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“Everyone desta here as most of us. Know that gtx 980ti has been revealed by by nvidia. They came back to the 25 faster than the last year flagship. Do 1080 and even faster than their top notch titan x.

Pascal. They have redesigned the air cooler for better cooling and removed. The de dvid slot for increased air flow and the new 7 phase power delivery system. Which increases power efficiency at high usage.

It is using gp 102..

Pascal used as same in titanic s pascal with 3584 cuda goes with massive 11 gigabytes of vram with a boost clock of 1600 megahertz. Nvidia also announced that they have reduced the price of duty x 1080 by hundred dollars for more gamers to afford it and this new base table reviewed once it is available and gets into the hand of reviewers. This new graphics card can be a market saturday in defense by nvidia. Because in the end.

It all comes down to the business and maybe. That s why nvidia has reduced the price of duty x 1080 because the new amd vega is just around the corner. And this move may help nvidia in some way or the other please don t mind this a lot cause. These commands are purely on my personal thinking and can be wrong.

But it seems like nvidia was waiting till..

The amd makes their first move most of us has seen the sudden change in cpu market. As people are now considering amd as the they are back in the game with the attend. Most bang for the buck concept they knew the sweet spot and they have targeted the consumer liner for processors. But this new graphic card will play a huge role as amd is also about to reveal their new lineup and that could definitely make some waves in gpu market.

Nvidia also revealed there the extra game box technology. We all have seen at amd gpus performing better indirect extra titles. Whereas nvidia was still working with their directx. 11.


But now they have moved their libraries to directx. 12. Which will help developers for much more optimization and taking out performance from every ounce of juice available in your pc. This tells that now new driver upgrades may increase performance in directx.

12. They have also revealed their new and after matt. Which will recognize the problem of the crash of a game and send it to nvidia. If the user wanted two different boat partners like evga msi.

Have also released pictures of their custom cooler on their new beast..

This card will be released on mass 10th in uk as in priced off 699. So let s wait and see. If this new card will be a good step in fighting. Vega or amd will be still able to make the market in tough fight in a few days.

Thank you guys for watching hit like if you learn something comment down below your opinion on the amd coming back in the market subscribe to this channel for more future videos. This is just tech. ” ..


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