Puffin Forest s Dnd Story: Turtle…Friends

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“My dungeon dragons campaign. The players ended up on the losing side in the final final fight at the end of the game. And they were trying to stop the malek ha and his nefarious plans. I tended to run fairly challenging encounters and my players went unconscious.

Quite a lot and maybe just maybe i might have overdone it a bit in the final battle. The players had learned this early on when they were going down into a tomb and we re just mowing down a horde of goblins when they encountered the one in the back who they were surprised to see. Unlike. The others was wielding a rapier and a swashbuckler hat.

The goblin left off the table. Did a triple front flip and landed in front of them declaring. Today you cross plays event ho neo. Decosta leon maximiliano.

The finest goblin swordsman in all the lands. Oh so cute he s just a goblin. We got this the goblin managed to parry. All the players attacks and down two of the pcs before they had to retreat screw you man with your stupid goblin.

Who s a third level bard to fit the whole fighter nate level swashbuckler twenty ninth jerk. Why would you fight a goblin with a swashbuckler hat on i mean honestly you re just asking for it at that point seriously. Though he s just a regular goblin. I just rolled really really well bi he really does have a swashbuckling hat on rapier on a bit of background in this world.

Malik. Carr was an immortal who would die and come back and die and return over and over slowly losing the vestiges of his humanity every time. He was reborn and thousands of years of history were stained with blood from his devious machinations. I m afraid you have ferrell in for my great deception this weapon will now be used for the purposes of evil.

Malik. Carr was a villain who viewed himself as an alpha intellectual and would build these massive dungeons. There were monuments to his stolen prizes. These dungeon complexes were filled with puzzles.

And just games for him to play against worthy adventurers and never just simple death traps. Because that wasn t his style. He was poor sportsmanship in his eyes. Scram.

Gary can i talk to you over. Here. Yeah. Oh yeah.

Right here gary. I hear you re making inappropriate. Comments to the prisoners as well as just just making people feel uncomfortable and being disruptive. The torture chambers.

I didn t want to have to have this conversation with you but there s being evil and then there s just being a jerk and that s you that s what you re being right now we have standards here. I i hope i m not coming off too strong. But it s a problem. And it s something we really need to work on originally.

He was developed to be endgame content. When the players decided to fight him. He got demoted to early game adventure. A party set out to take him down their search led them to their elderly.


Total friend who they hoped could give them some information about him hello. There i see you are need of aid. My name is right you can stop there we re just going to be calling you ugly my name is not goo goo. A bitch actually i see that right there nothing you can stop that you re a turtle you re old you have a cane.

That s okay okay look he was a turtle i am a total understandable but were completely different creatures also i am a wizard. See whatever you thought your name was it s not that anymore. That s your meeting. You obey what the players discovers in order to end malik car they need to use the mourn blade.

Which is a weapon that runs the soul destroying it whenever it kills a target they need to use that weapon to destroy malik our soul to end the cycle and prevent him from coming back once and for all the campaign was to recover the pieces of the weapon get it reforged and then use it on him. I was trying to play this game. A little bit of high fantasy. And was very generous with the magic items even using a magic item shop.

Where the players could buy items they wanted and they were so plentiful in the world that the players were just running around with several sets that eventually led to them talking about getting a defective sort of warning. Which had shown up in some of the other campaigns. I ve played in normally a sort of warning is supposed to give you a heads up of danger. Ahead of time like spider sense for this one not so much when they would wake up in the morning.

It would say something bad might happen today. What mmm who knows oh i burned my hand. I warned you or if they got surrounded by enemies or if he stubbed his toe. Warren joo.

Because i was very generous with the weapons he culminated to the point where i started to realize that i couldn t give them anything because they already had all the stuff they wanted their troupe of magic weapons grooving bigger when they entered into the vault of the dwarfs are blinded by pulsating glow. Yes bask in my holy light of awesomeness. You have come to the resting place of the great dwarf and weapon. The champion of the people you of course have heard of my great names and heroic deeds your memory does not deceive you it is i bear a thorn brave of champions awesome.

But what are you stats. I am a plus one glaive of stabbing. Oh yeah. 1.

Awesome. We got a few of those you you have other. 1 weapons. Yeah.

We ve got a full bag of 1 daggers. We. Even have an sort of ice and fire over here. Oh ice and fire.

They re coming out with ice and fire now. Where d you get it from did you have to go off on an epic quest to claim it from a dead god now. I just went to the store and bought it oh. The store dude.

Why didn t i think of just being there just giving them out to people. Just just handing them out to everyone my name s. Greg hi. Greg.

We uh. Go to high school. Together. How long have you been in here.


Just a thousand years or so you know i was put in here. And guess. I don t need a magic glaive. We flash back through the years of the dwarves are passing by ignoring him.

It s as i bear a thorn glaive of oh never mind i guess you guys have more important stuff to do that s really cool that s fine hello bharath on here do you need me for an adventure. Ok. Oh. I m just gonna be hanging out.

Here. Just all right bear thorn just call. If you need me all right justin. I m gonna be here when you get back probably sure we can take you along.

But can you be quiet. Oh why of course i can be quiet just like a veritable shadow. If you will i assure you the party will be amazed and how quiet i can be and you will be unlike whereas bear thorne where did he go and i will be like i m right here just can t tell because of how quiet. I am.

But i will occasionally just offer a suggestion or two about how to fight and morally judge. The party. If you do anything dishonourable. One campaign later the morn blade was reforged and ended up coming into the hands of one of the pcs mobile suit gundam wing.

I told you it s illegal character yeah. Alright okay. I heard you the first time so the player started using the morton blade on enemies that they fought i would describe as when the blade ripped through someone it would turn them to ash destroying their soul whoa. That s awesome okay then you stop calling this thing.

The mourn blade. Because that s not what we re going to be calling it since it turns people it s the infinity blade. And what i ve decided to do is i m sometimes going to kill people at birth on and sometimes kill people with the infinity blade. There must be balance in all things.

Why i must follow my principles. I have rigid unshakable immovable code. Except when i don t which must never be broken unless. I decide that i m bored with them or when there s a really really hilarious.

The appropriate moment to break them comes up also the two weapons didn t really get along hello pleasure making your acquaintance. Mourn blade hi amber. A thorn are you ready to engage in honorable battle against worthy opponents. I exist only to destroy as long as these two pieces in a sense guilty all right jewel.

Hey. Do you think i could be put into a different bag from this guy. He s he s kind of creeping me out a little bit the world started to have strange omens and portentous like water turning red with blood crops perishing and fish dying it seemed like malik r. Was performing some kind of nefarious ritual.

That would lead about to the end of the world. They went back to go talk with her wizard friend we need your help we don t know what s going on don t worry i m on my way we need you way never mind. I guess i have better stuff to do apparently the players entered into malik ours tower and fought their way to the top as they traveled up the stairs when the players got paralyzed by getting stung with a poison. I got the medicine in my bag.

If you guys could just give me some i ll be okay. The door malik harsh chamber. Opened up and they left the fighter. There guys can you help me out here guys guys.


The players went into the final confrontation with malik ha. He was in a pocket dimension of his own creation moats of earth floated through the warped sky. While the ground they stood on drifted through the void. There were several crystals.

He had set up which were keeping this plane of reality in check amongst them was malik ha and his dark legion before they had gone to this battle. I thought ok. This is gonna be it a big fight so i can t just use the normal number of enemies. Even though i would normally down at least one of my pcs.

Every fight. This battle had to be a bit tougher. So i added just a few more enemies and then i added some more whoa hey this guy looks cool. He s got to have locals coming out of his head.

And what s his challenge rating. Yeah. Who cares whoa this guy looks even cooler. He s got a big pincer body maybe i could just use both of them and and maybe a little bit.

More ok. That seems good and maybe just a few more e. Yeah. That looks like balance.

You think you can stick me your feeble attempts to destroy me are nothing i have put many many different adventuring groups throughout the millennia. You will be crushed under my dark powers. Just like so many heroes before you as they were fighting a battle moved back and forth between the two sides. The players realized that the fight was overwhelmingly stacked against them early on so they focused on disrupting his ritual circle.

Which if they shut down would prevent the world from ending. But also meant that this reality. They were on was starting to break down in earthquakes and tremors were starting to rupture through the ground. They knew that if they didn t get out of there fast.

They couldn t get back to the material plane as a fight wore on one player went down taking out several of them with them then another than another they managed to destroy the circle. But eventually came down to the wire malick our had just a few hit points left one hit and he d be gone. Only our monk was the last one still standing wielding the mourn blade and taking swings at mallik are his first two attacks malick are shielded. Then he came in first final attack and he missed by one just one it was so close.

But sadly not enough malik carr was like wow. I thought i was dead. There that that was a close one just huh didn t expect that oh look i m moving away. Yeah you want to make another attack on me as a reaction.

Stop pandering to me we lost the monk teleported out of the room leaving his friends behind him unconscious on the ground. There was an awkward silence over the entire group as the players. And myself realized that they had lost the fight against malik. Carr.

And didn t manage to kill him they had failed the campaign. Yeah. That s right i won just like i said. I was going to win and i did the obviously didn t expect to actually happen hmm you know how sometimes in life.

You want something really badly and you fight to have that thing and then you have it and you don t know what to do with it and this this is that thing. One of the players couldn t make it to the final fight he worked at a vaughn starbucks kiosk and the guy who was supposed to be taking his next shift wasn t showing up so he kept getting delayed later and later and the players were messaging him after the fight going we lost the campaign because of you why couldn t you be there one hit. He just needed one hit without the power of the crystals. Maintaining it that pocket dimension popped like a bubble.


Sending everyone in that reality scattering through the multiverse and were consumed by the endless warped sky. I described as the monk by himself left the tower with a mourn blade in tow. They still just ignored the fighter. They re still paralyzed still on the stairs guys a little help here.

I had each play a role for a random plane of existence in the book to see where they end all the players woke up in different realities. Our fighter with his drow elf companion ended up in the beasts lands like the garden of eden. A world before the corruption of man or just the animals in the untamed wild. Our sorcerer arrived in the dimension of law arcadia.

A land of peace and harmony with no disease or sickness our mobile suit. Gundam wing went to use guard. The realm of immortal heroes were only the fiercest come to train and test their might against overwhelming enemies. They ended up in some pretty nice places considering that the table also has stuff like pandemonium hades or the nine hells.

I described how the players managed to save their world by ending the ritual or split up between the multiverse to each of the different planes back in the material plane. Our monk was the only one who returned from his mission. He was showered with praise wealth honors parades for saving the world. The others were honored for their heroic sacrifice because everyone thought that the rest of the party had perished when the world collapsed.

But deep down the monk knew that they had failed to defeat malik. Our the threat loomed over him that malik har could take revenge against his family or descendants have he ever returned. So he decided to hold on to the mourn blade and pass it down to his children. Telling them that if the evil of malik are ever rose again.

They would have to be ready to use it and take up arms against him after that was all resolved the players asked hang on wait a second what happened to malik. Our oh yeah right he ended up in another dimension as well. Where did he end up. I don t know just give me a second all overall for him i threw the dice and looked at the chart and just started laughing.

I described as malik. Carr wakes up in a strange place with no magic and low health. He staggers upright and wanders into a tavern and says. I am.

The dark wizard. Malik. Ah. You are all my slaves.

Now under my whim. You will all be used for the purposes of evil. And he cast a spell which someone in the tavern. Casually counter spelled.

He finally notices that there are several angels in the table next to him and a few more and paladin s what he realizes is that he s arrived on mount celeste tiye. Which is the realm of justice and order whose inhabitants all strive to guard against incursions of evil where only the most noble paladins and heroes come and they serve to enforce justice across the multiverse. So in other words is the scene is basically like a major criminal showing up at a police station. And they can all smell the evil magic.

He has on him i described as every angel for the nearest mile is flying in to show up at his location and beat him up and once he gets pummeled. He s going to be imprisoned for a very very long time. And that was where that campaign came to an end with no way to get back to their original dimension. The players ended up stuck in their new worlds.

The pcs managed to fail so spectacularly that in a way. I guess you could say that maybe just maybe they might have actually won you ” ..

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