Nikon D750 and Lens Price on Amazon, Room to profit as a seller?

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“To the good free photos channel. Everyone today. We re going to talk about something something a little weirder. It s gonna be like a possible profit opportunity buying and the cameras on amazon and it s gonna bring a guard.

The nikon d750 and the lens now if you look at the canon 6d mark ii with the canon 24 to 105 millimeter usm. Lens it is 3000. 99. Now the 60 mark ii for those who don t know is 1999 dollars.

If you buy it by itself and the lens is 1000. 99. By itself. So if you add the two together you get the price of three thousand and ninety nine dollars exactly it s basically the body plus the lens to the penny.

But if you look at the. Nikon it. D750 it is one thousand seven and ninety. 695.


Just for the body and the lens. That comes with it is the nikon af s. Fx. Nikkor.

24. 120 f of four. And it is one thousand ninety six dollars. So basically the lens is 1100 by itself the camera is 1800 by itself so together.

It wouldn t make sense that they would cost twenty nine hundred dollars kind of like the. Canon but together they only cost 2300. Now that s a pretty big deal because there s a 600 gap in there. Where you can possibly make profit.

Now. I know this isn t an era where the pricing from nikon. Because i bought this camera almost two years ago. And it was the exact same price so they know what they re doing here.


But the weird thing is the nikon d750 or any other camera with any other lens is basically the camera plus. The lens price except for this one there seems to be a 600 discount. If you buy the lens with a camera now it is a very high quality lens. It is the lens.

I use the most in all sorts of photography. So it is not a crappy lens at all it is actually quite a good lens. But there might be room for you to make profit here. Because if you buy the package of the d750 plus.

The 24 to 120 millimeter and you sell them separately. But that s a 600 difference. Now the thing about selling them separately is you can sell them completely new on amazon and not use like there are like you know used and new from however many dollars from the lens and the camera. But you can sell them completely new because you don t even have to open the package you just buy it and they do come in separate boxes.

The lens in the camera. Because i have bought this package. Before and they do come and send boxes you just buy it and then repackage them well you don t even have to repack them keep them their original packaging. Just rewrap them in different shipping boxes and sell them.


And you know the package together only cost two thousand two hundred ninety six dollars. So let s say you can sell the camera body for you know instead of a thousand eight hundred you can sell it for 1650. And then you can sell a lens for maybe you know it cost 11 new you can sell it for nine hundred dollars and that would leave you with twenty five fifty which is still two hundred and fifty dollars more than this package combined now you all have to pay the shipping. So i don t exactly know how much that is and i don t know how much amazon actually takes.

But with the 250 to 350 to 300 window. You should be able to make at least some profit from reselling. The parts buying the whole and then reselling the parts separately and i think if you give like you know a 10 maybe a 15 discount on the front on the parts. Separately.

You still can sell them. Because unlike. The people who are selling used lenses and cameras you re selling a completely new one. I think you have to have a pretty good amazon reading.

But if you have that you could definitely make some money buying the package. I think and then reselling the two parts individually. Because there are a lot of buyers for this gear. However the lens will be a pretty tough sell honestly because this is the lens probably people buying the most often with the camera.


But there are plenty of people who buy the d750 without the lens and just buy it with some other lens and need a lens later. And there are people who still buy the 610 or the 800 or maybe. Even the 850 just the body and now they need a lens. You know there s plenty people who just buy the camera body in the lens.

So i don t know i think this is maybe an opportunity what do you guys think because there is a 600 gap between the parts separately and the parts. Together and this is the first time like really in a camera sound where i ve seen a gap that big so do you guys think you can actually make money from this. I know it s not a mistake from an icon because they ve pressed it at this forever. Do you think you guys can actually make some money doing this you think i m wrong what do you think put it in the comments below.

And yeah. Let me know if any of you who tried this and is it a profitable adventure. Thank you and i ” ..


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