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“So in the last video. I was telling you guys i got accepted into design design school in berlin and we re going to move there and the fall and now i wanted to show you guys how i got into the school. What my thought process was as i did my portfolio and my portfolio itself so when i started with my portfolio. I read a lot and i prepared myself i read that s really important to start working on it about a year in advance.

I didn t have quite a year. So i worked on it for about eight months which was enough time for me. And i came in with these two folders which were in my leather bag. And he came in the two men who were interviewing me and they were confused they thought i forgot my portfolio nice to know so i ve got everything i need and so he came in i got this out of my bags and presented this and i started with this folder.

And i just showed the main information about myself my criteria and my history and then here. I had some stuff about the school so that i could show how i was prepared i knew about the school. I ve been reading about it i could answer any questions or say why i wanted to study at the school etc and then the second one sorry. I ve got something in my throat.

The whole time and the second one is something i just bought added like a dollar store. And it s just this portfolio or buffet room and german and super. Simple. I knew that i wanted to keep everything simple because many people come in there with these massive old school portfolios like they had you know that they ve been doing for years.

And i wanted to stand out a little. But i didn t want to be cheesy..

So i decided to do everything simple. I talked to some graphic designers and my dad gave me the idea about printing out a book. So that s the first thing you see when you open it we ll get back to that in just a sec. The other thing that i put out on a table super simple just simple put on some good.

Thick paper. It says videos printed it on there. And i had a sd card. That was taped on there of course.

The sd card is my camera right now. And it had two videos on it. Which will be one will be posted under the video as a link and the other one is the intro video to my blog. What you guys saw at the beginning of this video.

And then the next page is just a or. It was just my website wwe was calm. So i wanted that to come throughout everything that i was doing this whole vevo studios. When in water studios was for me it was important for me to see for them to see the red line through everything.

So that we started with this and then when he saw all of that my the two men who were interviewing me they said. Wow..

That s really simple and i use that opportunity and i could explain why it was simple because that was part of my idea my vision and i used that opportunity to explain and i thought that was pretty cool so i also have like a kind of a square format book that i could print off. I was i will post a link under this video. Where i printed it off because i could just buy one. It was for like 17 euros instead of buying like 50 books or 100 books or whatever.

So portfolio. Jacob ferguson. The front page is just an illustration of me i could explain about myself. This is an opportunity for me to explain who i am some things i do some hobbies etc.

Etc. And the next. One is some drawings and paintings. Just some stuff.

I did for my house our apartment here a banana a drawing. I did for someone else to the drawings he started flipping through these really quick. I didn t have much chance to explain anything about them because he flipped through them really fast are they okay should i be talking right now. But it would just wasn t very important and i ll get to that in just a second here s another some drawings that we did for our apartment.

Some kind of creative things that i did some with some pretty spread paint or different types of mediums and then we get to this part. This is where i design a logo and then he stopped here and this is where you started using his time..

And this is a chirality for our church. You can see them in the background. A key aspect out of our city that i have in the logo and some other logo ideas that i presented to the church at the time. We chose that one and did this logo and these cups are being used and so i just took that cup took a really good photo of it and put that here in my design and like i said this is where he started spending his time flyers.

I ve done for the web and for print. That actually been printed out for other people or for churches here s a flyer design for a workshop that was also being used and a friend of mine. Who started his own coffee company or his mobile coffee bar. I helped the in the main.

Like process of his logo. Later another agency took that over and did the rest of it. But i could kind of show. I helped in that first process and some other ideas that i had that i have given as yeah.

When we were developing the logo. Here s a friend of mine. Who s starting his own business. Doing redoing old furniture and selling it and doing artwork and selling his artwork.

Some other ideas that i ve had for his logos and then we moved over into like a main design that could be on his website. Lsa designs and have like different badge logos..

That would go under that and that those could be like the main three aspects of this website and then my stuff of course when in water. I just wanted to show again my logo. My vlog on youtube and some design stuff that i ve done and here s a t shirt design. I ve done for winning water studios and that s what i finished with again my logo being in their faces.

And for them to see that and then my information jacob ferguson jacob ferguson at viva studios calm i didn t want to just use some email whoever whoever at gmailcom. Or whatever so i ve got my own website. I ve got my own email and that s the last that s always the first and the last thing they ve seen and i closed it and they they said wow. We think that s great your stuff is actually being used it s not just drawings or something you ve done for grandma or a picture of your dog or whatever.

And so maybe that helps you guys if you re trying to study or get in to design school at least that s what the feedback. I got when i did my portfolio and that made me feel super excited and i m excited to start in the in this semester. So if you guys have any experience you know try to try to do things for other people and use that in your portfolio. That would be a major help.

And i think that will impress them a little bit more than just some kind of drawing. We ve done for your your living room or something like that so if you guys have any other questions or one. The other tip just about design stuff or working in churches or getting creative for churches write me an email jacob at viva studios calm and other than that we ll see you guys in the next videos take it easy. ” .


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