Origin fix, We re sorry but we re having some technical difficulties please try again later

netflix we are having technical difficulties and are actively working on a fix This is a topic that many people are looking for. bluevelvetrestaurant.com is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, bluevelvetrestaurant.com would like to introduce to you Origin fix, We re sorry but we re having some technical difficulties please try again later. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Hey guys. What is up today in this video. I m about to show you you guys how to you know log in you re always an idea if you just getting this kind of problem like it will say we are sorry. But we are having some technical difficulty so please try again later just for logging in and i also contact this those guys and you see that and it s not working for me by contacting them so i try to use the vpn and that work ok so now i ll show it get step by step how we can log in the origin client alright.

So if you guys are getting some ac like me. And it should definitely work for you so the very first thing is that if you are having any kind of issue for logging make sure to reinstall the origin so really so like in the skull to my pc from here and go to initial origins program and full screen days and try to search for origin and press. Here and click on uninstall and download the latest version of the origin and install it then you can log in here or is an account and before you do that you also need to use the vpn. So i recommend you guys to use this safervpn comm.

So you can just download this from this website. So if you try to refresh. And you should you should be able to download all right so i have already downloaded so i don t need to download it right now as you guys can see that i have downloaded for the windows so. We can download for the windows here and install it ok so now you can see that my account is not even logging in so i will try to log in this right now.


Without vpn. So this is we can vpn right now alright. So you can see still it s not working at all i have the next account that also here oops okay. So still you can see that it s not even working well.

I guess my password is wrong you see that you re creasing or this theory incorrect so ever that and still you can see that we are sorry. But we are we are having some technical difficulty right so now all they do is open this application and set it to the automatic location or whatever it go like india. Usa anywhere just try to connect this so it s the connection right now and make sure that you have back up your game before you uninstall the origin because it will wipe all of your downloaded games as well so just trying to alert you guys all right so let me login right now and there we go it s logged in right now. But it s taking some time.

Because if i ve used a vpn and it s really really slow. While i use this vpn and there we go guys so we are logged in so that s how you can log in and you can try to access now any kind of product that you re using so i m using the game as i play the apex legend here so i really need to log the same now. What you guys need to do is you can disconnect this okay. Let s connect this and you can play any games.


You want. But you can t log out okay. If you try to log out then the same thing happen you need to do everything like connecting the vpn and everything stuff like that alright. So all the best for you guys to logging in to your origin and serve your product.

So i ll open this game as you guys can see that it s launching 100 fine. It s fine it s launching here you re currently in season 3 and by far just a hour you see it s february 3. And now it s 4×4 it it will live for and i will get the update for the epic sledding for season 4. Possible.

Well you can see that the game is looking flawless and fine. Without any kind of interruption. It s really really loud okay. See you can see that we are connected to the match.


Even it s loading right now patience not even in training. So still we have a bug you can see that i m directly connected to the match. And just it s just working like you know really good defeat all of our enemies. All right.

This is my frank account. This is smurf account. Then we are 55 level celli and we are new and they were champion so yeah guys. That s how you can log in and play this game.

And every care. The game is still pressing because it s a bug from my end. So it s not that big deal for me. We can see that the game is perfectly working at all and i have to leave that lobby because i m just making this video for you guys to show you that how i can log you know how you guys can t even log in this and solve the problem all right so that s all you can do this so.


That s easy okay. So i hope you have solved that problem as well. So if you guys think this video was your really useful then hit the like button and also make sure to share this video with your friends who are suffering. The same problem.

Just like you so that they could get some help from this video. Yeah. That s all so guys if you guys are new to this channel make sure to subscribe. I will post some video just like this nobody take to this okay so thank you so much for watching.

And i will see ya the next time peace ” ..

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