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” s first talking a little tom brady. Most people who watch brady compete last season. Season. Didn t see the usual play of this sixth time super bowl champ not jam jason light.

He saw a vintage brady saying quote. The tape to us showed that he had plenty of on so nick. What s more likely for brady this season in tampa bay mvp level season or he might struggle mightily season well if there if those are the only two doors. I can walk through then every person with a brain will walk through that he ll struggle mightily now.

It probably is gonna be somewhere in the middle. But can we just show tom brady s play over the last four years instead of that carefully manicured highlight clip. Because you buying that stuff at age 43 cuz. I m not that shows a precipitous decline over the last two seasons.

A gradual decline for over the last three seasons and now one would imagine. It s gonna continue to trend in that direction so kevin if the only options available to me are tom brady. All of a sudden has that line graph shoot all the way back up to 2017 mvp level or it continues down to where he would be struggling mightily of course. I m gonna say it s more likely that he struggles mightily well.

I m trying to think about how the bruce arians factor ways into this i actually think tom brady is going to make bruce arians a much better coach so he ll do this by pulling the weeds on his offense. When you look at turnover worthy plays. Since 2006. Jameis had 40 last year.

Carson palmer had 40 in 2013. Andrew luck had 40 in 2012. Those are all in their first year varian s now i think tom brady is going to be more like a starting pitcher in baseball he s gonna look at this play and be like nope and they look another play like nope..


He s gonna take a few of those plays and throw them in the garbage. And he ll keep the good ariens plays and throw the bad ones away in that good hit like a jamis esque season. Without any of the turnovers greg are you buying that at all i m buying it to a degree. I think he s gonna fall somewhere in the middle like oh great that s great if if i had to pick.

I would say he s going to err closer to an mvp level. And the reason. Why is simply because of the weapons around him and the opportunities that he that he s going to be afforded. If he s when you are a player that s been counted out and you have had success it s hard to literally eliminate the will of a champion and to say that they won t be able to succeed and make what they won t do and they will start to struggle mightily and so for me to sit here and say tom brady will struggle mildly because what has what nick you showed everything kind of trending down.

Yeah that might be the case his level of play may not be at the highest of heights. But it may be just good enough for us to say tom brady in the tampa bay buccaneers. Our special team next year can i just remind everyone that jameis winston was sacked 47 times last year ready ready likes to get the ball out early so he s gonna he s gonna be in for it with that offensive line. But listen.

Bucs jam also went on to say we feel like he could play for over two years for us all. We ve heard from brady is i want to play till. I m 45. We haven t heard past that because it seems preposterous to think about but nick and brady play more than two years for tampa bay.

Well they owe more than two years. Whether it s for tampa bay or someone else because this obviously is kevin wilds. Ultimate dream brady plays two years for tampa and still has a lot left in the tank and in science for the age forty five season. His you know his final victory lap around the nfl with the new england patriots after they ve had two years of stidham or or whomever.

They re going with but again if you re offering me two doors. One is that brady gets another contract after this one and the other is that brady does not make it through this contract. Then obviously door number two is the smarter bet..


Like what is more likely that brady in two years is good enough to still be a starting quarterback as his goal is to play three more years in the nfl or that after one year in tampa. He s we re all looking around the room. And most importantly jason lights looking around the room. Like yeah wait it s all guaranteed for the year.

All of it 25 million like obviously that s more likely. It s the same way wilds again. It s probably somewhere in the middle. But it s the same way if there s two doors brady s the best quarterback in the division with brees ryan and bridgewater or brady s the worst quarterback in division with brees ryan and bridgewater.

If it has to be one of those two doors. It is also door number two i feel like all evidence points to that kevin was jenna can i be totally honest. I have thought about him coming back to new england like brian hoyer has been on the team three times. We brought back ben watson so when i saw that he only signed for two years.

He has a no trade clause. He s got a can t franchise him i was like maybe he ll come back maybe he could come back. I also want to take a opportunity. Although i love brady with all my heart and soul playing the past year for t is really warren moons thing and we got i got a great stat from dusty our researcher.

He said prior to 1996 no quarterback 40 or above has started six games since then it s kind of like the norm. I think there s 13. There s 16 or 13 13. Dusty 13 quarterbacks have started and then you ve got right on the cusp philip rivers big ben aaron rodgers says he s wants to play italy 40.

So now it s like i could see brady going further as there s a bunch of quarterbacks that just are turning 40 and keep playing greg. You said you talked about the will of a champion. And you can t take that out of someone and if they ve got the will to win they re gonna win they re gonna succeed there is enough will in his arm you know it doesn t have willingness pliability and his durability..


You know a lot about that i mean these are real legitimate issues to consider as you get older. I mean no quarterbacks. Yeah. They re playing a little older.

But 43 44. 45. Now you re just i mean father. Time is not setting in it has said it no no it s definitely setting in it obviously has not set in because he s still out here playing and he s on under contract with the tampa bay.

Buccaneers. However you have to take into consideration that you have lyman you have receivers you have running backs. You have all these other guys who are depending on you. But also who now you are depending on to make you better and that s what tom brady is banking on he s not going down the tampa bay with the same mentality.

That he had ten years ago. Saying. I m the guy put the ball in my hands and i ll make everything right no these offensive linemen are gonna take ownership we re gonna see some great play we re gonna see some poor play. But more than not we re gonna see them stepping up to the plate to make sure tom brady s uniform stays clean because they understand just like we do he is older.

He can t take those hits. We can t allow him to hit the ground. We can t allow him to hold on to the ball and be under the rest every time. He drops back now some of that is there going to be out of their hands to avoid.

But for the most part. This is gonna be the mentality of everyone across that dad roster and specifically on that offensive side of the ball is that we have to do whatever we can to make sure this works not only for tom brady. But for us because we ve never won we haven t won i m not talking about the books that did win this team right now this last twelve years they have not experienced any amount of success and they want it desperately so i think they re gonna do whatever it takes to make sure into in short brady is healthy and gives them that best chance nick quickly even if that means changing..


Bruce arians system right well yeah. I think there ll be adjustments. But i just again maybe i m a prisoner of logic men typically don t get better at anything in their mid 40s like there s not a thing guys typically do it s like you know when i was at my best 46 years old no bra like you are at in your 40s. You re typically trying to just maintain the level you achieved either in your late 20s or mid 30s depending on what activity.

It is we re talking about here so the idea that brady is going to recapture his youth. I just don t see it under any offense bruce arians or otherwise all right we re gonna take a break. We ll discuss the virtues of men and women getting older another time coming up welcome back first things first time now for a but first sponsored by delta faucet patriots fullback done vitaliy one of many up to the latest challenge going around the internet ready for this thousand push ups an hour that s about 17 push ups a minute and nick before you poke fun at me for bragging that i can do this i cannot do this. But you know who else cannot do this you but we ll let our audience spin on a little secret.

You ve been working out trying to buff up just a little bit in your quarantine time you re working yourself tough not to a thousand one hundred and fifty right my friend and guess what you and i have a lot in genomic cuz. I m right there with you 150 well okay first of all jenna wolf let me compliment you not for your physique. Which is always impressive. But because you were honest here total upset biggest upset of the week.

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Ah boy that is pure ” ..

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