Missing Teen's Friends Go On TV To Plead For Her Release, Gossip About Ugly Classmates – YouTube

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” s been six days since janelle kelly. A 17 year old from sacramento california. Went went missing since then her two best. Friends.

Katie clements and megan cleary have not for a moment in aiding. The search effort. Katie and meghan are here with us this morning. Thank you for having us welcome to you both now.

I know this is a very difficult time. But if you could say something to janelle right now what would it be oh how we miss you and we re looking for you instead vp from biology is pregnant. Oh. My god yeah i mean.

She says that she s not but she s like totally wearing sweaters and may oh tell us how you ve been helping to spread the word about janelle s disappearance..

I know you ve started a facebook page. I mean it has all of this information that we put up about like where janelle was all seen and like what she was wearing and then we also posted just in case. Janelle sees. It s impacts of shawna s disgusting new cornrows.

So shawna is such a hot mess express. And you ve also organized amber alerts. Across the state of california is that right yeah. We re just gonna get the word out you just think that this is something that would happen to like aaron not janette.

I get to hold me see aaron getting kidnapped and you know what i bet that she would like it she s such a jim and tracey. You don t even know we call her the balls. A source because she loves to put balls in mouth. I hate her right.

But you have been working extensively with the police on this case..

Haven t you yeah yeah. We told them you did it i what like read. I did not do it she s making fun of you i mean she likes you oh my god shut up he s like 15. I m help is done i m how old is that zit on your tongue my god shut up we re on tv.

Okay but with all of your efforts you you still haven t heard a word from janelle. No none. I mean we just keep hoping that show callers. Oh.

My god yeah. I told her dad she did call me what yeah. But i was like in this movie. So i was like i ll call her back later.

But then everyone was like come to pf changs and i got totally wasted on margaritas because samantha s friends with one of the pleasures well did she leave a message..

I mean i well kind of. She said that this dude was like driving her down to salinas so she s still yeah. But i mean i couldn t really understand her because cambria was talking super loud about how her parents are brian or this new explorer. Even though.

Everyone knows who her parents are like super. Poor. Yeah. Her house is like a storage unit.

Yes. She s so full of wait have you alerted police. When would i have done that i had to get up at like ass crack early this morning to the show well. I m sure with all of your search.

Efforts jenelle will be will be returned safely and be home soon..

And just know that that the two of you and jenelle are in our thoughts. Yes. Now we had jenelle s mother on yesterday. Making a plea for jenelle safe return jenelle s mom or jenelle s dad s girlfriend.

Because jenelle s dad s girlfriend is like a total wreck and it s hilarious no no it was so much about her dad s girlfriend. She s like five years old one time. We re at her house and we heard them boning. It was really gross well.

We hear it today now we ll be praying for jenelle safe return. What what did i did is it the scudder. I know i don t always fight. ” .


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Two teens visit Today Now! in the hopes of finding their kidnapped friend and letting her know that their classmate is totally knocked up.

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