Oakley Reviews Episode 32: Rocketfish

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“Is the overview podcast. Oh you welcome to another episode. I m going to start start blasting. These out because i have some time i want to try do to so if i had same clothes on the next.

One that s why today. I m going to take a look at something i jessica. Which is something that s actually only half oakley. It s actually full oakley.

But it s not branded as oakley um. If you remember a couple years ago. The original straitjacket was replant rebranded as a torch where pair for another company. But was basically the same model just had the icons and what not taken off.

But it s really still the same thing so if you take a look here. I have the rocketfish and you may see this frame as something a little bit familiar yes. This is the twitch without the icon. Without the stretched line basically just with the rocketfish logo and h do 3d lenses.

I ve heard some varying theories as to whether these are the same lenses as the other hd o3d lenses..

But i ll get to that in a second so i got these these have actually been out for a couple years now i saw them last year someone brought them to my attention so i looked into him they were going for about forty dollars bleep full retail or msrp was 60. But 40 seem to be the average price you could get on ebay here and there for less. But i never really jumped on them because you know there s just so many other things to do however. I was talking to someone the other day and basically i looked online again and i saw him on clearance at best buy for ten dollars.

So two dollars later after some shipping. Twelve dollars all set to get all said and done i got a new in box higher of rocketfish aka. The twitches that don t have any icons. So i m going to compare them against the gas can with the hdl for you 3d lenses as well as the two other twitches that i have in my collection already and just going to see what the differences and similarities are so let s take a look at the twitches because that was one of the main questions was is this actually an oakley frame or did rocketfish jessica.

The frame. And then oakley put lenses in it according to the box it says it does have oakley 3d optics so i would believe that they are the same as the gascan lenses and as far as the frame material goes. They have the same dual cam hinges so those are pretty much the same from the original twitch and the frame material seems pretty much on par with the old matter. That s on the other twitches.

So let s go back in a little bit of history 2006. The second wave of the stretch line was coming out so we had already passed the the first round of the wardens. The fat cats things like that and i patch on the twitch came out around the same time. And that s what we have here so it s a very flat frame.

Very low base curvature on it and the stems..

Really you know they re kind of straight to they have you know some accent in here. But it s a very flat frame almost squarish um they re kind of meant for the whole surf. Proud whatnot. It s more of a life stood it s actually very much a lifestyle piece.

They can be used for you know some sports one map. But do the flatness of it it s more along the lines of the frog skin. Which wasn t released until shortly after so. This is kind of really you know aside from the gas can which even does have more of a wrap.

These are really just hitting that lifestyle crowd a year later stretch line fell apart was pretty much disbanded and most of them moved to what almost became or was originally called a block line. But that didn t stick around as well so really what we ended up was just the square. Oh. So everything started adopting the square.

Oh. That the gascan had previously released in 2005 and a lot of things like the warden. Which had been around since the beginning of a stretch line took the square icon. The monte frio and the twitch.

So those are really the models that transitioned and had a little bit more shelf life and the funny thing is the twitch actually has a longer shelf life because it came back as the rocketfish now just from looking at these..

And there s a question i posted this on the newly new purchased random form and someone was asking you know can you compare them in person. So here is the profile of the rocketfish and the square. Oh twitch here is the profile between the stretch line twitch and the rocketfish and they are pretty much dead on brian on the facebook group. He said.

He got a pair of these recently too and he was able to switch the lenses too so he was able to basically put genuine twitch lenses in the rocketfish frame. And it was really no difference. So i would agree that these are oakley made there at least the same exact mold that can be sure of so now let s take a look at the lenses so i have my trot edition gas can 3d model as well as the rocketfish and this is the only 3d model that i have aside from this one now there s been the hobbit variation. There s been a tin tin variation.

It s been a few that i ve been out there but uh you know tron is actually one say it s one of my favorite movies. But i really enjoyed the original and the remake came out at mixed reviews. But i really liked it too so i was really excited to get this bear. It s kind of just one of those new things that i figured i just had to have so i did we at least the theater.

So it was kind of cool to see tron with the drawn glasses. I haven t seen anything since. I haven t even been to the theater center on came out because i don t go that often but uh just look at the lenses here i do notice that the clarity on the gas can is a little bit higher. So just looking at this versus.

Looking at this i do get a little bit of ghosting..

A little bit of hazing or as this one is crystal clear so they both say they have locally optics. Again brian. Who took out the lenses. Said they were a lot thinner on the rocket fish.

So i would say the lenses probably are not the same and just by looking at these two yeah. I definitely say that this one has a higher build quality and of course. This one goes for 150. This one went for msrp you 60 40 whatever you could get it for so i mean for a twelve dollar investment versus a 150 you can t complain that much i believe this was meant specifically for passive 3d tvs this probably would also work with passive 3d theater experiences to will not work on i mix and neither will be because i m not meant for that the imax 3d technology uses sort of a spherical polarizing filter whereas these are more just linear so.

That s a brief overview of the rocketfish compared to the 3do optics. From the gas can as well as the other twitch models. Hope you enjoy that and i will get another video out soon. ” .


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