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“Everybody been pop here for a month spotlight in city skylines parking on roads. Is is the mod called a few in game. Footage shots just to get your tastebuds and we ll get into all the details and what you can do with this bond to make your city. Even better so on the steam workshop page.

Where the mod is located the creator s did a great job kind of given us some screenshots of the what you can do with them on as you can see. He s made a lot of parking lots for all his buildings so even huge huge parking lots like this for shopping centers. And so on as with any mod. It s very important to look at the description and see all the role details number one the creator body underscore.

There it pretty much made one of the mounts one of the best mods in recent months. As far as usability you know like this actually changes what you do in your city. By quite a bit before most of our product. Key parking places were just parks to make this work.

You gotta have a few other mods available installed like rode anarchy traffic manager. Or rush hour to have the enhanced parking. Ai. Enabled.

This will actually make people park. In these parking lots. Otherwise they would not get very much used because the built in system of the parking in the game. Makes it so they prefer parking on the side of the road and things like that also the move it mod over the move it tool as i call it it s recommended to adjust and fine tune all the parking make markers that you put down pretty much to the parking markers is what makes people park there you can put these anywhere and i guess cars if they get to them they would park there because that s where the actual parking happens the roads themselves just naked so you put these on the road.

The parking markers are i m gonna explain more about that so first you placed on the parking lot road and then use the road anarky to pay to place down all the parking lot markers. If you don t hand if you don t have road anarky you can t place these these down the roads have more areas on the pavement directing that that s where the cars are gonna go so don t put the parking spots..

There that would kind of make it not work the way. It s meant to be and of course. The movie tool will again help you adjust things and that s the tips from the creator. There he also has a secondary mode that if you click on it it goes to a 16 meter wide parking lot pretty much road with a side area that s where the cars go.

And that s what the park thing goes free self explanatory. There this specific piece of mod actually requires the mass transit. So if you go in the game go to your roads and to the road condition or maintenance tab. That s where all these things are it starts with the service road then the 16 meter parking on the 22 meter parking lot.

Which is one you re looking at the screen right there and then the other even larger sizes like 40. And so on these are the actual markers. So that s where cars park after you place these down you can press them down anywhere like i said. But it makes sense to have these roads.

So let s create a small parking area together to begin with in this shopping center that i have set up here. And it doesn t really have much parking other than what comes with the buildings. So you grab the service road and you re gonna put it down. And i m gonna move with with the movie tool right away to get it in the spot.

I wanted then up in the left corner. We have the traffic manager president of the addition. I m gonna use that to turn off the traffic lights. And i also have the ai.

Enabled for it like enhanced parking. So people park in these lofts..

Preferably over the side of the road. So we place down the actual parking lot road. We can move it around tweak it by the way we want to this is now creating a very hefty cliff with those houses up there. But i think they ll be fine.

I think this actually creates some noise as well because it is a parking lot and for the most part this looks like a good good spot good setting for behind the gas station. There in the clinic. You see the bottom side has a halo goers will have to adjust the hill and then you put down the park. You know markers of course.

The size of these and see the hill. There is affecting how that s gonna fit in so. The size of this is a little smaller than what my area for parking. Is which means.

I would have to place some manually these don t fit. But we can put those on the other side and we re gonna place down some single parking spots manually and i just try to do it with the in game sort of moving moving them around slightly with the mouse of course. You can just place them down. And then use the move.

It tool. If you want either way works. Sometimes the move it to has difficulty grabbing them. I don t know i found that out in the inner corners.

Some sometimes so we have to fix this hill bring it down a bit so it makes much more sense and we re gonna make this a specialty not for the disabled parking and electric car parking there you go quite a little bit of tweaking there but we made a small parking spot and that s one way to use these parking lot rose. This is another this is a ram park turn around the things..

But it s called where the and the trends can come through and turn around and also you can put stops. There. And this is around it is the 60 meter parking lot road not the service road just a regular parking lot and then cars could park there. And it adds a bit more aesthetic.

So why don t we just fast forward. Because i d like to do this in my series. Anyway fast forward and build stuff so let s do that and build a proper lots for these stores. So we re gonna use a service road.

Plus. The 22 metre wine road to go around the buildings and moving all the trees because why destroy them and we re gonna come all the way around use the move tool to tweak this there s some hail and some stuff going on the turns kind of get boggy within themselves. So you have to adjust that with the movie tool. There s still one here that i just did really fast and yeah.

And i m placing down the markers and some of them it s easy to kind of put down and forget like those big ones. There. But then you have all these tiny ones. Which you have to adjust up to your question push them down once i put them down.

And i used to move it two cars appear once you use the mobile tool. But that kind of shows you how it looks in action. I think it looks pretty good. I think these this gives us a lot more flexibility to build our city and our shopping centers.

I might even go to other spots or i have like a bunch of shopping things all in one spot and remove some of them and put in some parking lot roads. I wanted to add some paths ways for bikes and for pedestrians..

We re doing that and we re covering everything with concrete so that s how it looks like from far away. It s pretty neat. We are not getting many people to park in there yet. But hopefully they will everybody s happy everybody s driving around going crazy about the new parking not roads.

We have in the city. This is my fuel and series if you re interested to come watch. It s ongoing and i really i really like this mod. I think it ll be great great use for us maybe.

I should remove or not allow buses to go in there. Because that looks like they re just turning around and causing problems maybe. But yeah go ahead and build all the parking on roads. You want now and all the parking lot awesomeness for all your people hopefully.

This was a useful video for you guys if you liked it and it was informative base hit a like button again like i said come and visit my series. If you want ask me any questions down below. I will be happy to answer all your questions with whatever answer. I can find yeah.

I ll see you later have a good good day bye. ” ..

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