Projecting onto wall vs Projecting onto Screen Comparison

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“Everybody today. I m going to make another video of me projecting with my projector projector on a wall. I m going to go ahead. And do a comparison this of the image quality on the projector projecting on just the wall versus projecting on the screen.

I ve been doing just you know messing around i guess are having fun. And it s really interesting how good this the projector looks on a plain wall. But still i m going to go ahead. And do the comparison.

So this is a projector being projected on just the wall it looks pretty good actually i m still amazed just like i was with my first video. But um house them in more for you once you get close you start. Seeing the texture of the wall. But once you get further away you don t you don t see the texture.

Anymore so there it is the image being projected onto just the wall..

I ll get close free. Okay. I ll get close you can see right here. Where the wave is that you can kind of start.

Seeing the texture. If you had a flat wall. I mean. I m sorry ah no texture on the wall flat paint man this will look awesome.

But it looks good right here. Just with this color of wall of paint. As you say. But like i said once you move further away usually you don t start seeing the texture anymore it almost looked like a led or lcd tv.

So let me turn off the lights real quick and i ll turn it back on okay so here it is on just the wall okay so now i m going to go ahead and bring down the screen over the wall..

So you can see the comparison for yourself okay. So here. I am. I m gonna go ahead and bring the screen down over the wall.

So let me let me bring it down right. Now the first thing. I notice right away is that with the screen because it s been because it s been it s white. It s more bright.

But of course. If you had a white wall. Then you won t see that difference right away. We turn on the light.

I don t know if you have a wall that s very that s very smooth flat paint or maybe glass..

Even you could get partly get away or you could get away without a screen. I don t know it s very difficult they both look good i ll turn out the lights again so what do you think what s your opinion. I think that you can get away without a screen. But in my case.

I can t because i would only have this wall available. If i wanted to use this one i would have to do some rearranging around with my furniture. Which i don t want to do and on this wall. I just have my tv.

So i don t have a wall available so i need a screen. But if you have a wall available you could get away with just the wall. I have this looks old so damn nice either way here we are again no screen just the plain wall. I ll move further back i ll zoom in now this is no screen just wall okay bring down the screen again.

This will be the last time maybe we ll see it comes in back out or i ll step back let me go ahead and play the movie just for fun well i hope you guys liked this comparison video..

I don t know it s very difficult to decide. But like i said if you don t have a wall dedicated a wall. Then you would have to go with the screen a drop down screen. But if you have if you have a wall available then you re in luck you could get away with just flat paint or glossy paint okay this is a this is a i guess that s the end of the video just doing a comparison projecting onto a wall compared to the screen alright guys hope you enjoyed the video.

I know it s difficult for me. But for right now i m going to stick with my screens. Because that s what i have but if you want to just predict them to a wall that can work just as just as fine alright. ” .


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