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“Video is going to cover nimble scheduling. We re gonna cover sip six topics today today how to check and update your time zone. How to update your personal info. To request to shift how to clock in and out.

How to view your weekly schedule. How to use the dashboard functionality. So to check your time zone..


You go to your profile. Scroll down to the bottom. And you can see a time zone listed make sure that this is updated to the your correct time zone. And while you re here on your profile.

Make sure that your information is up to date. Once you ve done all that click the update button in the top right corner when requesting a shift you go to the request tabs your schedule will have been already given to us by the local lead mentor. But if you ve been requested to take additional shifts or you have additional time you can go to the request shift ad..


Here. You the location will always be coders trust headquarters. Your the positions. Available will be you know code mentor or live class or if you re a student of fear affairs or career advisor.

Those will also show up here select the start time and the end time those will be in your local time zone in the in the comment field fill out the reason for this requests and any information that the admin needs to use once you submit the request this will either be approved or denied by the admin. A lot of the any of the unfilled shifts will also show up in the shifts. Available tab so you can see those in your local time zone..


And if you ve been asked or have the time to pick up those shifts you can come here and select pick up and that request will be approved or denied by the admin as well when it comes time to start your shift you need to go to the time clock tab at the beginning of your shift clock in after you ve given your your hours on intercom. You need to come back to this tab and select clock out these hours are used to track to make sure that people are fulfilling their scheduled obligation and to track the total hours worked for different users. This the schedule is where you can come to view your weekly schedule. You can also use this tab to trade find a replacement or request a shift change for any of your schedule.

The dashboard also has some useful functionality you can see the hours you re scheduled to work the hours you ve already worked and the shifts assigned to you over a given period of time. You can also see who s on the entire shift across all positions encoders trust for the for the given period of time or for today. If you have any questions about this make sure to write laurent..


Patricia or tatiana. It is crucial that people begin to put their schedules here follow the schedules. They ve been assigned and show up for those shifts. We are beginning to track this and in our effort to provide 24 hour global support.

It is absolutely necessary that everyone uses this tool. ” ..

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