn credits.

So it does keep the ticking over every day. You can play that once a day for free or you can pay extra to play it more all in all a very well polished poker game. There s not a lot of poker options on the xbox. One.

There are plenty of course on android and ios. And this is definitely right up there with the best of those certainly. I think this is my favorite one available now on xbox one in any kind of card game form my only other little minor gripe is as you can see you play against with your online or offline. You play against players that are just a screenshots on what looks like an ipad.


It would be nice. If if there had been actual people that you could see a little bit of animation. But the the game runs very smoothly. There is of course a bit of a delay.

It s a bit of a gamble when you play online as to how fast pace that the game is but there is a timer you only have a tively 15 seconds to play your your move so it does keep the kind of ticking along. There is a nice selection of music you can easily filter. Which types of music. He wants this to simply by clicking down on the left thumbstick.

And there are rock hip hop pop dance kind of songs. They re all very much in a club style. A laid back. It s nothing too super serious.

But it s a nice search. The background music to keep you entertained the only other minor growth. I kind of have is when you fold. If you fold early it especially obviously online you can t but when you re playing offline.


You can t skip you have to sit there and watch the whole hand play out you can t speed it up either. But i suppose that as the realism. You know if you were playing real poker with real people you wouldn t be able to do that and indeed if you re paying for real money online. You won t be able to do that now there is a few little things you can do in the store you can buy extra chips.

If you need to to get into the bigger games. But overall. I would highly recommend this if you like poker at all or gambling or card games. This is definitely incredibly well made and very enjoyable another solid entry into the idea xbox go into this summer completing a fantastic summer.

Really so check it out if you like this video. Please give me a little thumbs up leave me a comment below whether you play this with you like it you have someone watching until next. ” ..


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