PLAYSTATION STORE ERROR FIX “An error has ocurred” 2019

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“Guys so welcome back everybody so everybody been having this problem when they clean up up in the store click. It it says please wait and then it says an has occurred. So if you have this problem obviously if you looked up you clicked on this video and i m gonna show you how to fix it just like i fixed mine right here so without for the just get to it so um. First of all guys um.

This problem has occurred with me a couple hours ago three hours ago. I downloaded epics legend and after i fixed it obviously because it wouldn t work for me like three hours ago..

But then i fixed in on download epics legend and i m gonna show you guys that i did do that let me go down epics legends. Three hours ago epic sludge. So on that s a bit proof guys so i m not even gonna get to it i ma show you guys exactly how to do it easy way so. Oh.

What you got to do is go ahead go up to settings alright. Now this will work for definitely everybody..

But you have to do one thing is restart or go to installation and then it says restore default settings. And then just restore it so what is it gonna restore is it gonna restore your internet like you re in it on here so you can have to put the password again it gonna restore your games your games will be saying wouldn t be delete anything but they ll be in the library or back here so like it would be you would only see these type of stuff right here. That s why i have these here. But i only played these three games.

So yeah other games might be in the library or i would only like it then over here so anyway wouldn t do it would it would not in uninstall your games just trust me here all my games. I got these three..

And i got a call of duty world war two so anyway. So you do that and then like you see the background rules and go back to normal just like about a new ps4 except the games and the storage in the game like in the storage. You don t go to storage right now. I ll show you that i have my full story.

I have like 100 40 gigabytes left on it so um. As you see don t give me a second 166 free gigabyte 233 for application and 329 for captive gallery..

So oh what you gotta do i would say one more time so people understand let s go to settings right here then scroll all the way down to the initialization and then restore default settings. And that s all you got to do literally all some people might tell you to like close your ps4 button right here and then hold it for like ten seconds and then rebuild database. But that would not work as much as this comment down below this work for you and then yes so much for ” ..


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