Pioneer iPod Speaker System

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“Senescat 33. Years old senior designer at pioneer s nspeaker design centre in paris designed designed a new system for the ultimate ndigital listening experience. I designed our new ipod system nwith two keywords in mind minimalism and identity its smooth round lines give it na never ending flawless. Look.

The crown piece of a modern interior npleasing to the eye as well as the ear. And it s the ideal shape for sound. So. All you need is an ipod a direct digital connection ndelivers a pure audio signal.

So you get nothing but the full colour nof your music finally the credit card sized nremote control leaves you in command a 21 digital channel amplifier nprovides full sound while the down firing subwoofer nspreads. Flawless bass vibrations music lifts you out of the here and now into the wonderful world nof..

The colour of sound. A world. Where your senses. Nintertwine and blend together explore this world.

With gentle. Guidance. Nof pioneer s new ipod. Speaker system that paints the true colours of your nmusic on the canvas of your personality.

I ve been playing cello nsince. I was a child classical music offers na colourful palette of subtle emotions with the new ipod speaker system..

I can listen to my music nin my own private concert hall. I can hear the vibration of the strings nand every. Chord becomes a sensation at last. I can experience how my music nwill really speak to my audience every sizzling sensation.

They will feel colour and sound are not only attached nto each other they are also connected nwith feeling and self expression. I have lived for rock music nsince the day. I came into this world you don t learn to love rock nyou re born that way i like losing myself in the deepness nof those powerful guitars. It s a great way to forget nabout your troubles and finally.

I ve found a sound system nthat makes those feelings even stronger the ipod speaker system ntakes. Me straight to a rock concert and best of all ni can pick my own music..

It s like my own private festival. The way i see it neach musical note. Each tone has its own shade nand expresses. A certain mood with the new ipod.

Speaker system. You have a rich palette of personalised nflavours at your disposal fm radio led alarm clock connects with bluetooth sealed cabinet for perfect quality upgrades the quality of your digitally ncompressed music comes with six relaxing n. soundscape tracks automatically adapts nthe. Volume of songs equally loud full sound.

All the time. The ipod speaker system..

Illustrates nyour personality. Like your music does four quality metallic finish colours. Juicy red deep black ncool. Silver pure white its video connection brings your nmemories to life on your flat screen tv with the new ipod speaker system you can explore the musical spectrum nin full colour.

” ..

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