Nuwave Brio 10 Quart Air Fryer Full Review and How to use it

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“Welcome to my kitchen. It s your favorite cooker. Be today. We re gonna be be doing a product review on the new wave real airfryer.

10 quart now. I the new wave burial air fryer. 3. Quart.

And it cooks really good the only big downfall on that one it was just too small for me so i decided you know what i m gonna go upgrade. And i was looking at the 6 quart but i think the 10 quart and i say you know what that s the one i gotta get so i ended up buying it the 10 quart. So let s get down in the review. Let me show you everything get it comes with it and how to use it okay so here s our owner s manual.

But before we get into the owner s manual. If you re gonna be looking for one of these air fryers. I have a link in the description. So that way you can pick yourself up one of these and trust me.

I m gonna be putting out a lot of recipes onto this so that way you can see those in the future. But the the owner s manual just as the 3 quart. It has all the information which i m gonna be going over a lot of how to use this and i would probably use it mostly in manual mode. But there is some features that actually caught my eye like the the searing function and the stages and the programming in the back of everything and you know it s always good to read the owner s manual.

Because it tells you how to also set up everything and how to maintain your air fryer. So you can always read your owners mail. But the best part that i love is the back you have all kinds of recipes back here and this is gold right here to me this is awesome. Because i can kind of go buy pretty much a basic recipe.

The thing that they have designed for the air fryer like the last review that i did on the 3 quart. I did the home fries recipe that came out really good you know i added. I took the basic recipe. I added my own things so these are you know this just basically gives you ideas and you can basically you know customize you know your meal to how you want it so yeah.

I love looking at these things you know look at you know their cages. I mean that looks delicious we re looking at chimichurri i love chimichurri with steak really delicious meal. I would love to try that so yeah. This is like my favorite portion you know now this one you know you have the option for the rotisserie also and you know skewers a really really awesome feature you know i m gonna definitely look over this and see what else i can add into my recipe book so yeah.

Read the owner s manual has a lot of information. All right so in the box. This is what you get and then once you pull that out you have everything on the inside. The cool thing about this is it has a locking feature for the lid that can be good or bad.

You know. It is a plastic moving part and it could probably be some issues later on down the road but for the most part i like that because you can clean all underneath here on the other air fryer. It was really hard to get in there and you couldn t see if you actually cleaned it good so this right here i actually love this because i can actually clean it really good inside the air fryer you get a bunch of little accessories. Yeah.

If this does have rotisserie. So you have a little rotisserie bar. Here it also comes with some skewers little skewer sticks. Which the skewer sticks.

Actually just place right here on this little rack just that so slightly. If you wanted to do some..

Kebabs or something you have that option with these little skewer sticks. Then you have a rack. You know. This rack can be used either way so depending on how what you re cooking and the size of it is depending on what position you can put the basket in there you re using doing something bigger.

It may be something really big chicken thighs put it like this so that way it still has a little bit of a bottom there to let the grease drip and just play something on so or if you want a double rack. You could put it like this play some stuff on the bottom of the tray place this on top have some more up here on the top now for the tub. This thing is huge. I can easily put a full a whole chicken in there i actually plan on doing a whole chicken.

But yes you could do you could do a pork loin. You can do a whole chicken. You could do any pretty anything pretty much baby is doing here so sides of the tub thumbs up because this is actually what i was looking for the space. And everything you know the use of this and the rack.

You know i can be able to put probably triple of what i put out on the maybe quadruple. What i put out on the brio. The 3 quart. So yeah i m definitely loving the the size of everything now cool locking mechanism is you can t just open and close this you know which really helps because say like if you re pulling some hot stuff out this isn t going to close on you automatically you actually have to come over here.

And actually pull out to be able to close the lid okay. Compared to the three quart. This is way different okay on the three quarter. You only have the on and off you have your cooking temperature.

You had your cooking. Time you had your start button. Small. Which was integrated with spartan cancel your up and down buttons.

And preheat that s all you have on the three quart this one on the other hand. It has some new features it has the searing option program. I guess you can program. It to however you want to do it which i ll get into in a little bit stages where it ll go through different levels and temperatures and times.

As it cooks you have a warming feature. Like saying. If you wanted to heat up something yeah. It ll heat your food up to 155 degrees.

And then the feature that i truly love is the rotisserie so i can t wait to use that feature. I want to get a big chicken or or some type of roast and and just use that feature. There okay so i want to start off by showing you how to use it in manual mode. You hit your on and off button.

Just says the same as my 3 quart. Do you want to hit your spear. Cooking. Time so say.

If you wanted to put it something at 380 degrees. You go ahead and increase it to 380 degrees. Select your time do you want to do 12 minutes okay got your time and your temp already set all you want to do is just hit start and say a recipe called for you to pre heat your your air fryer you want to make sure you hit preheat before that okay say if one of your recipes called for you to pre heat. Your air fryer.

What you want to do is just go ahead and preheat and then you want to select your temperature let s say if you want to need it to be preheated at 360 degrees go ahead and hit your time. It s gonna say recommend you 15 minutes..

We ll just go ahead and hit start okay once your air fryer is preheated. You ll see a 5 right. There. That means you have 5 minutes to start cooking before it actually shuts down.

Ok. Let s look at the feature sear. Now. I ve read the manual sear is basically a default option.

It s going to be at 400 degrees for 8 minutes. You can t adjust this so. If you re gonna be serious. Something.

It s probably gonna give it that high heat and 8 minutes times to cook. It and it s really simple that s it so within 8 minutes. You can check to see about flipping whatever you re cooking. I would really have to play around on that part to see how good at sears.

But as you can see here. It s going really really high than normal then the preheat and the temperature cooked at it where i was able to adjust the temperature. I actually feel the air a lot hotter coming out of here. Yeah so this is probably like a really flash high heat.

So that way to give it that nice crust. But i will test that in the future. I m not gonna cook anything right now. But i would i am really interested in this option right here.

I want to see what that does ok so i m gonna talk about the program and stage button. These two buttons actually go hand in hand together the reason. Why i say that is because i say you have a specific recipe that you want to cook you can actually set it into your air fryer. Let s say you were cooking.

You re gonna be cooking. So. Maybe frozen food and you wanted to cook at a little bit of lower temperature. So that way it can go a little bit longer that way to thaw it out and then the next stage.

You want at the higher temperature. So that way it can give it a nice crisp have a certain temperature in 10. And time you can do that with this now. It s really easy to set up so to start it off because you want to hit stage.

Okay now you want to pick whatever time you want to say you re gonna be cooking something for 16 minutes at certain temperature. Okay so you want to go ahead and now you want to select your temperature you hit cooktown and let s say you want to cook it at 300 300 degrees. Kind of just to you know kind of thought out saying. This is for example.

If you re using like frozen food. You know like frozen chicken or something you know like a big piece of meat because if you actually put that high it s gonna make it crispy. And it s not gonna cook. It all the way so in this case.

You have a lower temperature. It kind of thought it out after you know a while to start cooking it..

But it s not cooking it real fast and then that way you could change the stage now you know so it s at 3 300 degrees at 16 minutes now you want to go to stage 2. Now this is where you want to up the temperature. Say that 380 degrees. And you want to cook that for maybe.

Say you re just gonna be given an acquit a quick crisp. So you want to put that say for maybe eight minutes. Okay so you just go ahead and go through your second stage. That s already set now you want to hit program.

Okay so you want to select up one. So you have the number one here so once i hit program again that s going to save. It okay. So now say i want to go back to the program and this it now it already has it so if i hit one and start it s gonna say 24 minutes.

But it goes through the cycle of the cook so the first 16 minutes it s gonna be at 300 degrees. I believe that s what i said it at 300 degrees and then the last eight minutes. It s going to cook it at the three hundred and eighty degrees. So that s a really cool cool feature.

There i might use it every now and then. But i really probably would not probably just do the manual settings that way i could keep an eye on my food. I like to open it up and actually check it but if it s something that you ve already cooked before and you know exactly that s the time and temperature. That it needs very simple to set up cool feature.

I like that part alright let s talk about the warm feature by default it s gonna be two minutes at 155 degrees. You can change the time but you can t change the temperature really depends what you re trying to heat up maybe like a really slow cook or whatever. But you can actually keep this up at for 24 hours. I m not sure exactly what you d want to be cooking that long on this device.

If there s if i find something i will definitely try it out and see what exactly and needs to be warmed up for 24 hours. But you can actually change this to by default that s two minutes. But like i said you can actually bring this up to 24 hours. Which i ll show you right now so as you see it s 24.

That s actually hours and i made a mistake and by saying two minutes. It s actually starts off by default two hours so yeah you can heat something up at 155 degrees from either two hours or 24 hours. I think you could go lower let s find that out so yeah. There you have it it s at one minute.

So you can actually bring it from one minute or up to 24 hours. So i don t see an option for that i don t know i would have to actually find something that i would actually want heated up that long maybe like a 10 minute. You know if i m like heating up a roast or something or a little pizza. I think that d be you know kind of cool to get up like a little frozen pizza.

But other than that i think. 24 hours is just kind of overkill. I think it would be super dehydrated and yeah. But yeah if you re looking to heat up.

Something you have that option okay for the feature that i m excited for is the rotisserie. I want i really want to try that i want to see how a whole chicken comes out in this thing on the rotisserie so to simply set up your rotisserie you just hit rotisserie whatever temperature you d like if you want it a little bit lower over temperature maybe like a 2 9. You want to cook the chicken for maybe about an hour and a half or so maybe two hours you just go ahead and hit temperature set your temperature that the at the temperature that you re looking for you know say 290 say you want to cook it for three hours you know i have to hold it so we re at two hour mark 253. Okay and let s go back so.

Three hours and you re just hit start you can also set up a stage for your rotisserie. Now..

See maybe your chicken was frozen you want to thaw it out or you just want to do a two stage. You know temperature you know and timing on the rotisserie you can actually do that to do so you want to hit stage rotisserie select your temperature say it s a frozen piece of meat and you want to cook. It a little bit lower over temperature go ahead and set let s say 250 250. Okay.

And we re gonna do that for about say frozen. Send let s do that for about 45 minutes. Now for stage 2. You want to actually cook this a maybe 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

So that s where you ll pick that temperature 350 degrees. And then cook time say 45 minutes. And you just go ahead and set that so you have two stages already set and you just hit start as it shows you total time. Cook.

Time is an hour of 45 minutes. Right now is showing temperature 250 degrees. Time 45 minutes. Okay.

So we have our rotisserie attachment. Right one side. You have the little square. Which it goes into this little spot and then on the other side.

You have a little indent with like a little round section. So basically that goes on this part right here. So. All you have to do to insert your rotisserie just put it in like that and just just as so okay.

One cool feature. I love about this is it has a window here at the top. So that way i can see my food cooking. Okay at the top of the airfryer you have this little portion right here.

It s your vent you can have it open. Which that would be the traditional air fryer experience basically let out all the moisture and the the air out if you close that it ll keep the moisture in there. So you probably want to do that maybe for like the rotisserie depending on what you re trying to cook. I guess maybe like as a pressure cooker style setup.

But yeah true air fryer experience you want that open that s what owner s manual says to close it it says it ll keep the moisture in there so just a little tip. So that s everything that the new wave real air fryer. 10. Quart has i hope you enjoyed the review and i hope it had a lot of information for you i am gonna be doing a lot of cooking on this thing.

So stay tuned. If you re new to my channel hit the subscribe button so that we can see some of the dishes that i m gonna be putting out with this and if you like the video smash that thumbs up and if you have any questions or you just want to talk anything about this device. Go ahead and leave a comment down in the comment section. Thank.

You so much for watching take care and be beautiful. ” ..

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