Nanoleaf Aurora RGB Light Panels – New Craze?

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” s up guys a random. Frank p. Today. We re gonna be checking out these these nano leaf aurora light panels and these are all the craves right now as host of room tour project.

I ve been seeing these in more and more submissions and amongst. The tech community. These are growing in popularity like no one s business. You re starting to see a lot more youtubers have them.

But what s the big deal are they worth that 200 our price point what s their main purpose. Really so in this video. We re gonna take a look at them i ll talk about its features in my overall opinion on these nano leaf aurora panels first off in the box you get nine individual triangular panels. I picked them up for my local best buy like i said for a 200 price tag.

Which is kind of ridiculous in my opinion inside the box everything is packaged nicely so nothing gets damaged and in this kit. We have the nine panels the little connecting nano chips. I like the column this is what s going to connect each panel to each other you get a ton of 3m sticky tape to attach these to the wall. Or whatever surface you re using them on plus.

The power brick at first glance. These panels are very thin and lightweight and now it s probably. The main focus here considering you have to actually mount these then on each side of the triangular panels. There s a little cutout for where the chip is gonna go like i mentioned.

These little chips or how you connect all the panels to each other. And that s what s going to really connect them all then from here you really have the creativity to design whatever pattern you want since only one side has to be connected to the next panel. You definitely have some freedom here to kind of make whatever pattern you please since we have nine panels..


We are kind of limited to the design choices. But there are certain extension kits out there you can buy more panels. Then once you connect to be a little power panel to one of the sides. It s going to light everything up on that main panel.

There is a power button plus an effect and color changing button if you don t want to use the app. But i highly recommend it as you can see now i have them mounted above my monitors and above my setup overall and it really adds a cool new look to my setup. I think and at night time it still lights up my entire room and even part of the living room right outside now. I m going to show you a quick run through of the and i want to kill all my lights and you can see just how bright.

These really are it s very vivid and saturated so you re not getting dull lights or dully colored lights. These are the real deal now when you go inside the app. You have a lot of room and freedom to change up the colors each individual panel going through you have things like color burst flame. Just gonna give you a lot of you know reddish and oranges colors the forest is gonna show off a lot of green hues inner peace is gonna be more cool tones nemo is orange in white northern lights is again more of like an rgb rainbow.

Way if romantic is a lot of pinks and purples and snowfall is really cool. It s what i was showing off with the bluish and white panels. Flashing also in the scenes. You can see there s an arrive home and good morning good night and leave home you can set these to toggle like when you leave the house lights will shut off so you want these you have these in your.

Bedroom and once 7 am hits. They will turn on and shine very bright in your room the next tab for rooms is gonna show off really whatever rooms you have these connected in so you can have multiple panels set up. But the main aurora tab is where you re gonna have all the freedom to really change up and mess with your color effects you can go through and select each panel. Individually and change the color from one of the palettes or go in and make your own custom color.

They also have certain recommended palettes for you to pick from if you like a certain color scheme and on the bottom is the transitions where it shows. None where it s just gonna be flashing the one static color random is gonna post your panels in all different colors you have flow wheel highlight fade and burst. Those are all just different really shining and pulsing effects for your lights..


Then on the bottom for the options you can go through and change. The direction. Whether it s like in a wheel pattern again up and down left or right gives you a lot of choices. And one thing.

I really like is it shows your pattern that you ve created in real time. So whatever design you make it ll appear there on the app. And if you disconnect one and cut it into a different area that will then also appear right there on the live feed. The app is just really user friendly and intuitive to give you the tools to really create whatever color or effect you want.

But now i m gonna talk about my overall experience. We re gonna talk about really all the things that i want to kind of vent about with these lights. Like i mentioned these are the new craze you re seeing them with a lot of tech youtubers out there however when i bought these i honestly bought them too do this to make you review for you guys talk about the craze to dismiss them and then probably return them. But they re definitely growing on me.

And i m not proud to say that 200 bucks is just crazy. I don t like the fact that i even spent 200 for these. But now that i haven t set up now that i see what they re fully capable of and just how cool they look. I kind of want to keep them.

And it s funny because the only main purpose. They really serve is to aesthetically add some more color and pop to my setup. Honestly when i m in this room editing or something i don t care what the room looks like this is only gonna really appeal to i guess you guys out there the viewers. So i can have this in the background of certain videos.

And it s gonna add some extra color and pop to my background. So yes they re extremely bright. They re very saturated in color they look nice they re thin..


That s all great. But there were some cons that i want to talk about first and foremost. I already mentioned it 200 bucks is ridiculous the second con which happened infrequently. But it kind of annoyed me when i was setting up and filming some of these shots.

When i had the app up and running if i would close out of the app or you know turn my phone s screen off. Sometimes. The lighting effects would just pause. Didn t happen too much.

But it happened enough where it was very annoying. While i was filming this ad to get the shot back over not too sure what s up with that maybe there s a firmware update coming out soon that would really fix that i didn t want to point that out the third con. I wanted to mention was the mounting process. If you re putting these above your setup.

Like i did or somewhere. In your room. You are gonna have a cable coming down. Which is definitely gonna be an eyesore thankfully.

It is white so you can t really notice it on my setup. But i m just someone who is you know extremely cautious about cable management i hate cables anywhere so that was kind of annoying and then we also had like i said we had these very tiny nano chips. We re just gonna connect all the light panels together they re so small they re so thin. And once you have the entire unit built up whatever design.

It does have some weight. And it s kind of flimsy. Because you have all these panels connected to this one giant thing..


And this is the only thing keeping them together. So it was kind of annoying to have it all together and mount it on my wall. I used a lot of the 3m sticky tape and a lot of tape on the back. Just to go over the surface it doesn t fall off whatever when i was mounting.

I m still kind of nervous it gonna fall off my wall as it is but i think they could have thought of possibly a different or thicker or better way to connect them than just this because i m kind of nervous about them falling in the end you guys out there that consumers gonna have to decide if 200 is worth it just to add some extra color and pop to your setup. I feel like 98 you out there gonna say hell no there s also that 2 myself. Included and people in the tech community who do want to add some extra pop to their setups or their room just to make it look a little bit cooler and these are definitely going to achieve that but i just think it is a ridiculous price point and i m still up in the air. But i m gonna keep these or return them.

And i guess you ll find out in the next like month or so. If you still see these above my setup or not i just want to get this video out there had a lot of people asking me about these whether they re worth. It whether i recommend them or not and just a general what they re all about because i ve just seen them all over now and i just want to get a video out there for you guys who are interested in them hope you all liked my review of the nano leaf aurora light panels. I ll put the link to these in the description down below.

So you can check them out feel free to follow me on twitter at random. Frank p. Last. If you haven t already hit that subscribe button.

Well. I m random. Frank p. Hope you enjoyed ” .


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