Otium 3 Socket Car Charger Splitter Unboxing & Review

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“Services. Ask our first im5 here with the unboxing and review of a cars charter charter splitter. I got here from the company. Odium and they said this sought to from my unbiased review.

And that s what i intend to do how we not going to give any kind of preferential treatment. Just because i got this for free. But anyways. I was actually in the market looking for a car splitter since i m getting more and more tech that i need to plug into my car.

So. This is definitely something that would help me with that issue. So this one features three auxiliary power. Sockets and they also have several usb along the side so for an idea you got two right there in the front.

Two on the side. It also features is voltage will led indicator. Which is built on the actual plug when i unbox it i ll show you guys so that s like the main highlights that you get from this box..


So this is a china based company. They do have some very strange wording on here so i wouldn t take this too much it s sometimes a little bit hard to understand it even comes with an adhesive so you can stick it to the console of your car. So that s nice so let me just go ahead and get this thing opened alright. So here.

It is you see if there s anything else in the box. A instruction are you or anything no sick no all right so. Now that s how the tire jean it looks like the 3m adhesive is pre applied. So yeah.

That s pretty much it for the unboxing. Some of them just go ahead and get on with the review. So first a quick overview of this seventeen dollar car splitter. It has this really nice matte finish to it and the k boys self has this glossy finish to it and it s very thick so it s good.

I don t feel like it s very brittle or anything and in total. It s about a meter long on the other end the plug also has a really nice matte finish and the single button that you press on here is to either allow power to flow through the adapter or not plugged in it will display the amount of voltage that it is outputting though i definitely wish that they included a manual to give you more context on this voltage number that you re seeing most people probably will not be able to understand what it means and it s briefly shown in the unboxing portion of the video. It does come with pre applied sticky strips..


Here. But the only problem with this is that since it s already pre applied you can only mount it in a certain way the mounting position. I wanted for my car was on the side console. And i wanted to face the other way.

But unfortunately since it was pre applied. I could only face it this way which made it a little bit awkward to access the usb ports on the side and in speaking of usb ports. So in addition to the three auxiliary car outlets here. It also has four usb ports built in on the dock so the ones still on the same plane surface as the sockets are 224.

Amp. Usb. Ports and then on the side or two one amp port for those odds for charging lower powered devices. So i tested the charging speed of both the usb ports built in as well as the car charger adapter that i also use which is by inker so the 24 amp.

One was able to charge my ipad around 22 for about an hour drive and for the same hour if i plugged it into the car charger made by ankur. I was able to get double the amount of charge in the same amount of time 44 within an hour drive and while i was charging my ipad. I also had other devices plugged in including this bluetooth fm transmitter as well as the charger for my garmin..


I also tested it with charging two devices at the same time so both my ipad. And my iphone. Which is probably a typical case that somebody would use this for also in addition to charging my other devices as shown. So what i m trying to say here is that i think this splitter does a sufficient job of allocating power.

And charging devices sufficiently quickly. So i have pretty much no problems with functionality. My main problem is obviously the mounting position so because of these pre applied strips. I can oh i only was able to mount in this way.

I guess technically i could have removed these and bought my own 3m slips and stepping on the other side. But just wouldn t look as good. The extra long one meter cable. Is also a little overkill.

So the way i manage the cable is using the cable ties that came with it and so here s my current setup. I guess i could have mounted it on my glovebox door. But i wanted it to be out of the way and as close to me as possible without interfering with the passenger seat so my main suggestion would be to give us the 3m stress..


But don t pre apply. It another suggestion would to have their usb ports lit up. So since this is a dark console and especially you mostly if you put it in a dark location. It would be nice to have little ports.

So i can easily see how i can plug these into and now i haven t seen this yet but on a previous car splitter that i bought. I had found that the inside of the sockets had already shown signs of rust now this one hasn t had that problem yet. But i really hope that they have a sufficient amount of coating to prevent any kinds of corrosion and since there is no warranty that comes with it you better hope that the seller will be able to honor their production code so as of this upload date i don t have any major problems with this car splitter. I think it s appropriately priced and it s actually quite competitively priced actually and it offers a lot for the money.

It has so many ports and it also has that onetouch button to cut off power when you want to so you don t want to drain out the battery of your car. You can just quickly turn it off without having to unplug this thing and i think that it s built pretty well i like that matte finish so i can recommend this car splitters if you re looking to charge a lot of devices in your car. I think. This is a good product to look into so that ll be it for this review.

I hope you found it helpful or any questions leave them in the comment section down below subscribe to my channel sky first 95 for more videos like this thanks for watching. ” ..

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