Olympus FE-3010 Digital Camera

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“Back to computer tv. I m sam nand today. I m going to tell you you about these new olympus digital cameras nnow. This is the 3010.

The fe 3010 in fact you guys. It s april nand. You know what comes soon summertime and you ll probably nbe going on some trips maybe sleep away camp hey maybe nyou re going on a honeymoon. Whatever trip it is you ll probably ngonna want a new digital camera and this is a great point and shoot nbeginner camera.

That s really really easy to use as you can see nit comes in this pretty pink color it matches my jacket. Kind of today nbut also it comes in black and in silver. So you have a couple different options nnow this is a 12 megapixel digital camera you have a 3x optical zoom 4x digital nyou have 19 mb of internal storage. But you can just get one of those xd or nmicrosd cards for all the storage.

You need. It has iso capabilities nup to 1600 19 shooting modes nincluding movie mode you also have face detection nand dual image stabilization. Which is pretty cool make sure nthat all of your shots are in focus. No blurry images here especially if you re ntaking.

Pictures of moving objects or moving people nthat definitely comes in. Handy now turning over you ll see nyou have a 27. lcd screen and this takes a rechargeable battery nso no aa s needed and one thing. That s really cool is that nyou don t need to hook up to a pc to do any resizing or editing.

Like ncropping because it has those features in the playback. Menu nwhich is pretty neat ok. So. Let s take a look naround this thing right here you ll see your lens.

I m going to power it nback on you can see the power button nis up top so once you power it back on i m gonna nturn the camera to the side you can see the zoom nagain this is a 3x optical 4x digital. Ok nice so again you have nyour power button up here and your shutter release nright next to it turning over you ll see again nyour 27..

lcd. Screen you have your wide and nyour tight for your zoom. This is your display button so if you press nthis. You have a couple different options right here is your shooting grid nand here you can see all the settings you have your playback button nyour shooting mode button your ok function button nwhich brings up a shortcut menu you have your exposure ndedicated button your flash your self timer nand your macro mode and down below you have your trash nand your menu and then if you turn it over right here.

Nthis is where your rechargeable battery goes and your xd. Nor your microsd card and on the other side nyou. Have your tripod holder and you ll see in the middle you have nyour usb port your mini usb port so this is how you hook up to a computer ndump all of your pictures and your videos on to your computer. And you don t nhave to worry about losing them alright.

So that was na nice little tour. Now let s get into the nitty gritty. How nto make this thing take ultimate amazing. Beautiful pictures nalright.

So right now. We are in program mode. You can see that with the of saying. Manual mode.

Here you nhave to do all the settings yourself. So if you want something easier. Njust click. The mode button right here and go to let s see ni auto right here now when you re in i auto.

The camera nis going to do all the work for you you don t have to worry about setting nanything and it will automatically detect the right scene selector. So whether nyou re shooting pictures of you know pretty landscapes or people whatever. It is nthe camera will do it for you alright. So let s get out of there nlet s see another mode.

This is your digital image stabilization. Nthis is what i told you if you re taking pictures on some non a boat somewhere where it s rocky and you need some extra help nkeeping..

The camera steady this mode will help you scene selection alright nso. Let s go into here. So as i said. You have 19 ndifferent shooting.

Modes portrait and we ll take na stroll through these you have landscape nnight scene. Sport indoor candle nyou have a lot to choose from sunset fireworks. Nfood documents and then you also have three nunderwater shooting modes. Which is pretty cool nas you can see here now don t be mistaken nthis camera cannot go underwater.

But you have these three nshooting modes to make it look like you are taking nice nshots close up underwater ok. So let s get out of here nlet s go back to my mode. Selector and now i m in movie mode. Nnow in movie mode.

You have the option to choose 640 x. 480. Resolution. Nto.

Do that you just hit. The menu. Button. And you scroll up nto image.

Quality and right here. Where it says qvga nthat s quarter vga. And that s the smaller nimage size 320. X.

240. And to go to nthe 640 x..

480. You just go to vga and you also nhave a frame rate of 15 or 30. If you want that nhigher quality. There alright.

So let s get out of here nso you just push the menu button to exit out of here nso that s movie mode and let s go see some nof our other modes. If you re in program mode nwe showed you this earlier but let s go into the menu button nsee some of our options here if you hit the middle button nwhere the camera is you ll see you have a ncouple different options here one is panorama which nbasically you take several shots and the camera automatically pastes nthem together so you have this 360 panoramic view. But it nalso has face detection. And if you scroll down nface detection.

What it does and this has face detection up to n16 people. Actually so we ll make sure nthat. It s on right now. So once face detection is enabled nyou ll see it brings up on your lcd.

This green box. And it makes sure that neverybody is in focus the exposure s right nand. It s a really nice feature especially if you have na lot of people in the shot this camera can handle up to n16 people in face detection. So you ll see that green box ni m going to take a picture now alright and you ll see it s in focus ni look super cheesy.

But that s ok nso that s face detection. It s a nice little feature to know about nok. So let s go into playback mode. Now so we ll turn the camera around nright here.

Playback. Mode. And here is the picture ni just took ok now when you go into your menu. Nfrom playback.

Mode. You have a couple different options nin your editing menu..

You ll see you can this is for resizing nso. Let s say you want a smaller image this can bring you down nto. The 320 x. 240.

Let s go back nand. This is for cropping. So don t have to hook up to a pc nand that always you know makes it easy. So we re back in here.

And you nhave options to create a slide show and customize even more ways nin. The playback menu you can turn these nannoying beeps off if you want they can get really annoying ok. So i think that s all nwe have for you today. Again.

This is the olympus fe. 3010 nit comes in all these pretty colors. And it s a great beginners. Easy to use npoint and shoot camera.

This is one to definitely ncheck out. I m sam and nwe ll see you next time for more information on the olympus fe. 3010. Njust visit.

Any of these major retailers and type in nolympus fe. 3010 into the search box for computer tv ni. m sam ” ..


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