Oblivion – Imperial Dragon Armor (HOW TO FIND)

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“Do what i must do i cannot stay to rebuild tamriel that task falls to to others farewell. You ve been a good friend in the short time that i known you. But now i must go the dragon waits. The amulet is shattered dagon is defeated with the dragon s blood and the amulet of kings.

We have sealed the gates of oblivion forever. The last of the septums passes now into history. I go gladly for i know my sacrifice is not in vain. I take my place with my father and my father s fathers.


The third age has ended and a new age dawn s when the next elder scroll is written you shall be described the shape of the future. The fate of the empire. These things now belong to you what happened where s martin. I must congratulate him mehrunes dagon is defeated cast back into oblivion with one what do you mean gone.

We saw the temple dome explode. The avatar of akatosh appear that was martin the joined blood of kings and gods the amulet of kings. The divine power of akatosh. Then martin is gone.


Yes sealed forever. Mehrunes dagon and his ilk can never threaten tamriel again martin is dead. But he died an emperor and a hero to rival tiber septim. This victory is not without cost we ve lost martin septim.

What an emperor he might have made his sacrifice was necessary. But it leaves the empire without an emperor. I don t know what happens now there are troubled times ahead for the empire. But now is not the time to worry about the future.


Let s just give thanks that we re alive in my capacity. As lord high chancellor of the elder council. I hereby proclaim you champion of cyrodiil and as a small token of gratitude for your service to the empire. I have ordered a suit of imperial dragon armor made for you you have earned the highest rank possible in the order of the dragon.

The illustrious order of imperial knights founded by tiber septim himself it is a high honor only six other champions have been awarded in the history of the empire. We are now the stewards of the empire. We can hold the empire together in the short term. But to be honest.


I don t know what will happen. The provinces have been restive for years even before the latest crisis with no legitimate claimant for the dragon throne troubled times lie ahead imperial dragon armor is normally worn only by the emperor himself but you deserve no less champion i know he s gone as the chancellor of the elder council. My concern now is how to choose his successor is there something you need champion anytime. Champion you you you you you you you you you ” .


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