Playphone unauthorized third party charges billed to Sprint and AT&T customers by playphone

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“It seems that i m not the only one that s gone through this issue. Issue. And i show me implore each and every single one of y all. Listen this to check your phone bill to make certain that you know you re not getting charged that by the third party on what s happened is i actually got son.

Contacted. Sprint and they re issuing me. A refund. And stopped this transaction taking place any further and sent their investigative journal of investigative fraud investigative department onto my case upon further research.

I ve realized that hey this is not i m not the only one that s been duped by this crazy marketing scam called the play store not the google play. Store but it s a some play store app and 3000. Points. 999 third party charges bill to your sprint account.

Following smoke bill to my sprint account and i never authorized that and i just started recently in getting text messages about it which is why i got my refund and everything because i went through sprint to cancel this once i ve caught wayne s or i saw these text messages because i don t recall you know 3000. Points..

I play games and stuff. But doing that purchases by don t i never done anything like that so what that means. I ve been enough that other people are being charged without their authorization as well and some and sometimes it s a double charges. If there s initial phone lines or something in a that s 989 turns into 20 bucks real fast or sometimes it s 2499.

It s some subscription spam marketing. Thing that s going on and it only seems like at t and sprint are allowing for this marketing campaign to exploit this some loophole. Which is completely disgusting. And it s a huge security breach and especially in what frustrates me the most is that i went through my sprint app on my phone and said i m unsubscribing from this service whatever i did that back in august hence.

Why i got my refunds and everything and well it s been going on since august of last year 2016. We ve seen third party triple a. I don t look at my bill you know it s i don t look at my bill. It s you often i when it s astronomical yeah.

But no and at the same time. I yeah..

I never got any receipts for these transactions. Never got any emails from this company. They basically somehow got my information through sprint and what frustrates. Me the most is that my word when i ask this guy through sprint.

It doesn t carry the same weight as them because i m still getting charged or i still been charged and whatnot. It s completely disgusting and this has been going on since 2014. And from my research with a customers. And the problem is that the customers are having a hard time getting their money back.

Because there s some legal ease paperwork or whatever else that s gone on and i don t know and well it s not fair. It s not right and it s with all these security threats going on these days. It s pretty discussed in that i mean am. I fund in isil am.

I funding the russians my funding. Some terrorist organization where s the money going because i don t we thing i ever get from this this this little thing has been in a text message..

I started back in august 2017 now 2016 2017 all right so check your phone bill. People. People check. The phone bill and make certain that you re not being have any unauthorized charges going on with your account and every morning or every article.

That i ve read. It s been the same situation never authorized never authorized don t even know what the thing is and so yeah. I wish i was in texas. Because i only called the texas newsroom and they were going to put me on camera.

But i ve been contacting news departments around the dmv so dc maryland virginia area northern virginia and see what happens you know i called around noontime so yeah should hear something back hopefully dna. This is consumer report and especially being ads going against these tech giants or let s just say. Utility providers. Because cell.

Phone is a utility alright. Y..

all. Take care be safe. Be kind stay. Strong.

And if this has happened to you leave a comment and share your story. I had really appreciate it because as i said. I m contacting news agencies and would like to get as many people involved as possible because well yeah. There s a serious issue going on here.

” ..

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