My quest to find a Nintendo Classic Controller

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” s go hey everybody patton here today we are going to try and find that that nes classic controller. I was able to nab and nes classic. When they originally back in like november 2016. This almost been two years.

I was able to get a system from best buy i think i just got lucky one day when that website that notifies you when stuff is in stock now in stock. There you go when that beat that would crazy and ran right to my computer and got myself an nes classic. But the controllers were even harder to find i could not get a controller for anything so i am on the lookout for a second controller today. So it is june 29th debrie.

I m hoping this store with walmart because that s what s closest to me right now finger. If i can t find it in there that i will try targets of town. But we would that controller also welcome to flora where s either hotter what yo. We made it everybody and it s not even wet out well.

It s kind of wet out. It s now raining. So we made it to the electronic section. So let s take a look around see if we can find anything classic related.

Well unfortunately a walmart let me down. They didn t have any classic controllers. But they did have the system. So that s at least to start you can even find this thing.


When it first came out so no controllers here also waffles in there is kind of weird. I got to the electronic section. I m looking around i recorded a little bit it s obvious what i m doing i got a camera on a tripod where s this guy this girl approached me after i stopped recording. He said.

Hey can i help you with anything like yeah you got any nes classics. Oh. We got a ton how with the controllers. No like okay cool.

So i stick around i m looking around the retro section. And he doesn t leave if he just kind of stand in there. I m not recording or anything. I m just standing there looking at stuff.

And he stays there for like five minutes. I don t think they wanted me recording there. But they didn t say anything so he left i recorded a little bit more anyway now we re gonna head to our second spot. We re gonna take a look and see how toria does.

I was actually gonna pick up something from walmart. Things like the arcade cabinets and the head. This one that was purely megaman 2. I ve never seen anything.


But it looks like it s kind of clunky. I mean. It s got the two buttons and the joystick controller and i m not really good with joysticks. But i came here on a mission.

I m gonna stick to that mission i m not gonna buy anything i don t need maybe i haven t decided yet well i want that control. I definitely want to control her maybe if i don t find what a target. I ll be depressed enough to buy one of the arcade had to stop and get my tire changed. It was kind of wobbly and i figured it s about time anyway.

But the trick was coming on anyway back to the hunt welcome to florida all right so we made it to target. We re gonna try our chances here. It s still raining a little bit i m not waiting though i m gonna no. I m gonna find me a nintendo classic control.

I ve been waiting my whole life that s actually a gross exaggeration. I ve been waiting one year to get myself a second nes classic controller and i m not gonna let a little rain stop. Me let s go you all right so we struck out again and targets. I still have a couple more stores i can go to i m gonna check out best buy and i think there s another walmart around here.

But at least target was way better prepared. I mean they had the systems out for you to see they had a spot there for the controllers and let you see if they were there or not they said they were gonna get more soon next couple days. There s another shipment coming in so i might have to come back so we made it two best to buy this was actually in a store where i stood in line. I got my snes class.


So let s see how we do here i m starting to lose hope. But its best buy. So who knows well here s the system they get the system just sitting out on they got the 2 pack extension cable suites. So oh man best buy came through.

We got it we found there s another one i kind of want to get this one too just to have it. But i don t need it i ll leave it for something you know what and i m gonna pull it to the front here so they can see it cuz at first when i got here. I saw this you know i m grabbing this taking one of those so i saw this and i was like oh. They just got him said now they re not even behind a glass or nothing.

But i didn t even see that at first so we found that we finally have our nes classic controller. Our second one best buy yes came through again also the snes classics here. Some reason. This has a little electronic thing your honor.

But the nes classic didn t that s interesting anyway best buy again that comes through. I cannot believe it you know it s funny actually now that i m thinking about it i got my original nes classic online. At best buy. I got my snes classic standing in line.

At best. Buy and now i have a second controller from best buy best buy has come through every single time. I have needed them this is boss actually also i was able to get like five snes classics for bunch of like family and friends they had this deal where it was one per every like red. You know target red customer for some reason it didn t count one for me.


And i got like five. I spent a lot of money that day. But i sold them all to my family and friends. But best buy has come through every single time.

Anything i ve needed classic related. I got told got the controller today got the controller this this right here was the hardest thing to find in all of classic history. So far. I hope they keep coming out with more you know like all the classics and we got the extension cables.

Which is also cool. I wasn t even looking for these really i mean i kind of wanted him. But i didn t think i would find them so. Easy.

And they were only ten dollars for two six foot cables. Oh yeah guys definitely next time. If any other classic thing comes out. I m definitely going best buy first.

I m checking with them. I may have to take a day off from work depending on what it is but from now on i m starting with best buy everything neogeo classic and you sega coming out and if nintendo brings out any more systems. I m going write the best buy first ” ..


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