Nikon P300 Hands-on Review (feat. Canon S95)

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“Convicts rangers aren t being icons weakest asset well not arguably it is the weakest weakest crap pics in fact but recently nick on has been trying to change things spicing up their range to try and put the call back into the core pics is supposedly geared up for low light shooting what would is backside. Illuminated 12 megapixels sensor and a maximum out. 2f. 18 it s also got 42.

Times. Zoom as well this is the nikon p300. A camera that promises to offer a lot in a compact body could this be the savior of the cortex range. So obviously we ve come out at nighttime to test out the capabilities of this camera.

Dr. Koh zoom. Gives you an equivalent focal range. From a wide.

24. Millimeters up to 100 millimeters in 1 35. Format. There you go big guy you it almost a photographer a bit more control.

What was the pas mot and you ve got dual control. Dials..

Here. Although. The problem is is that it covers up half of your screen. How annoying and the screen is really quite superb big and bright 3 inch with 921000.

Dots. Why don t i just use two of these to view the world through the lcd screens that s all i need now this should be quite testing for the white balance. Even locke doesn t know what preset to go for there s no subjects. Where is everybody the pleasant little performer folks is quite nicely and we can get lamby.

She looks lost and again. There you go. She should be in the hong kong. Olympics team lovely or chocolate arguably one of the most interesting additions to this is full hd.

This little camera has got 1080p video recording and the video quality is really quite decent even at night and certainly the of course. Dave lighting helps to keep things reasonably still well. Then you ve got some really interesting. Frame rate options as well as well as the ba gold standard.

30 frames per. Second..

You ve got 120 and vga mode. And 60 to 720p as well as a 15 frames per second in 1080p try that out some really weird artistic. This cedar s will probably quite a goodbye if this had never been invented what i both cameras are advertised in the similar fashion over here that both marked it as great night cameras and they do this by blowing smoke up your memory card slot. The styling of the canon is just sneaker you look at an icon with this weird strip of rubber here it doesn t look very nice and when you ve put in your hands.

It just feels a bit cheap and tacky and embarrassing. I like this little twilly dial on the canon s95. Where s nick on is opted for a top plate dial. The nikon is just uglier let s face it and it s not only that when you compare to startup times.

Although that s ridiculously slow oh absolutely fresh by the cannon. But it s not complete miserable failure and the nichols par see if you take the startup image off of the nikon its kind of comparable. But the difference is not only externally. The sensors are different in size.

The canon has the bigger sensor and if you want to get shallow depth of field well. You can t really get it on the compact camera. But this has a better chance of getting that oh good. But you know comparing the shallow depth filled with these two is just pointless to be honest.

I mean the compact cameras if you want porkalicious photos just get dslr. But that s all twaddle you can t get that kind of effect from these compact cameras..

Let me show you when you zoom. It the maximum aperture goes up. So. Now i can only get three point.

Seven here. Which is not enough light for me well. It s perfectly normal to film that ad in a beautifully cinematic way. But they try to trick in order to bottle that the technology will out and get beautifully porkalicious night shots that look like they re cinematic stills.

Ready. I m ready for you so now we re going for wide angle to get the maximum aperture of f. 18. Let s see the fingers use a wide angle everything is in focus.

Anyway. Okay. When you re ready well. The fact is they are just screen caps from the video.

Which was taken on the rather expensive. Equipment i can bump up the iso..

3200 an aperture like. F. 49. I could only get maximum fast shutter speed of 24 seconds.

Which is not only possible despite misleading ads. The p300 really is a decent camera with a reasonable amount of control features and noise performance with compact camera. But if i was looking for a high end compact. Almost definitely go for the canon s.

94. In first so to get good noise comparison shots. We really need stable shots. The same subject and that doesn t help when the subject is jumping about so we re going to take a picture of some bugger.

There we go well this is the only way i can get bo care from these two cameras here we go the neck on performs very nicely. Although the largest sense of the canon is a bit cleaner at higher isos. ” ..


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