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“Like those late night videos. This is going to be a tough like the tunes tunes you wanna over watch blizzards newest hit overwatch videogame is taking the internet by you cannot go anywhere any store. Any video game place. Without seeing overwatch merchandise.

Overwatch fanart overwatch. You know what that you see all of that everywhere so of course. I had to get on the hype train. What s the key thing about overwatch nice ass in spandex.

What today s tough like tooms gonna get you a body this little look just goddamn amazing in spandex in a bucket big today s workout. Routine is gonna be circuit bass. There s gonna be two circus for you i made this workout. Routine based on various character skills and attributes.

So i hope you enjoyed they ll be careful. This is kind of an intense workouts. So make sure you warm up and stay hydrated let s get to it number. One mccree.

Squat shots are you doing is squatting down and shooting them out just like mccree..

This is really a great booty toner. You want to just make sure you get a good height on these and go as low as you can go without making your knees past your toes next up reinhard charges. All you re going to do is get down low. Like a linebacker and run in charge as full as you can using your shoulders your main attack weapon then backpedal to your original position and charge again and do that for 30 seconds.

As hard as you can next up. We got some static holds that will help you get a nice chest. And you just freeze in place. See what i did there yeah.

This is one of the best exercises you can do for building arm strength and pec strength after that you re going to be asking for mercy for these jumps. All you re going to do is get in a squat position put your arms in front of you cross them. And then when you jump up make an x position. So you re expanding your legs.

And your body. So you should look like a giant flying x. Like your angel coming down from the sky. My ninja ginji.

All you re doing is jumping up slashing down and make sure your feet touch your butt..

This is one of those great exercises works on plyometric movement that will help increase your vertical. Also it helped us give you overall cardio boost as well because jumping like this lashing down. Gives such great benefit all right that was fun now. Rest 60 seconds.

And prepare to do the next circuit. All right here ma. Boo hops. This is going to get you that famous trace of booty all you going to do is do a burpee down and then a lunge with it when you come up so watch what i m doing i do a burpee and then i go straight to a lunge and i go back down and do the opposite leg.

This is a very intense cardiovascular movement. You ve probably seen it in one of the insanity dvds. And it was one of the best fat burners. You can do if you don t have time.

So. This is just going to work you all around alright next up our zarya style. Pushup. Zarya is a strong woman and so you want to do your push ups nice slow and controlled like that s a really key thing you want to make sure your form is perfect.

And you re just doing the best of your ability if your body tanks out then you ll see how much stronger you become the next time you do it and just give it your best after that we got some diva pulses and these are just supposed to emulate you squatting down your big ass machine and firing off the weapons..

So like while you re doing this you get in a squat position a horse stance sort of and you re just punching out as fast you can so it s working your lower body and your upper body. And it s just gonna be emulating being in a big ass machine firing uh huh. The french all you re doing for this one is you re walking down then walking back up and then you know extending the hands over your head. And all this is doing is it s working your full body.

Because like you re adding. A spider man push up at the bottom. So. This is actually a lot more tiring than it looks like it looks easy so far because it s like all i m just walking down.

But doing the spider man push up at the end and then walking back up and doing this for thirty seconds. Which you all will be it ll give you a nice sleep physique just like widowmaker. But after that we re moving on to our final exercise with dr. Mitt.

It s a frickin doozy. All right. This is gonna kick your ass. If you re not conditioned.

All you re doing is you re doing a burpee a squat and push up at the bottom..

And if you do these long as these will wear you out these are like seriously one of the worst exercises. But one of the best exercises. I hate doing it but i love what it does and that s why i call them reapers because they will freaking kill you so take your time and be safe yo guys. I hope you enjoyed today stuff like the tunes and i had a lot of fun making it if you want to see more tough like tunes be sure to follow me on patreon because every patreon where helps me get a authentic costume whatever it makes the workouts.

More fun you know to see visibly and also helps me pay the bills and it helps me with like family issues and all i jazz. But i really appreciate ally go off on me you can always follow me on facebook. Instagram tumblr. Twitter and be sure to play overwatch.

Pretty fun game anyways guys and gasp keep. Calm. Rhian and don t forget moment. I let s get this summer.

” ..

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