Prealgebra – Part 48 (Translate to Algebraic Expressions)

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” s continue with our discussion from last time about translating words into algebraic expressions. If if i say twice if i say twice a number how does that translate it two times. A number right we see twice that means two times. Something so if we re doing twice a number that just means 2x right just like if i were to say five times.

The number how do we translate five times. The number just 5x squared during five times. A number and that multiplication in between them would just give you 5x and please make sure that you note the difference between the variable x. And the multiplication x.

You definitely do not want to write don t write this 5 times x. Do you see how awkward that is we don t do that don t do that do this i mean even then you wouldn t even show that raised dot for multiplication you would just write 5x like that. But you do want to get in the habit of running your x is more script like as opposed to just going like making across okay. You don t want there to be any ambiguity in the way that you write your stuff you want your x s to be x s multiplication to be multiplication divisions to be division.

And so on yes. If you want put the doctor that s that s okay just know that i m not going to do that so and it s something that we don t always keep we don t always care. The doctor sometimes i ll mark it here just for emphasis to remind us about something order to make sure that stands out in maybe. Another type of a person they were doing later.

No that s fine kind of things that kill me on a test. Is when i see a bunch of tick marks. Instead of knowing our multiplication tables. Not saying.

I m an angry guy..

I m just saying what if i say this the sum of the sum of twice a number and ten as i read this. What s the first math word that i see i see some which means. I m doing what addition so i ve got addition over here and then i look for the word. And okay.

Remember how we said the word and will tell us what comes before what comes after that main operator. So before the plus before the word and what do i see twice a number so i write 2x. What do i see after the word. And 10 carrie are you okay with that he had the front face on remember.

It s my job to turn that frown upside down. So if i do twice the sum of a number and ten how does that translate or is it the exact same thing that i just had up here is it the same it s very similar. But the word order has changed now right in the last example. I said the some said that we automatically started with addition here what do i start with i start with twice that means two times something right so this is two times.

What does it say two times x. Does it say twice a number. It says twice what twice the sum. So that means everything here is going to be multiplied times 2 twice that group so it s twice the sum.

Does it say it doesn t say twice the number does it doesn t say twice ten. It says twice the sum and the sum is a group because the sum is something plus. Something else so this is this is the sum of what a number and ten. So that s x and 10.

Now some of you may be thinking well isn t that the same thing that i just had up here..

Why not if i multiply this out. If i distribute. I would have 2 x. Plus.

1. 2. X. Plus.

20. Definitely. Not the same as 2 x. Plus.

10. Now just so i can confuse your guys just a little bit more if i were to say this twice some number plus ten. How would you write twice some number plus ten well when i see the word. I see the word twice it means two times something right what immediately follows this word.

Some perceive it twice some number right so here s twice some number. So that means just 2x and then you have one plus ten in the last example. It wasn t twice a number it was twice the sum it was twice a group which is why the parentheses were important to us there okay let me try something else here if i have three times. The difference three times the difference of a number and 16 three times the difference of a number and sixteen.

So i see three first three times..

There s multiplication here three times. What it s it s three times right you re right. It s three times. A group because this group is the difference right so the difference is not just a number.

The difference is the result of something minus something else so it s three times that group so it s no sweat says. It says the word difference so it means. I ve got subtraction here. And what are the two pieces of my subtraction a number x.

The word and signifies to us where the subtraction symbol goes. Which is right here and the other side of that is 16 so minus 16. So it s 3 times. The difference.

It s 3 times that group ready i stink all right time to go to the superduper problem. If i say this 13 less than twice the difference of seven. And some number 13 less than twice the difference of seven and some number if we start up at the very beginning of this problem. We see 13 less than what does it mean when i say 13 less than it does not mean.

13. And this is where we run into trouble when we see the phrase is more than in less than that stuff that needs to be done at the end of the problem. So when i see 13 less than let s see this guy right here that means. I m going to be subtracting.

13 from whatever follows that like if i say your age is 13 years less than mine does that mean i do 13 minus my age..

And that s how old you are because you re going to be negative. If i do it that way. But we ll be taking my age say a minus 13. Right so this phrase is more than a lesson you have to be very careful about those need to be done at the end of the problem.

So taking the 13 away from what twice the difference. How do you start writing twice the difference. It s twice. But it s twice a group right and that group is the difference so subtraction look.

It s the difference of what here s the word and look for the word. And what comes before the word and when you talk about the difference. So seven comes first and then what what if you say x minus. Seven.

Is that acceptable. No seven minus x. Is not x minus. Seven.

You can t just change things about the subtraction symbol and think that it s going to be okay. Which again is why we have to make sure that when we see a phrase like 13 less than we re putting that at the end we re taking 13 away from the rest of this ” ..

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