My Little Doomsday: Applecrack

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“Sooooooooo resorting to drug deal now hmmmmm. The apple farm hasn t been all that that profitable lately. So i needed to branch off a bit are you sure youn t followed. Oh well.

I think so well do you think so or do you know so i m not sellin till. I know for sure yes darling. I m pretty sure can i have my crack now well pretty sure isn t the same as completely sure were you followed or not just gimmie my drugs shit face shhhshshhh shut the fuck up ya dumb bitch oop too late we heard everything yeah so suck it also we followed rarity here. Rarity.

Adios dick weed ollies out come with us peacefully. Or we will use police. Brutality. Police.


Brutality deds. This is officer clip clop. I need backup. Oh shit.

The cops shut. It down code red code. Red burn. The evidence and run screaming oh god twilight.

I m in some deep shit applejack calm down. What happened it s the uhh. The apples just listen i need to hide for a little bit do you have some kinda spell for that what like a disguise. Uh.


Yeah. Sure well uhhh spike bring me a book on disguises book. Oh my god hurry up this book is in spanish. Everyone freeze ahaha.

How could i have done anything wrong. I ve been here with twilight. All day. No you haven t you just got here pls.

There s no where to run applejack you re surrounded nopony move. I ll i ll shoot you stay back you sick son of a bitch. What re your demands. Another hostage.


Dammit now y all. Listen here. I got three hostages. A loaded gun.

And i m pretty fuckin high for every minute. I don t have a helicopter i m killing a hostage oh god we re gonna die now hold on i have an idea so crazy it just might work ah my leverage applejack you have committed crimes against equestria. How do you plead not guilty by reason of insanity guilty woah that was intense like in tents get. It is applejack gonna be okay shit.

If i know oh hey twilight did you learn anything about friendship. Uuuuhhh. Don t be friends with criminals gee golly gosh. Thanks twilight.


Amazing job ehh good enough. What the fuck. Why is a pony. There oh shit piemations is going full brony he even made an oc god what a faggot unsubscribble.

Oh. Shit. What s dis now woah spooky such foreshadowing so dramatic woh. ” .


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