Octopath Traveler – Tressa the Boss Killer (Character Build)

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” s up it s an s. Welcome back to the aqsa path traveller character overview overview and today. We will be looking at tressa again like i said before tressa. The quintessential jack of all trades this is very appearance with her stat spread which has very middling stats all around while this doesn t mean that she has great strengths she doesn t necessarily have glaring weaknesses.

Either she works very very well with all the different kinds of builds and the thing about the rune lord class is that it s just uh versatile. As she is and it s for this reason. I think she is the most deserving of this job so in the previous video. I tried to put more emphasis on her utility kind of going at the whole using transfer rune intended with sidestep to render your entire party immune.

While providing plenty of weapon buffs. For everyone to enjoy this time. Tressa is going to be the star of the show and we re going to focus more on her damage. The reason.

Why i like the rune lord so much on her is because she already starts out with the innate spear bow. Combination. But when you give her rude. Lord shall now have access to these swords and acts.

So i m gonna do is i m gonna look at the weapons that we have the herald sword. Which gives you additional fire damage you can get this from the side quest from reggie in river fir d trade winds spear i made a mistake in the previous video you actually get this from the ally s adventures which you can start off in sunshade next up is going to be the battle tested axe. This is a very very good weapon because unlike. The other two items that give elemental bonuses.

This one gives you two in one so that s quite good next up is the primeval bow of storms. The reason why you want to get this one is because it stacks with the trade winds spear her wind element attack with a pala gars blade is going to do even more damage than usual. So you definitely want to make use of it interestingly enough. We will be able to get four out of the six different elements out of there so basically we re gonna be missing out on dagger and light and as it turns out dagger is the weapon that gives you a dark bonus.

And then staff is the weapon that gives you a light bonus. So it kind of just evens out for us in terms of the armor. I m giving trece really focusing all on damage. So you see the elemental attack is going to be plus 88.

For the adamantine hats..

An additional source reverse robe and two elemental augment towards the elemental augment. Sir is the first one you can get from gran port. Not grande port stone guard valleys from a shopkeeper sitting in front of a sin front of a house with a brown sweet bubble over his head and the next one i got this from one of the special characters from cyrus s story line after you finished cyrus s chapter 4 and go to the atlas dam palace play that basely about does it i m not gonna focus on the rest of the team s equipments. But i ll go over the team in question first of all is gonna be cyrus the sorcerer.

He s not gonna be doing that much damage. He s just gonna be working away at the enemy guard. While also providing elements. He ll break primrose mainly.

I just want to have her as the insurance to ensure that we have enough bp to go around as it is because i remember you do need to have three dbp. If you wanted to be divine skills. So obviously you want to have primrose for that hunnits. I ve decided to make her a dancer.

Because more speed is always a welcome thing and we re going for the utility that leg. Hold trap. Provides now going over at the skill build something i d like to point out is with tressa we re going straight up damage here requires no explanations whatsoever surpassing power is going to be again for bringing us more damage you re gonna be hitting anywhere between like. 30000.

To 50000. Zhan our basic basic abilities. It s really really good with bala gars blade. And then bp eater.

Which will just kind of spike up the damage further for each bp we use so it s essential. If you want to mess up your damage next up is elemental edge. Which gives us their permanent elemental attack and defense buffs. And then finally elemental aide.

Which is going to bring the sp cost of balor gars blade to 100. Which is quite costly. But since it does guarantee one shotting all of the bosses. It s definitely well worth it ballack ours blade is actually quite nice for farming.

Too because you can hit all the elements..

So if you want you could replace elemental aid for sp saver. You can get less damage. But it does help you in the long run so that pretty much about does it so what s gonna happen is we re going to cut the video. I m going to fight a couple of the bosses just to show you what reza can do as a rune lord alright.

So here we are at the gauntlets and i m just i m just gonna go ahead and kick things off with the dragon. This probably my favorite boss in the entire gauntlet for a bunch of reasons and thankfully we have all the means of fighting against them initially. He is going to be weak to a whole bunch of things. But the only ones that are available for us to fight are acts and lights.

And we have plenty of those to go around so what i ll do for now is just start off things with a nice simple donate bp give tressa that insurance. We don t necessarily need it it might not be the most optimal use of turns. But it is just nice to have around so next thing. We re going to do is just go ahead use the leg.

Hold trap just to make sure we can maximize the amount of turns that we have and cyrus could potentially go for a break here. So what we re going to do is we will take this chance. And yeah. Does do you want to go for a break not about optimal useful turns.

But we can guarantee the one shot kill because i could see that the upcoming turns cyrus is going to go first and that s exactly what i want justin you guys know using a dance does not work at all for when you have the elemental abilities for the other rune lord. So to keep that in mind elemental break here we go and then all of us left us first rested to slay the dragon. Very very easy stuff only took us two turns because two turns. The damage is going to be all slightly less mainly just due to the fact.

That this dragon has relatively high elemental defense packed into him alright and just like that we can just go ahead and move on of course. Tresa does tend to be a little bit mana starve too due to the fact that yes. We are going to be using this this really high expensive spell. But i m ok with that what you could do is just add a thief to your team.

And do that. But even if you have a bunch of inspiriting plums stacked up like i do here you will be able to guarantee having just enough to cast that spell and one shot in the boss. Now this particular boss is weak to fire bow spear and the light. I believe and we have plenty of those to work with so you know what serpents off with an icy simple spear and then again look.

What else we have we could go for another..

Yeah just go for another. Why not and let s see i see that i see that cyrus was going to go first. So. What i could is yeah.

You know what let s just finish it off remember. Whenever you do an elemental break it does count as two turns. But you do miss one turn after that so you are only allowed to do it once unless of course you do the boosts so what s gonna happen here is i will apply the hunter skill leg whole trap to ensure that we have enough so for this particular turn cyrus is gonna hit three times. It s gonna hit three times.

Where this is attacks the ignis and this particular. One is going to be just what we just need to add the bp one bp is all trustin needs that s all that s left we could try giving her the bp boost just to give her more to start off with so we don t need to use a use a merchant s but again that s depending on how you want to build your team. And then the rain of arrows to finish things off and just like that everything is all in place. It s a very very easy way to do things requires a lot less setup than honey judgment.

Day mode. Have the or master huh net bill that i did a couple of weeks ago. But the cost is yeah. While the cost is a lot lower just remember that it does a little bit less damage.

But yes. It s very very reliable. Though you don t have to worry too much really just like with any high damage build you do want to guarantee that your team can sort of follow up as best you can you can also try to take out elemental aid. If you wish the reason why you may want to do that is because you want to save up your sp.

If that s the case. You just have to have other stronger party members with you to kind of make up the difference of whatever damage is left over after trust it does the bella garth blade now is it gonna do oppression which does not matter at all because trust is all about the elemental damage. So here we go we re sort off things with uh yeah go for the light element. Something s off now.

I know that this guy is also weak to dagger so that s something i may be interested in doing. But i will not do it just yes instead i will donate a bp and we will have okay. I also see if that s i also see that cyrus is going to go before after tressa so i want to stall for turns a little bit so we will use like hole trap. And then tressa.

I will have her defends..

So we didn t even need to do the donate vp at that time so. What i could do is just yet go for yeah. Just go for this and then have the follow up with the dagger and that is going to be a break so all that s left now is for cyrus to do his elemental break. And then tressa can just seal.

The deal werner has relatively low hp and defense and crescent. So the rest of the bosses here he just does a fair amount of physical damage so also just so you know like in the previous video. I did show off how tressa has the ability to apply sidestep to everyone with transfer room. So if you want you can also try to play around with that but honestly with damage like this why would you do that why it s a very very fun stuff one thing.

I want to point out about rune lord. Tressa. Or just the rune motive class. In general.

And how useful. It is for farming is because we use bala gars blade. You can easily just in one term go through all the different spells and in doing so you ll make training easier. In the long run due to the fact.

That now that everything s exposed you can now play more efficiently. Saving your sp and have more longer extended. Trips for when you re grinding for sp or xp or jpa. There s plenty of things that you can do with this and tressa is just a really awesome character again the decagon did show that she had pretty middling stats all around but that just means that she can do so many more things and that s a very appearance with her innate weapon types.

It s for all these little different reasons that i feel that rune lord was basically meant for trust. Which is so strange because when you look at the two classes and the character that she is you wouldn t have thought of that. But it turns out with a gaelic octopack traveler. You can pretty much make anyone into anything and still do very very well even in postgame and it was guys thanks very very much for watching this encore of tressa.

She s really really cool really really fun the reason. Why people like her so much and this is just one of the many reasons as to why that is thanks very much and i will see you guys next time take care everyone. ” ..


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