Playing The Sims: Bustin Out for the First Time

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“Everybody welcome back to my channel welcome back to sorry i just need to get get out the middle welcome back to another video. I ve been satya for about best part of an hour now trying to get this to work. And i think i finally got it to where we re gonna be playing the same sports now for the first time ever. I ve never actually played the sims bustin out which is weird cuz.

I always like to flex. I ve been playing the sims since 2000. I ve been here a while. But i remember playing the abs.

Once and the sims actual sims games like this upload that but never boston out. Excited if you don t know what this imposter. Now is it s basically this travel wild new locations. Oh make unique new people unlock hundreds of new objects and social moves and get into all sorts of trouble.

All sims is a lot riskier than new sims like there was some questionable things and the old sim stuff. So i m excited either way you might never go home again okay good scary. But here it is don t if you can see it right there. But i m ready shall we just go even this obviously.

I m not alec already please pick it up i sound. Oh. I miss the old sim style maxis. I ve seen the maxis side makes me feel whole.

I do remember this in raw and i ve never played it so dunno why i remember it. But i do remember it that s made out that s me in the club. Oh my god really scrap in wow. The graphics.

Honestly well not bad for the time either. I know that this looks really bad for it s actually not it s not that bad i mean look at that lord. And by jesus you couldn t get much better quality than that could yeah. It seems for needs to step its game off even look.

The newbie family. A registered are you can catch an entire history of video on that if you want one part the royal family on my channel. You can go see if you want my name is quite long winded so i m just gonna go for like mock otherwise. We d be here all day just gonna go off a mac keep it short and sweet pat.

You know i think i m just being paranoid right kiss today. I was talking about an evening avery to a va or whatever lead and then amazon emailed. Me with it an email of all these scout leads that i needed know like i did not google search then and then i ve just been talking my grandma who s called patricia and then this name comes up. And i m like it s just getting a bit too spooky for me a right cheering dawson.

I need you come on crack. I want to be me. But i want to be i want to be cool you know i might call myself gee. But i m sorry i think i m allergic to being cold.

Because he gave himself an asthma attack. But like gee with an i oh god j. Mac. Because it s too technically.

My initials oh god i know i m a cancer. I m not gonna bother too much with the personality traits cuz. It s all about the love cousin here. That s me as pale.

As the calm. Oh. That is a bald fashion choice. Oh.

A little choker. Number. Oh okay. Wow.


Doesn t history just repeat. Itself. Like that. In now.

Same. With that i swear to god i ve seen some influence. Away. Though.

I m not called cello outfit. Oh. Look. At ha ha.

You know what i m. Just. Why. Is this impulse.

Now got better styles in the sims. 4. I m oh what do you what are you doing what are you doing what are you doing get out. Yeah you better go up oh my god he s just from pasta gate.

Why are people trying to invade me i m only in criticism what the frick this sims for could never absolutely could never we can t even get robbed on the sims. 4. Where s the fun in that oh my god look at this look watch. I can change the hue hi.

Everybody like let s stop wishing for the sims. 5. The sims personnel was got it all i m not sure i m quite confident enough to rock a proper mini. Scared oh that s a look i need to be quite covered up.

So i want this seemed to reflect me. It s very nineties when did this even come out 2003. I mean not that far off it is but it s like quite grungy. I ll just wear pair of jeans.

I love a sneaky little look at the shoes bomb. Won t see me. In kitten. Heels.

Ah. Look like little paradox. Mines. Right.

You know. What i ll accept. That that s a look look. A mate ah i need to get that hairstyle.

So it s like first and foremost. Let s get that off me. Edge. Oh.

Ah. There s not much better business. In the front party in the back. Don t break.

My heart. Ma. Why is this back there still doing in my house. So much is happening in this and i m shocked because it s it s only create sim like what hey anyway not today.


Ray cyrus. Maybe another time. Ah. It s up bar in last poly from riverdale uh huh.

I don t mind that you know oh i think i found myself. It s like the hair south or something they want to do. But never the courage you know says real this is me gonna let the light shine. You know what don t mind that i think i might keep that one that one feels like me.

I just need to get the hair color. Saw. It. How am.

I even gonna get brown. Oh oh. Nearly nearly nail. Eight.

Now. It s got the other way never cool that s about me. It s not really but like oh well you ll get out. Oh.

My god no wonder. The co operative burglars. Actually because i m getting a little bit stressed no i m not really i m not a jest. I jest i enjoy them.

But honestly if this is happening you in real life call the place and the fears um. I m quite done with the face is good. I just want some accessory. Oh wow.

The sunglasses and accessories comes. A set you can t pick. And choose the brave move. Honestly just look at this same right.

And tell me that this is not a core cello lock. What the frick did that wind. When did this power get here. Anyway.

That s a core cello look. I m happy with how she looks i feel like me. Yeah. Yeah.

I mean norman s ass. But just letting you know this feels like me. If i lived in la let s go. I can t do this anymore.

Let s get ready ready let s get ready ready let s get ready for vetro. I m excited i say this all the time with every single video whenever. It s the animation. My was like wow you know i m excited crucify me for being an excitable girl.

So we re just immediately on the dance floor someone s just opera. It oh hey hey. No no let me just tell that one again hey jay. I never dreamed.

I d meet you here. Yeah. Come here and give me a little kiss. It s a bit bit forward in it.

This is what i mean..

This is how old sims used to be i think old sims used to be much more oriented towards adults. I can add kid stuff in it. But it was still very much adults. I mean the first pc game had a stripper ah never major the bar.

But you know i mean look at this girl. Michael oh. My god all wet while i was dreaming you re a great kisser look at a good dog face as well as she s so happy about it i mean. It s me i would not do this right.

This is not true. This is oh what s that thing that slander slander. This is slanted. I stopped mayor well she looks quite happy about it so this is like the alternate universe version of me the form fingers.

What our they even involved oh gee stop daydreaming malcolm is taking your skirt. What ah to dream. I was gonna say it s a bit turn in it people say that doesn t sound right in my outfit. That s it i mean what a roller coaster already oh here we are we re home in our humble aboard.

Ah. It s quite cute wake up jim take them back my stuff from isle is sims. You want to be rich. Then climb.

A korean. I don t like i had to do get a job. I just want to say i ve only just got out of korea. It s him and i m feeling very attacked right.

Now is this malcolm lang grew up as well. Oh. My god it is it s malcolm. My brother people are seen using the sooners poster now.

Oh my god can i i want to get closer malcolm are you not the de de ice god malcolm land grab taking back everything from all the zooms in town you gotta help get it all back. I don t rustle on grabs. You know i mean he has just stormy scooter and he s stealing things from everyone else about towns or not that big that i don t trust em cos. You probably shouldn t if he s still in your school.

A lots happening right now i m not even sure what no dollar make me howl oh honey bobo joe i m fine with that don t know what i m doing. But as long as out that money i m good right do we have any other goals use the toilet to empty a bladder mmm that s something i need to why i can t eat nor fill to fill your stomach. I see i could actually cut back on that and do fun stuff to raise your phone level. It s know exactly challenge is that i want to get a career as well.

Ah yes. That s right career. As in see. It ee.

Ah not korea as in here or our ear. I m not talking about the countries. I m talking about the jobs just settle that one because of our comments vault. I want the far right dominant on people on on a job.

I love absolutely love that it goes from mad scientist to gangster to fashion victim to jock. Hey. Those are the ones in there. But those four other standouts for me.

I think i want to be a fashion victim. The controls are quite weird. I just want to have a little look about our house. Looking and when you had to have telephones are my bladders about to burst.

Oh my mom you don t remem. It s just saw. So just throw back like this i keep me not this. But like the sims.


Version. On ps2 would keep me entertained for hours. Liberty hours. God how longs it take you away is it bad that i want to watch go girl go well we come play to gold.

We got money from this ah look up the maid that s not exactly a fair truce is it i also need to eat fan barmy. Oh. I know mums made us submit. What an angel.

Oh. Thank you darling. The controls are a little bit hard actually because the delay. Sadly scooch.

Oh. We re in kind of a bad mode. Actually we need phone. We need social a longest it s our right.

Though it all come as pat the girls worn it i ll look at our mouths eyes a look and what people stop talking to me. Let s dance to the radio. All right just let me eat my beans on toast well yeah and then i ll do what you want i might stop and my symbol. Oh.

I ve just pressed cancel no no i don t dawn dawn. We need to wait till. It s full coz we need a dollar man. We hollow.

I need that money we got fed. 50 civilians just to age ah draw my mate. Don t mind. If i do right now.

I need to go and dance to this radio. Whatever why is she so dramatic hey what did you do with deserve what i m nobody going to dance to the radio. Oh we can put the walls up. And everything what to square.

Do old follows. Yeah. Ah. As she turned on yet now dance are our mom s pants.

Melt. The bacchanal well we re gonna have to all say it why is there a red corn so off it anyway that picture is honestly she s a visionary. Absolutely amazing pretty big outs in it wow. It s good doing it i can t cope with i read like that i can t i want to see what friends with it will be friends.

I will mom that s how we re only friend and we re not even that good friends with her oh well and we ve got absolutely no skills. But it s fine cuz. We can take it into the goal and hopefully we get money out of this as well and we do 52 macaronis thank you very very much right okay. I m gonna look for a job ma am.

But i think that brings me round to end in this episode and the next episode. What we re going to be doing is getting a job that s gonna be exciting and hopefully going after mouth. I should have closed some drawers sorry hopefully going after malcolm land grab. But let me know what you think if you liked it i ve also got like a ps2 and gamecube set up here.

So. If you ve got any other games. You want me to play then let me know cuz. I can stream them as well if they re not that related to the sims.

So yeah. Thank you all very very much for watching and i ll see ya in the next video bye guys i didn t do the right thing seized after ” ..

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