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“Everyone and welcome back to my vlog. I m marc noble you can follow me me at mark noble that s on twitter. I m also i think mark noble facebook. But i don t go on facebook very much it s pretty much just three tweets um.

I wanted to do something a little bit different i ve been doing just general my thoughts kind of vlog posts. But i really spend a lot of my time trying to figure out i don t know i m pretty frugal and i m trying to go for a kind of you know minimalist kind of lifestyle. I ve got a bunch of crud and so i want to try and get rid of what i don t need and then replace it with things that i really in the con mari sense bring me joy. And there are a couple of products that i ve purchased over the years that that did that actually this one where one of them i m wearing right now this is a patagonia jacket which i didn t realize it but i guess they have a lifetime warranty.

I ve had this one since wow it s a problem i mean sometime in the late 90s and it s just now starting to get some like stitching issues here. But i learned that i can send it back so i ll probably wait until a little bit warmer. Letter weather and send it back to have them repair. It which i mean i m fine with this one a repair would be fine.

I don t need anything new. So yeah. I ve been wearing these i ve been experimenting with some pants that last a long time. I m i m having good luck with some from 511 tactical.

I like that they re wrinkle resistant and waterproof and pretty durable so far. But this one this today is going to be about timberland and boots and shoes. I ve had timberland. I think i got my first set of timberland boots.

When i was a college student at ohio state and it s a really big campus. So it s common to have courses that are all across campus and winter can be kind of brutal here in columbus. So i knew i was gonna be walking around outside a lot and i wore my first set of timberlands like every day all winter and i i wore them for years and years and years and until and and partially. I think because of my positive experience with those timberland boots later on when i graduated.

I ended up getting a pair of timberland oxford s and the nice thing there was that you know due to workplace dress codes and stuff you know they generally prefer more like an oxford or dressed shoe. So i liked the oxford s because that satisfied that requirement. But they were essentially that the tread pattern was more like a boot and they were also water proof. So at that time i happen to get some contract gigs that were down on a bus line and faced with you know the hassle of having a car downtown and dealing with traffic.

I decided i was just going to take the bus and so i took the bus to a lot of those contracts. And it s really nice to have a lot of proof shoes. When you take the buses a lot because you know there are a lot of rainy days. And you never know what kind of puddles you re gonna encounter and it really sucks to get as i ve heard canadians refer to it as a soaker.

Which is when you step in a puddle and it goes over the top of your shoe and down into your sock and covers your sock with freezing water so anyway. I really liked you know i found a product. I liked it was a it was a timberland oxford and it was bottle proof and i got two pairs. I got a black pair and a brown pair and i think that was sometime in 2007 around 2011 or 10.

I think it was 2010. They were starting to wear out i noticed that if you stepped in a puddle. Sometimes my sock would get a little damp. But i ve tended to wear thick socks and really you know a little bit of perspiration.

Now and again could be good cause dampness in them year round. Oh. My i just got my phone good reflexes..


But um anyway so yeah i really liked those and they lasted a long time they lasted. I think from my initial purchase some time in 2007 until 2010 and then i believe at the time they had a lifetime warranty and i was just reading online consumerist article which i don t always trust them because they tend to be kind of just anti business. But they were they were referring to timberlands lifetime warranty in the article and that was from january of 2017 so as recently as 2017 they may have had a lifetime warranty you know you can go and look up the history on this stuff. I m not saying.

It s gospel. I m just saying this is how i remembered it but then so in 2010. I was doing a lot of petitioning for political stuff. I was going door to door asking people for signatures for approval to get various people and things on the ballot and one of those was me i was running for office.

And i d done a bunch of petitioning in these trees before so they re actually they re really good i mean they re they re boots. But they look like you know somewhat dressy shoes. So really good for door to door canvassing kind of stuff. Where you have to be presentable.

So yeah. I i started noticing some leaks. I think around 2010. And so i contacted the timberland via their website and i emailed them back and forth a little bit.

And i said hey you know they re starting to leak a little bit. What can i do about it. And they said well just send them back to us and we ll check them out and so i sent them back this was like two separate instances. Because it really involved my shoes.

That were my brown and my and my black ones and they just they back replacements. So are they i think that i think they sent back just replacements because they had the same styles available. So i wore those again until i think let s see that was 2010. I think it was around 2014.

I started noticing that when i stepped in puddles and stuff they weren t you know which if you wear water i mean these are pretty much become my only shoes i really stopped wearing tennis shoes except for you know i wear like past specific shoes. If i were doing like a sport or something. But for walking around in the woods hiking you know all kinds of you know just everyday stuff. They pretty much became my only shoes because they were like boots.

A lot of people were boots all the time so i started becoming a little careless about stepping in puddles. So once you start developing a leak. And you just you re normal you re you know you re normally just walking through whatever puddle you encounter that you kind of notice it when they start to leak and so anyway. I can t act him again and i said hey you know i noticed that there s like a slit developing and the soul of one of my shoes.

One of my boots and so they said well you know tell you what just send them in and we ll take a look at them. And see what s up so at that point they had and the original ones. I think we re leather and i don t know what the soul was made out of i think there were vibram soles. But i don t know i could be wrong.

But at that point they started to kind of go like a little bit green and so they said well we don t have the exact shoe that you ve had but we ll tell you what we ll and i still like i kind of i remember we were talking about lifetime warranties and they may not have not have had one but anyway. I was talking about the warranty status on it and they said well when i shipped my shoes and they said well there is a defect in the materials or workmanship on it it s not just wear so they said well we ll replace them and then they gave me like an amount that they would replace them. And i said well that s that s all fine and dandy net stuff. But when i look on your website via is not quite.

It s just a couple bucks shy so like here s what i like which i think is the closest thing to the replacement for the shoes would you mind just is there a way that you could you know give me a couple muc bucks more credit. So that i could get the ones that are in the exact replacement. They said..


Oh no sure no problem and so they replaced them and i ended up replacing the black ones. They had one that was almost identical to what i had it s just it was made of like greener materials supposedly like not actual leather and the sole was not the sole was some kind of green sole. I seem to remember reading at the time the brown ones they didn t really have an oxford like that so i ended up getting this pair here. Which as you can see i ve learned them a lot.

I could probably stand to polish them oh and it s a yeah it says green rubber timberland gripstic green rubber so that s a little bit different i thought they had a different sole and i don t know timberland can tell me whether or not they re really you know whether or not it s the same thing and just marketing or whatever. But i don t know it just seemed like a different material and so i was wearing those and i m still these are like the pair i got in 2014. That i still wear every day and these might be getting a little leaky. But i don t see any holes or anything so they look like they re good and these are i m wearing.

These shoveling snow and walking around work and everything all the time. I did have a black pair. I was telling you about and those those came back today in fact i got i sent them off for warranty repair. And i ve gotten this nice box here so from the timberland company danville kentucky.

So we ll open that up in a minute. But this one right here these. I told you about the first set of timberlands. I got after a while i i m i wore them in the winter.

But i pretty much didn t wear them in the summertime or anything. And what had happened is over the years and this i noticed this like last year. Maybe the year before this bit of rubber here to delaminate and so the front tread would kind of roll under and they were still i think waterproof and everything it s just that if you were walking forward and you like caught your toe on something it would roll back. It was a really weird sensation.

It could make you trip um. So anyway. I sent those back to them and these keep in mind these are like in the air 2014 or maybe 2016 yeah probably closer to 2016. I was sending them boots that i told him and i i said hey i m pretty sure i got these in like 1994.

So these are really old boots and i wore him all the time. But and they were also the that tan kind of suede color that with with like a brown up here you know when when people think of timberlands or at least. What i think is timberlands that s what i generally think about so yeah. And i had like a suede brush and i brushed them whenever they got dirty and they stayed looking really nice so anyway.

I sent them back after all that time and they sent me like it was several hundred dollars in store credit for them essentially. It was enough just right off the bat to just buy i don t know what these are these are trying to look at the model number. But yeah i mean you can probably look on their website and see what a boot like this cost. It was it was a it was a high it was i think their second highest price would be on their whole website.

I think they had one that was a little bit taller so i was really impressed by that let s see what s it say. Oh yeah. It s got primaloft insulation them so they re really good winter boots for walking around in ankle deep snow like we get sometimes here ohayo pretty commonly so yeah i was really blown away that they what they would do that so i was impressed by anyway. A couple weeks ago like over the holidays.

I noticed that my timberland shoes. My black pair that were kind of the replacement black pair. They weren t the original design. I got they were like the green copy and i got those and they started leaking a little bit.

And so i looked at the bottom. And there were some holes and once again i kind of a slit developed across the bottom so since it s a that s the problem that i had last time and in 2014. And they replaced them saying it was a warranty defect..


I figured oh what the heck might as well look into it and see what kind of you know see if there if they cover this kind of thing. It s been a good run. I mean buying a pair of boots in like her a pair of shoes in like 2007. And then having them last until 2017.

So that s uh that s yeah end of 2017 started 2018. That s a that s a good run so anyway. I got these i think i got either them or their replacement back. So let s find out this is i think.

This is my first unboxing video. And this right here this is a nice this is a columbia river knife and tool knife. I need to clean it up it s got a lot of packing tape stuff after the holidays. But i like this because it latches open there and then it also has this blade lock here and then if you re folding it up this right here s a seat belt cutter.

But it also serves as kind of a part of a hilt so you don t slide forward onto the blade. If you re sawing it something and you have to disable two of these locks to get the blade to move and then this right here kind of catches on your thumb. So you don t close it too much i just think. It s a really nice handy night.

But so anyway let s uh don t normally hold boxes up at this angle. But there s a youtuber i watch sometimes he s from canada and he says cut towards your thumb not towards your chum so we re trying to always cut away from myself. While i do this you know hold this up so i like it because i feel pretty confident holding it up one handed. I ll probably get some comments on holding it here well it smelled like newer shoes and i guess they still smell good.

But these are my old ones and you can see here. It s got the the green rubber the little green shape they re green rubber soles and then yeah you can see why they re why there s taken on water their holes. So usually when they ve covered them they don t really send them back. So yeah.

There s a pretty big slit on the bottom of these so i m not sure i don t know if i would buy the green rubber again because those they didn t seem to last as long here s a letter from timberland. There we go you want to pause it on that. But i ll read it to you dear mark. Thanks for sending your product to us for quality review.

Because timberland manufactures products. Using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. We extend a 12 month warranty from date of purchase against manufacturing and material defects on all of our products. That s weird.

I wonder why the consumers thought it was lifetime maybe it was lifetime in the past. I don t know maybe that s a memory that is incorrect i don t know it s my la warranty seemed to have been lifetime up until this point so says our quality control team has carefully reviewed your request. We ve determined that the product was purchased more than twelve months prior to its mission to us for quality review. This is true as were all of the other items that i ve always sent back for warranty replacement as the 12 month time restrictions set forth in the warranty has expired the damaged product is not covered under timberland warranty.

We apologize for your inconvenience and have made every effort to your print return your product. Prompt that is correct i mean. This is like this was sent january 5th. According to the date on here and it was also yeah january 5th.

And it s like the 8th. Now i ll double check life comes at you fast yeah. January 8th..


So so yeah. That was very prompt and getting them back and i sent them over the holidays so that would have been a pretty quick turnaround. So yeah in the past. I would have gotten a warranty card.

So it sounds like my run with the timberlands. I don t know if you can get non green rubber soles. Which you know that seems to have been the point of failure there i did get an interesting tweet from a company called red wing. So i might be checking out some red wing shoes red wing boots.

See if they have anything similar. I ve been looking at muck. But that s and that would be more of a you know wet weather kind of i was looking at kind of the wetland and they also had some that are on sale right now that we re about the same price. So i m trying to decide maybe i might try a pair of those i ve heard those recommended by other people so yeah.

It looks like i m in the market for some new boots that look like shoes. So if you know of anything that sounds like it fit. The bill preferably or just a pair of boots or shoes that have a lifetime warranty that you think i would enjoy based on my previous great experience with timberlands just let me know and i would love to see in the comments. If you have any suggestions on great footwear warranties and also what shoes and boots.

You like the most you know i did. There s one that i actually had a pair of doc martens. That i bought some time back. Like.

1992 or something. Like that and i bought them in canada. And they were pretty much christine after all these years. It s just i never wore them i i never really broke them in and even though i wore them quite a bit.

And i didn t really i just i don t know i didn t really like them all that much you know they have they supposedly have air cushioning. But and they felt ok i don t know they re not bad. I just they weren t what i was into but after i actually gave him away. I just sounded a goodwill or something because they were taking up space and i was never wearing them.

But then i found out afterward that they have a lifetime warranty so you can either wear them out or replace them so you know there s kind of six one way half dozen the other on this is if you have a lifetime warranty you know i don t i mean i kind of feel bad about getting rid of the doc martens. Because hey i could have just continued wearing them until i wore them out. But you know they weren t really my favorite boots and while i wore them sometimes. I didn t really wear them all that often so maybe i would get more mileage out of a pair of like doc marten oxford s so i ll definitely consider that because the ones that i got rid of were higher.

And i just i don t like spend a lot of time lacing up boots. Even these actually these pendulum boots. I found out later they have some that are very similar. But they have a zipper down the side so it s a quick on and quick off so i don t know i don t know if i that sounds like an option as well anyway yeah if you know of a any kind of footwear with a lifetime warranty or have experience with any of the ones mentioned please mention in the comments and i ll keep looking and i ll let you know what i decide on so there are a couple of items.

I mentioned briefly that i guess i should eventually do a more in depth interview. Our review on like my patagonia jacket and my columbia river knife and tool knife. But i think that s it for now so that s the story of me and timberland and the end of the warranty for me is the end of the road. So let s meet other ” .


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