Peaky Blinders Luca Changretta meets Thomas Shelby [Adrien Brody & Cillian Murphy

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“This is monsieur paz from paris l. I heard you had trouble l. Its good good of you to see me t you just came from paris eh l. You paris t i left paris in a cattle truck t they said you were french l no l.

I came here from paris l. That does not mean i m french l guess where i m from t well in my cattle truck in paris t there were american soldiers t we played cards t they sound like you l eh l. Did you win t you didn t come on a train t your suit is pressed your shoes are clean t. Where do you get your suits made l.

I have a tailor l in new york city l. Look l. Fenacci l. Italian l.


He s my uncle l he makes suits in a basement in mott street l. He is my uncle l so every stitch is stitched with blood. L i heard you dress well. Mrshelby l.

But now i see l not so well as me t you know i have uncles as well t. But they re not the sort of men who would uh t who would work in a basement t with a needle and thread. T. Mrchangretta.

His look says it all l. I am surprised how easy it was to get into a room with you t and now l. And now l. And now you should know l that during the trouble you had earlier on your factory floor l.


I sent an accomplice into your office in overalls l. He found your gun l and unloaded it l. Arthur shelby l. Polly.

Gray l. Michael gray l. John shelby l spent l. Ada thorne l.

And finally l. Tommy shelby l. None of you will survive l your level of security is pitiful l and we are an organisation l of a different dimension l. I could have killed you when i walked through the door l.


But you see l. I want you to be the last l. I want you to be alive l after. Your entire family is dead l cos.

. My mother says l. That is what will hurt you the most l. You people have traditions of honour l.

As do we l. Instead of sending you a black hand. I could have had you killed in the night without knowing why l. But i want you to know why l.


And i want to suggest to you l. That we fight l. This vendetta l with honour t no civilians. T no children.

L no police t welcome to birmingham. T. Mrchangretta l. Grazie.

” ..

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