Polk PA D2000.2 Amp Dyno [4K

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“High five eiga back again with another anti no this time. We re gonna dyno dyno the polk audio pad2002 to channel amplifier. But before we unbox it extra that kind of look at the packaging. Here.

It s rated 250. Watts. By 2 2. Ohms stereo of course.

This is a class d. Full range amplifier..

The dimensions are quite small eight and a quarter inches or basically 210 millimeters by 6 and 3 4. Or 172 millimeters. The thickness 1 and 3 16. Or 46 millimeters.

This is a very compact amplifier so we ve got our owner s manual here and we can go. I ve got the page marked go straight into the specifications 2 channel amplifier rated 125 watts by 2 f. Home stereo and that s rms writing and then we already knew about 250 by 2 at 2 own stereo and 500 by 1 at form the bridge to rms. So it looks like we ve got a couple allen keys in there.

I think. There s about 52 from vm innovations shipped so obviously i ll leave a link in the description below..

So you can check it out so we could see this is actually nice it s got the full range high pass filter band pass filter. It s got 2 for auto ends and a a cage remote it s got 2 25 amp. Fuses that lets us know we probably should get our 500 watts out of this and then it s got a stereo left and right hookups. Very small amplifier here let s get on the dyno and see what she does we re ready to 125 watts by two at forum stereo let s see what we get boom 168 watts.

At fourteen point three nine volts impressive. It s ride to five hundred watts buy one at fawns mono. Let s see what we actually get nice 589 watts. At fourteen point two eight volts alright.

Some other guys ready to see these guts this one was actually really easy to take apart and just take out four little screw holes. There and then there s a screw here you know here slides the end plate off and then you could slide the top plate out alright..

And luckily you know i don t see any warranty seals. So that s a good sign for guys. Like me. Let s get a view from up top to see if it looks like this am thoroughly.

Impressed me it exceeded all its rating and at the price of fifty two dollars. It s an absolute still so if you re looking for a small sub amp check it out now i ll leave a link in the description. I just like to take a few seconds to think each and every one of you who take the time to like share and comment on all my videos. It really means a lot.

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