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“Communist gentlemen are here send them in that ll be all fraulein engel borg put put that on the teletype to atlanta. Yeah boy and take your gum. Yeah. Boy to see you again.

Cameron fish. Here. Hey. Michigan ah.

Mr. Mcnamara. I would like to present thomas. After takeoff.


Chairman of our trade commission incomparable danko from the soft drink socket area. So now sit on boys. We have no objection cigarettes. Cigars here take one of these thanks hmm made in havana.

We have trade agreement with cuba. They said the cigars. We sent them rockets good thinking now i understand comrade michigan that you guys are very keen on getting coca cola into russia just thought doll a wrong i did not say we are keen. I said we are mildly interested nevertheless.

Cameron michigan suggested we start with six bottling plants. Moscow leningrad jolly guardkey a oh you know something you guys got cheated this is a pretty crummy cigar. Do not worry we send them pretty crummy rockets as i was saying six plants moscow leningrad stalingrad kiev cough corbin minsk right dr. Lee wrong i never mentioned minsk.


I said pinsk all right pinsky then minsk is out next our contract will contain the usual provisions. We supply the shirt you do the battling certainly not we make our own syrup. You supply. The formula forget a gentlemen that formula stays in our vaults.

We give it to you first thing. We know the chinese communist will have it no formula no deal okay no deal. We do not need you if vivanco coppola. We invented ourselves.

Oh yeah in 1956. You flew a bottle of coke to a secret laboratory and stratton offski. A dozen of your top chemists went nuts trying to analyze the ingredients right no gum in a 1958. You planted.


Two undercover agents in a home office in atlanta to steal the formula. And what happened they both defected and now they re successful businessmen in florida packaging. Instant borscht. Right.

No comment last year. You put out a cockamamie imitation. Kremlin cola you tried out the satellite countries. But even the old bay nians.

Wouldn t drink it they use the fishy yep right not common so either get down to business or get off the pot. My dear american friend. If you have to live together in peaceful coexistence. There must be a certain amount of given take oh sure we give and you take what is the matter you do not trust us.


No comment. If you do not mind we have a little conference. Help yourself what is this my employees david me on the 10th anniversary of the berlin. Airlift comrades are we going to stand here and listen to the sea propaganda relax boris where they are putting uncle sam in cuckoo clocks.

We will put soviet cosmonaut unknown. Okay so you guys may be the first to shoot a man to the moon. But if he wants a coke on the way you ll have to come to us. ” .


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