Moto 360 2nd Generation : Swapping the band

moto 360 2nd gen watch bands This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Moto 360 2nd Generation : Swapping the band. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“To spoken review. Some of these spoken reviews today guys we have a quick video video where i m gonna show you how to install this new band on my 360 it s like a generation. Please enjoy ok. Guys so you can see my moto 360 2nd gen 46 millimeter came with your brownman and what i ve done is i ve actually went out and purchased the black man.

And i want to go ahead and swap it out this fan you can find this online for 40 bucks. I got at best buy for 40 bucks..

It s a pretty good value you guys can see the brown bin it s it is really nice. But i want to kind of switch it up just to kind of see the process to switch the bands is pretty simple they have this little trigger here so all you have to do is you just pull back the trigger. And then you basically just take the band off. So you can see it s pretty easy and then the same thing on this side you just pull back the trigger and take the band off.

So here are the straps here s the watch. I m just going to put this down here and i m gonna go ahead and swap out these pins on the new band and come back and show you guys..

It ok guys as you can see the new strap already has its own pins in it i thought i had to replace the pins. But you don t that already has his own pin. So all you have to do is simply line them up so it s not i m gonna try to do that in there actually let s do like this so i m gonna put this on on this side. I m gonna pull this one down and maneuver it in there mmm oh quick action no let s try this again.

So i ll line that up here squeeze. It in okay..

So that one s and they re secure that wasn t that bad and i m gonna put this other one and hmm so i m gonna line this one up pull the pin down there it is so my first time ever doing it i was able to put the brand new band on here and you can see it completely changes. The look looks really good. This is the summer band so this one s another leather band. So you can see it came with the brown leather and now i ve switched it to the black leather and i m actually ordering a rubber band so that can work out in so basically i can you know use this moto 360.

All day so we re there i m wearing clothes that match brown. I m wearing some of the matches black or i m working out i can you know pretty much use this device all day..

So for a device that cost this much this is pretty much what you want you want to build use it all day anyways guys. Thank you for watching this quick video once again. This is just a video showing you you know the new band that i purchased and the inso of the ban hope you guys liked it if you do and the like button for me you have any questions about the band please leave them below. And if you want to see more great videos like this go ahead and subscribe to the channel guys thank you for watching have ” .


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