Nikon Coolpix L120 Review

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“What s up guys reckon hear from raccoons corner calm in this video. I would would be reviewing the nikon coolpix l120. First of all i want to point out. It has 21 wide zoom.

14. Is 14 point. 1 megapixels. And it runs on four double a batteries in this compartment.

And it has an sd card slot tripod mount um. There s information about it here s a speaker. It looks nice other quality of it looks pretty professional to pop up the flash press this button there and that pops up and this is how you can zoom in like that or like zoom out like that and you can also do the same thing here. And i love this drop here that it comes with now let s go ahead.

Here and turn it on the speaker and probably already said that in wait before i turn it on just how you record videos. You can go to scene. Mode. View.

The photos. Flash settings. Exposure settings macro mode self timer. Which i can i think it s only 10 seconds menu and then delete button alright let s turn it on okay well my battery s exhausted so i m gonna go get new batteries and we can continue with the review.

Okay guys..

What s up i m back again and i got a new battery so let s right turn this bad boy on shall we i m a picture of myself. Which is a pretty cool feature now right now. It s set to auto mode. And i have the color set to black and white.

Which there is a scene mode. That says black and white copy. I would not suggest that at all it s better if you do it this way. And you can prop up the flash.

And everything it takes really good pictures and there here is well i got to change it from multi shot. Well actually here. I ll test out this is what the most right multi shot. 16.

Does it s pretty cool. I guess um color options this vivid standard black and white sepia incentive type. I m going to go back to standard here and you can change the image mode. Oopsies.

You change the image mode. Here to 14 megapixel thing. I did again for some reason. It s not letting me do it i think.

It s because of the multi shot..

So let me turn that off really quick. I never figured out what b as housing continuous. Does did but i m sure i will here s the iso sensitivity. The higher the faster the shutter speed basically that s the only way to choose the subject beat.

Sadly here s image mode. This is i think enhanced 14 megapixels. 14. Megapixels.

8. Mega. 5. 3.

Pc. Vga and 16. 9. Widescreen.

Which let me take a picture with this so there you go. It s widescreen and i got the date stamp on this and everything and let s go through the scene modes of course. This is auto which i think is maybe the best model in this camera sport continuous smart portrait. Which is pretty cool because if i go here.

I ll take a picture..

It automatically teaches picture. If you re smiling so i m going to smile for the camera and show you the picture wait for it it kind of weird there we go i got it there i am right there in front of my kodak camera zi8 which i m going to be sewing probably anyways go to scene mode here s all the other ones. There is portrait landscape night portrait party indoor beach. No sunset dust all night close up food museum firework black and white copy.

Matte gliding pan panorama assist in pep portrait. Now if you want to do i don t know um basically. I just use mess around with the auto. If you want to take pictures.

Um. Because it s probably the better best setting on here. But you could try seeing if you want it s a to you the close up. Oh yeah for the close up.

There s a macro mode. Which should probably help with that too i just turned it on and anyways here s the zooming in and that s the all the amount of zoom and then if you want to go over it goes to digital which takes a. I can t really work it right now it s a set moment. But there s a line right there and when it goes to that line that means.

It s the maximum optical and then any further would be digital zoom. And it s pretty great and you just press up on to record. And there is just go to the menu here image mode of course white balance you can set that to pretty and it ll like examine where you are measuring take a quick pitch in and it got it now. It s set to pre and then there s continuous and here s the movie option 720p which i guess it s okay.

But i m sure there s better cameras that do better quality..

There s iframe in vga electronic. Vibration reduction. With noise reduction. Enhance resolution.

The electronic vr. I would have off because if you zoom in more. It gets shaky welcome screen times. I m under settings print.

Date. Vibration reduction. Or maybe. That is it i don t know how much sure motion detection autofocus assistant.

Some settings and all this other settings. So it s basically it for this review guys i m sorry if it was long but that s cool setting to please visit my blog raccoons corner compliment twitter twittercom. Slash raccoon tech and subscribe to this video as i appreciate it and you can check me out on facebook facebookcom. Slash raccoons corner google g akio sauce records corn all right peace out guys i hope you ” .


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