Plantronics HW510 Corded Headset Introduction

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“This is wayne i want to give you a quick introduction to the nplantronics hw510 hw510 business grade corded headset. So first off here s the headset. As you can it is a headband over the head a speaker on one ear and comes with a noise canceling microphone. So the near cushion is a soft foam cushion the temple pad over here is flexible so nit fits up over your ear.

So it really makes the headset. Very stable. And it has a noise canceling nmicrophone. So as i put it on the noise.


Canceling microphone. You can nadjust to be right ear or left ear. It just swings over to the other side. When you put it on you want the mic to be roughly a quarter of an inch away from your mouth.

So you can slide your finger between the end of the mic and your mouth. That s good mic positioning. And again this just has ridges where you can easily bend this and the mic physically fits out here on the end and again. It s noise cancelling and what that does for you it cuts down on background noise around you so your caller can nreally hear you and it reduces the background noise of co workers or other distractions this headset.


Works really well in an average to loud office environment and with it covering up one ear. You really have the luxury of leaving the headset on all day. You take calls your listening through this ear. And it leaves this ear nopen.

So you can still interact with coworkers or ask questions or know nwhat s going on in the office. As far as compatibility this headset works in almost any application and that s because it terminates in what is called a quick disconnect what you need to do is check and also purchase either a bottom cable or amplifier depending on your applications. So that s what makes this headset. Very nuniversal.


It s the bottom piece that determines compatibility of every napplication so you give us a call. If you want to plug into a desk. Phone or pc or tablet or iphone. And we will set you up with the right bottom cable.

It s sold separately and it has this matching quick disconnect nand that s what plugs in between this headset and your device this headset also comes with a clothing clip. Important to know you could that on the edge of your ncollar or shirt. And now as you turn your head or pull on the cable. The headset always stays perfectly positioned.


It s the clothing clip that takes up the slack nwhen the cord is pulled so again this is the plantronics hw510 corded headset good nfor business other applications pc s tablets you name it it is a good all round nheadset. Just make sure you get the right bottom cable. That goes into the quick ndisconnect. If you have questions on this or anything.

Else just give us a ncall at 1 800. 914 7996 or ” ..

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